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Zerimar Nyliram
12-15-2005, 03:23 PM
Okay, I could not find such an existing thread, and frankly I never ever look beyond the first page, since I feel that threads older than that are not worth bumping. It is my wish that--with the team's permission--this thread to please be stickied as the "official" suggestions thread. If not, that's fine. (It would be even better if members of the team could reply to some of our ideas to tell us what they think.) So post your suggestions here. What would you like to see in the Dark Forces MOD?

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I'll start:

1. First, I don't think it's very cool that the briefing for the first mission (with Mon Mothma) falls before the opening crawl. It greatly detracts from the opening cinematic feel. Perhaps you can make it so that the opening crawl and first cutscene are not tacked onto the first mission, but are separate? That way, the first mission briefing will be after the opening crawl, as it should be.

2. I noticed that you seem to be having problems with the star field looking the same during the transition from the opening crawl to the first cutscene. Perhaps this can be remedied by simply freezing the first frame of the first cutscene, using that as the background for the opening crawl, and scrolling the text against that? I dunno.

3. I don't like how it shows the title twice: at the opening crawl, and then again at the end of the first cutscene after the Moldy Crow flies by. That seems very un-Star Wars-like. It should be removed.

4. I've e-mailed this idea to Darth Linux long ago, and he really liked the idea and decided to foward it to the rest of the team. But just to remind everyone, I'll list it again here: When you come to the room that contains the computer chip that holds the Death Star plans--the one where Kyle says something along the lines of "This is too easy. Now to get back to my ship" upon grabbing it--it should go into an in-game cutscene where Kyle approaches the chip and says the first part of his line: "This is too easy." He removes the chip, at which point it cuts back to the room you came through earlier where the Death Star model rotates above a holoprojector. The projection flickers out like a lamp whose cord was suddenly plugged, before cutting back to Kyle who says "Now to get back to my ship," turns around and runs out. The cutscene ends. This should trigger some type of alarm (I believe such a sound effect was used in Jedi Outcast, on Artis Prime I think) and spawns more stormtroopers in previous rooms to bar your path back to the roof. Also, when you pass through that room with the holoprojector again, the hologram should no longer be there.

5. Once you get to the roof (in the first mission), it should be kind of like how the second mission in the first Jedi Knight ends: upon spotting the enemies, a new objective appears in your datapad, telling you that you must clear out the rooftops so that Jan may land. The Moldy Crow should not come until all enemies are dead.

6. Like Kyle's first encounter with a Reborn Warrior in Jedi Outcast, his first encounter with a Dark Trooper in Dark Forces should be an in-game cutscene, so that the player gets the feeling that these guys are a big deal both plotwise and difficulty-wise.

7. It would be great if you could get the "give weapons" and "giveall" cheats to give you all of the Dark Forces weapons, rather than the Jedi Academy weapons, thus blocking out the lightsaber and so forth. (Don't get me wrong, I love the lightsaber to death; but Dark Forces is all about guns.) Either that, or perhaps you could create an entirely new code which does this. You could have it be "givedark," or "dfweapons" or something along those lines. Or if you want it to have the same effect that the "giveall" cheat has--which not only gives you all the weapons but replenished you amo and other things as well--you could make the code do all of that, only substituting the Dark Forces weapons for the Jedi Academy weapons. It could be "givedfall" or "dfall" or something like that. You get the idea.

8. The ending credits should be set against the traditional star field, set to the closing Star Wars theme, rather than the original Dark Forces music. I only wish this so that it feels more in line with the movies.

9. It would be cool if you could develope an entirely new, bonus cutscene--set either after the credits or as an extra scene in the last cutscene of the game--that leads into Jedi Knight, or at the very least suggests a sequel. Something about Kyle's father, 8T88, or Jerec would be a good start.

Okay guys. List away!