View Full Version : Auto fire not working on torpiedos

01-20-2001, 07:04 AM
I am playing the probe droid mission. the mission help suggest flying towards the nav point in the second stage and setting the turrets to autofire to destroy the torpiedos.
for some reason it seems as though i can not get the autofire to work on torpiedos. i have no problem with this on aircrafts, i just target the craft and hit 'F'. But for some reason when i target a tordiedo headed towards me all i get is "Turrets set to defense mode". If I am facing the tordiedos head on it works but otherwise it does not. i do not need to face a craft headon in order for autofire to work. so it seems as though autofire work differently on warheads as it does crafts. what gives? what am i doing wrong?

01-22-2001, 11:50 PM
Not sure. Try setting the Ship to auto-pilot to the Nav buoy, then going to the Gunners Turret. If that fails, then.. Make sure you're hitting the right button, and make sure the cannons have power.

I'm new at this. Bear with me if my questions are odd...