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02-22-2001, 05:35 AM
I can't spell Delimma or whatever. XP

Anyway, I just wanted to ask if anyone else has messed with the missions built into XWA.

You see, I was having trouble with a mission against a small fleet. I was always being destroyed by two assault shuttles. It went to the point where I got bored and stopped playing.

Then it hit me. New Horizons Mission Editor. I removed the shields and lasers of the A/S and had no trouble with it.

I edited the one where you pick up the Imp Probe droid (made the droid invunerable).

Has anyone else ever edited it, and who say's it doesn't count as successful if you cheat (thereby a moral delimma)?

I'm new at this. Bear with me if my questions are odd...

02-22-2001, 01:20 PM
It is cheating... but you are only harming yourself, and not others. I think it is okay, jsut so you can actaully enjoy the game instead of getting flustrated for hours on end playing the same mission.

Just make sure you admit it, and dont brag you were able to finish the game without cheating.

I knew a guy who used to cheat at Solitare, then try to cover it up by saying he doesn't cheat.

02-23-2001, 05:18 AM
I had a friend like that too.

Anyway, I think it's better to cheat on a few levels rather than get flustered and stop playing. ^_^

I'm new at this. Bear with me if my questions are odd...

02-27-2001, 09:21 AM
I agree, but keep in mind that there is always a way to beat the mission ! http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/wink.gif