View Full Version : Battle 4 Mission 1

03-27-2001, 01:37 AM
I searched and searched and I can't find a solution I need for this. I can't past this mission, I have never been able to prevemt the cargo ships from being destroyed ( as soon as one is destroyed you lose this mission) I have tried everything, going to the gunner turret, scanning all my cargo ships etc. but I never make it. Anyone got a different angle on this one?

03-27-2001, 01:28 PM
The Supa/ fighters should be oyour only problem on this mission. Just set your turets to atuo-fire, and keep the fighters in the moeny lane.

ONe trick is to destroy all but on of a Fighter in a Fighter group... (i.e. a FG of 4 fighters, take out all but the lead one) This will allow you more time, and less fighters.

normally i get one fighter to about 50% hull, and leave him alone. SO when i target, i know the one with 50% hull is the one I am saving.

Tho someimtes your mates go after him

03-27-2001, 02:08 PM
thanks angain my friend. Actually this time I was able to beat it right after I left this message. I did it pretty much the same but this time I shot everything in site, I waxed the Corvette and even took out the Station before I left. See you down the road.