View Full Version : co-op and online strategy for Mygeeto

The Eyes
12-17-2005, 12:07 PM
Alright, this strategy works best with the clones, and it also helps if reinforcements are over 100%.( well, it just kinda makes it more fun.)

For this you'll need about 12 people in online and 2 in co-op splitscreen.

co-op strategy

Spawn at the most southern command post. One person as an engineer and a soldier for now. have the engineer get inside the tank and have the soldier jump on a side of tank, but keep out of the way of the laser turrets or else you'll get killed. have the soldier pick off droids with ease with his rifle so the tank just focuses on AATs infront of them. Most likely because of this one of you ( most likely the soldier) will get Ki-Adi-Mundi. Choose him right then and have him run infront or beside the tank, cleaning most of the road for it. Once you die as him have the tank sprint off to where you will spawn and spawn as a clone commander. now its easier. just circle around the huge building so the commander can pick off groups of droids, and when you reach a command post, just move towards it so you can capture it but still have the commander on for a quick getaway. by the time your done with you've had your fun, you should have victory.

(optional alternative strategy)

spawn as both engineers, once you find an AAT have the one on the IFT-X jump on and slice the AAT, rinse and repeat the upper strategy also.

Online strategy

have one team consisting of about 12 people.

2 snipers
2 Heavy troopers
4 Clone troopers ( 2 later on to become commanders )
2 engineers
2 Clone troopers ( acting as sniper guards )

have each of the engineers get in a tank and have 2 Clone troopers on each, one on each side of the tank. have them create a pincer movement by moving on each side of the large circular building. have the snipers and their guards move along the 2 side bridges, killing any in their way. Once they get to the turrets, you have two choices, have the guards give cover for the middle command post in the turrets while the snipers scout the area, or destroy the turrets and have the guards keep watch while the snipers pick off some people. Eventually, one person will get Ki-Adi-Mundi. Spawn as him in the center command post while the IFT-Xs continue the pincer movement. Now is the time to strike at their main base, the one that is hanging off the map and in the campaign is where the crystal is. have all you forces capture the command post closest to their base so Ki-Adi can spawn there.keep on moving. Now that you have them in a corner, most likely AI and human both will use more strategic and devastating ways of combat, have both of the "tank-riders" that were to change into commanders do that now. Have all your forces converge on that spot, and strike. Have snipers positioned on elevated areas that have a view of the bridge to their base, do not fall back unless your reinforcements are critically low. if you did it right, you should have all the command posts before you attack their main command post. Keep on pushing until somebody gets Ki-Adi- again and then strike no matter what.