View Full Version : Anyone interested in a Dune TC?

12-16-2005, 03:44 AM
This is just an idea, but what do people think of a Total Conversion for EAW into the Duniverse? The time period would probably be the beginning of the Butlerian Jihad to the destruction of Omnius (so the Legends of Dune series of books). There could also be a possibility of a time period in the first Dune book, and possibly just before-hand over the battle for Arrakis, or near the end of the original hexology from God Emporer to Chapterhouse.

The Legends of Dune series would probably be the easiest, since it has the most detail on each faction (i.e units etc) - and clearly defined factions. Dune has two detailed factions, but would require a large atistic licence for the units.

Legends of Dune:


Omnius (Syncronised Worlds - e.g. Earth, Corrin)
The Titans (cybernetic, mainly machine faction)
The League (the remaining human controlled worlds - e.g. Selusas Secundas (sp?))

The units for Titans and Omnius would be similar, since they are both predominantly machine, however the Titans would be more insecteziod in shape and movement, and Omnius much for geometrical, and the Infantry would probably be similar to the Terminator drones, and Borg drones. The Humans would have a very wide arsenal - able to call upon telekinetic individuals, swordmasters, standard gun weilding infantry and tanks and artillery.

Several different mechanics would need to be taken into account though - fold-space travel was only discovered and put into use by the humans near the end of the last book. Therefore space travel would be quite slow, with the fastest ships being Omnius', then Titans', then Humans'. Also, fold-space travel was quite dangerous - since it was very inaccurate until Norma Cenva's discovery. The is also the issue of Nuclear weapons and Lasers. Nukes were only used to obliterate Earth, and each of the Omnius cores (EMP), and they were only available to the humans. Also, when Lasers and Shields came into contact, a nuclear explosion would result. With spacecraft, the humans adopted a flicker-and-fire approach to attack other craft since shields prevent anything going through either way - they also overheated.

I personally think that a Legends of Dune TC could be possible if people showed enough interest and there was a team ready to do the work.

Again, just a thought