View Full Version : Stuck In Viroxan Cargo Stealing Mission!!! PLZ HELP!

05-01-2001, 03:32 PM
I play X-Wing Alliance a lot and therefore pass many missions in one single day. But this time, I'm furious of trying to play the same damm mission again and again.

I'm on the mission where from the Defiance, your sister tells you that there's a mission to go to a Viroxan Facility and steal cargo to sell to the Rebels but it must be stolen before a Viroxan Convoy enters the area. I hope you know which mission I mean...

Now, most of the time, some of the cargo ships are destroyed due to the large amount of Viroxan and Black Sun fighters around the area. But when I kill them all and we hyperspace to an asteroid field where there are rebels, Jorn 3 (or something like Jorn the name) spontaneously explodes a few seconds after exiting hyperspace and entering the asteroid field. Please note it's not because of an asteroid crash...

Then it says mission failed!
I have the 2.02 patch installed before I even got near this mission, but it's absolutely crap!
I get pissed off spending 10 minutes trying to save the cargo and then it freaking blows up infront of my face!
Is there something I need to destroy to stop this or anyway I can actually skip this mission? :/

Thanks and I'm hoping for a reply soon...

Kayron James Mercieca (Gibraltar)

05-02-2001, 01:15 AM
Wrong Forum!!...but I'll answer anyway.

The most likely explination is that one or more of the SecForce fighters (your wingmen) decide to get trigger happy and attack the transports resulting in a failed mission.
There are only one way around this.
- Make sure you get back to the asteroid area before they do so you can order them to wait for further orders (they stop doing anything).

Another explination (though I don't know if this is right or not) is that the wing of Black Sun fighters that appear in that area (usually after you arrive) go and destroy the transports before you get there.

Either way, don't let your wingmen get back before you, and don't take too long following the transports back.