View Full Version : Concept Art?

12-20-2005, 06:17 AM
Does anybody know where I can see some of the concept art used as pre-scan backgrounds for some of the other LEC games, ala the Dread's Ship MI2 art that's at The Scumm Bar? I see on the S&M forums, there's some nice carnival art, but I don't know if it's fan or official.

12-20-2005, 11:18 AM
The MixnMojo Games Database (http://www.mixnmojo.com/php/site/gamedblist.php) has a collection of images from most LucasArts games. There's concept art for a lot of them (especially The Dig and The Curse Of Monkey Island if I remember correctly) but I don't think they have every piece of concept art out there.

12-22-2005, 05:17 AM
Thanks for that, there sure is alot here... I like the FT car designs!