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Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at a fan fiction. If you couldn't tell, Sion is my favorite character, and I wanted to try something a little bit different. I wanted to tell the KOTOR II tale from Sion's Point of view, and examine a bit of a backstory for him.

Ch.1: Betrayal

Lord Darth Sion, sat alone, in the heart of the Trayus Core. He could feel its dark power flowing through his mutilated form, the waves of pure hatred and rage coursed like hot irons, through each crack, wound, and scar on his flesh with a painful surge of unimagineable darkness. His good eye was shut tightly, as he meditated, whilst his evil white eye remained open, forever scanning the depths of the force, for another that would he make a victim of his terrible rage, and an outlet for his torment and pain. His thoughts drifted away from his intense physical misery, to images of his past.

He thought back to his training under Kreia's watchful gaze, she was always on his mind, her condescending, cold, and callous voice echoed within his skull, always tormenting him, constantly reminding him of his faults. Nothing he ever did was good enough for her, no matter how long he studied, how hard he trained, or how efficiently he killed, he was berated for it. He could not succeed, nor could he please his master, no matter the circumstances, Kreia would ever so spitefully remind him that Revan could do it better. It was always about Revan.

Rage boiled within the fiber of Sion's very being. He had far surpassed Revan.
The lord Revan had fled the galaxy, had a chance at an empire, and ran away like a coward. Sion had become immortal, he had harnessed his pain and rage, so that no living creature could withstand his terrible retribution, not even Revan.

His thoughts again drifted through the echoes of the force. This time they fell upon the very moment he and Nihilus had cast Kreia from the Sith order, the moment he made her pay for all of his suffering, all the humiliation he had felt from her cold lips, was repayed in full upon her physical being. He rembered waking down the long bridge leading from the academy itself, into the Trayus Core, where she sat, as she always had, in quiet contemplation. His sights were squarely fixed upon her, and exacting his revenge. Would he kill her? he thought. No for death would be her release, not her punsihment. His penalty for her would be humiliation, he would make her feel what he had felt so many times during his apprenticeship, he would show her that she was no longer his master, he would show her that she was nothing, and then he would break her. He could see Darth Nihilus out of the corner of his good eye, they approached simultaneously, to exact their justice upon their critical, yet hesitant master. For all her teachings about strength and power, she lacked both. She was to weak to attack a shattered Jedi order, and a Republic clinging to life by a thread. She was weak, and now she would suffer.

He remebered as he and Nihilus stopped at the outer ring of the core where Kreia stood. She glanced at them both suspiciously, before activating her blood red saber, and raising it to her side, ready to defend. For a moment she stared intently at her two former apprentices, as they stared ever so menacingly back. Nihilus, as always was concealed behind his trademark ghostly white mask, he gazed expressionless, out of a Darkness waiting to be unleashed. Sion on the other hand felt the rage burn within his soul, and he glared with pure hatred at her. His his lips curled into a sneer, revealed a mouth full of clenched teeth, his dead white eye cast an ominous pale gaze that pierced the edges of her soul. She knew what was next.

Nihilus used a force blast against her, sending her careening across the core, into a pillar on the opposite the room. She slumped to the floor, and tried calling her saber. Sion remebered as she struggled to call her weapon to her as he approached. She could not, Nihilus had sucked the force from her very being, fueling his own powers.

Sion stood over her now, glaring down at her as she looked up into his eyes, which were filled with nothing but hate and contempt. He would show her no mercy. He reached down and wrapped one tattered hand around her face, squeezing tightly as he did so. Her muffled screams could be heard along with the cracking of her facial bone structure, as he slammed her head against the wall. He released his grasp, allowing her enough time to look him in the eye, as he continued his assault. He planted a tightly clenched fist into her face. He could feel the flesh squeeze in and surround his knuckles as he made contact with her right cheek. He heard, and felt her right cheekbone shatter under the weight of his strike. As she began to fall, he planted a well placed knee into her rib cage, as he did this, he heard several of her ribs crack, followed by a low moan. He would not let her fall, not yet, not until she had seen the true strength he posessed. Sion stretched his gloved right hand around her neck, and lifted Kreia into the air, her legs dangled several feet off of the ground. He tightened his grip, and listened as she gargled several sickening wheezing noises, she was close to death he recalled sensing. At that moment he let her motionless for collapse at his feet.

He stood over her for a long while, smiling smugly to himself. He remembered thinking how weak she truly was, her power was only an illusion. Nihilus stood in the background watching intently.

As quickly as these dark memories entered his mind, they had dissipated. He felt something different through the force, an echo, a small ripple, a presence surrounding the echo, trying to conceal it, to shield it. Sion opened his eye, and sprung to his feet. He knew what it was he felt. It was her, she still lived, and she was trying to keep something, or someone from him. It was time for him to strike, he would find her, and the whelp she shielded from him. He would cut down all she loved, everything she held dear, until his hands were drenched in blood...........

CH.2 coming soon...........

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good story. great detail. Can't wait to read your next chapter

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Thanks Lord Revan.........It'll be out as soon as I can piece together alittle bit more of The tattered ones past. :D

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nice i bet it is gana be good

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Chapter 2: The Harbinger.

Kreia had always scolded him for not being resourceful enough, but he had proven the manipulative old witch wrong again. Here he was on board a Republic captial class starship. He been resourceful enough to use his highly trained personal assassins to infiltrate the ship unnoticed, and take over key positions including the engine deck, maintenance deck, and crew quarters. He himself had been cunning enough to feign his own death, which resulted in the Republic troops taking his scarred form, and placing him in a kolto tank in the Medical bay. He had even managed to keep the republic Medical officer fooled, as she examined his abominable shell.

He peered out through the glass of his kolto tank as the female republic medical officer made her rounds through the med bay, she kept checking the instruments, and would repeatedly turn and stare at his Kolto tank, and at him. She was nervous, he could feel her fear, and she would be the next victim to suffer his wrath. Sion could sense through the force, that his pieces were in place, ready to strike.

His eye shot open, and glared heavily at a Republic trooper, passing by the tank. With one lunge the twisted Sith Lord burst from the glass sending shards of broken glass, and kolto spilling to the floor of the Med bay. The Republic officer, had stumbled and fallen when Sion burst from his confines. He attempted to pull his blaster on the putrid looking corpse that stalked over him. Sion reached down and grabbed the man by the wrist, and lifted him into the air, as he lifted the man he squeezed as hard as he possibly could. He felt the soldiers hand and wrist crush and shatter under the weight of his frenzied grip. The young trooper howled in pain, and his blaster fell to the floor at Sion's feet. Sion then tossed the young man like a rag doll headfirst into a kolto tank, which shattered upon impact. The corpse slid to the floor in a puddle of dark colored blood, leaking from a wound on top of his head.

Sion immediately turned his attention to finding the young female medical officer. She had his lightsaber, and he wanted it back. He stepped into the hallway, and immediately heard the words. "Freeze". Several Republic soldiers had taken position in the hallway, each had their blasters drawn on him. "Lie down on the ground now, or you won't take another step." one of the troops commanded. Sion did not respond, he just kept advancing, slowly, powerfully, and menacingly. "Ok Boys drop em" The soldiers immediately opened fire. He let several blaster bolts hit him in the chest, he knew the pain would only increase his power, the wounds healed as soon as they hit. Sion let out a low growl, and charged forward at full speed. The troops began retreating down the hall, horrified at what they had just seen. They didn't make it very far, as Sith assassins appeared out of thin air, to cut them down like grass. Sion turned the corner, to see the dead soldiers, surrounded by four of his assassins, who immediately bowed, and pointed down the hall, to where the frightened medical officer worked a comlink to the bridge.

As Sion lumbered in close behind her, he could hear what she was saying into the comm device. "That thing......asleep in the tank was a Sith Lord." she wailed frantically. "Alive the whole time......just waiting for something to wake him up.....with him are Sith.....they appeared out of nowhere sir......". He stepped directly behind her and growled down the back of her neck "I have come for the jedi." She screamed but only for a second, Sion had grabbed her by the head and bashed it off the comms console, killing the transmission.

The young woman looked up into his cold dark eyes, searching for a shred of sympathy, she would find none. She whimpered and pleaded with him for mercy.
"P-p-please don't h-hurt me" she stammered. Tears began to swell in her eyes, and roll down her cheeks. Sion remained silent, he just stared down at her, there was no pity, nor compasion in his gaze, just anger, and his will to destroy Kreia and the one she aided. The young woman again pleaded with Sion, more desperate this time "Please, don't hurt me, I b-beg you, I'm just a doctor....I...I tried to help you." Her eyes were now red from crying, met his which were hard and cold. "Please" she said gently. Her attempts to beg for her life had fallen upon deaf ears. Sion used the force to call his saber to his gloved right arm. Sh felt a tug at her belt, as his black HILT ripped itself from her neat uniform, and ignited instantly in his hand. She shrieked, and raised her hands to cover her face. Sion spun the blade downward, and drove it through her chest, all the while keeping his vengeful eyes locked to hers. the last sight she would see, as she gasped her dying breath was Sion's cold gaze.

He had left her body now, and proceeded to the bridge flanked by his assassins, where he swiftly dispatched the remaining crew, in a swirling blaze of red light, as his lightsaber pierced all of their flesh. He turned his sight out the main observation window, only to see a small brown freighter leaving the hangar. "It's her!" he hissed angrily. "Fire all batteries, I don't want them getting through."

The Harbingers guns opened fire on the fleeing freighter, several blasts crashing through the outer hull. the ship dodged and twirled, trying to avoid the oncoming Harbinger. Just as Sion was about to ram the smal ship, it streaked out of his view and into hyperspace. "Find them, track them! She and the Jedi will not be kept from me." Sion shouted angrily. "Track their coordinates and set a course."
"their on course for the Peragus mining colony." spoke one of his loyal assassins. "Then that is where we follow." retorted Sion impatiently.

The Harbinger's four large sub-light engines roared to life, as the ship entered hyperspace, in pursuit of the small brown freighter titled, The Ebon Hawk.

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^Thats excellent work! You caught Sions personality perfectly, keep it up! :D

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once again great detail. also going along greatly with what happens in kotorII

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thanks for the support :D I'm hoping to have chapter three out later on this evening.......just hope I dont get writers block :)

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Ch.3 Peragus, and Kreia's sacrifice.

The Harbinger had come out of hyperspace upon a ghost town of a mining facility. Darth Sion knelt down on the bridge, he was surrounded by a command deck littered with the corpses of Republic soldiers that had been killed by his hand. He stretched out through the force, seaching ever so intently for the signature of his master, and her newest wretch. He could feel her, she was close, she was in the facility itself, as was the echo that she guarded. She could feel Sion's presence, and he knew, but did not care, her fear would force her to act abruptly, which would play into his very hands.

Sion rose to his feet, and gestured with his left hand. Two assassins promptly uncloaked. "They are here."He uttered in a ghastly voice. "Make sure they find their way onto this ship." The two assassins saluted their dark master, and turned quickly, re-cloaked, and dissappeared off the bridge.

Sion waited patiently, which was not one of his most endearing traits. He could feel her, and the echo growing closer. They were trying to escape the dead mining camp. His ship offered the only route to the hangar bays, and he knew this, he would lure them into a trap.

There it was, coming from the hallway, just left of the bridge, the echo was here, and so was she, but they were not alone, he could sense another faint echo, but this one seemed to be counting off numbers, and naming hyperspace routes. He knew it was no droid, for droids have no mind to pass thoughts through. It was no matter, all three of their lifesigns would soon be silenced. Sion closed his eyes, and used the Dark side to camouflage his cracked, and greying corrupted form from their sight. He would decend past their notice, and await them on the Maintenance level, should they survive that far. He turned and walked carefully through the doors to the turbolift, at the same moment the small band enterred the command center, and engaged several of his assassins.

The doors to the turbolift slid open gently, and Sion made his way accross the Medical deck, which connected to the main engine, and maintenance areas. As he walked, he stepped over the corpses of a dozen or so victims, one particular caught his view as he passed, and that was of the Medical officer. She still had the same look of terror spread accross her face. He sneered at her dead body as he passed by, and exited onto the main engine decks, where he would await the arrival of his former master and her new.....friends, he thought to himself with contempt.

He hid quietly in the darkness of the level, and plotted. As he had predicted, a moment later the turbolift doors slid open softly. He heard three sets of footsteps cautiously making their way about deck. When they stopped, and one of the three, a male spoke out with a concerned and suspicious tone. "I have a bad feeling about this." Another man spoke in a soft and gentle tone, "What's wrong?" The suspicious voice responded again " Can't you feel it?!?" he shouted anxiously "Something is gonna go real bad, real fast." The one with the gentler tone, the Jedi he assumed spoke again to ease the other's weary mind. "It's to late to turn back now, we keep going or we die here." "Alright but don't say I didn't warn you." spoke the suspicious voice again. But there, there it was, the sound he had hated more than any other in the galaxy, it was her, that same grinding, pride stomping voice he had grown to despise. "Come you two, this is not the time, we have to hurry." The three immediately started back down the hallway, their footsteps echoing as the clanged off of the metal flooring.

After they had reached the end of the hallway 100 or so feet beyond, Sion stepped into view behind them. He watched as all three of them stopped dead in their tracks, as if they had been frozen in time. Each of them slowly turned to face him. He could see the pure shock on all three of their faces, and he could feel the fear flowing from all three, none more so than that of his master. "This battle is mine and mine alone. he cannot kill what he cannot see, and power has blinded him long ago....RUN." Kreia shouted to her companions, as they took off down the hall. She ran towards him, but cloaked her presence as she did, she disappeared from his view.

Sion began to stalk forward, as his lips formed an intimidating snarl revealing his teeth which were clenched tight with anger. He spoke to her in his deep grovely voice, contempt filling every word. "I sense you my master...faint....weak." Kreia responded with her familiar voice, and how he hated her he thought. "Your senses betray you, as you betrayed me." whispered Kreia arrogantly, as she continued. "To have fallen so far and learned nothing....that is your failure." Sion felt the anger burn within his soul, as more hate spurned words burst from his throat "The Failure is yours." He shouted. "No longer does your voice whisper within my skull. No longer Do I suffer beneath teachings that weaken us." Total malice filled his voice as he continued. "And now you run in search of the jedi. They are all dead, save one. And one broken Jedi cannot stop the darkness that is to come."
Kreia stepped confidently from the shadows, with her green bladed saber humming to life, as she spoke once more. " Perhaps, but we shall see." Sion could feel her behind him, every memory, and every angry thought he ever had poured through him, he wanted to end her life, but death was to good for her, so he would make her suffer. With a flick of his wrist, his crimson bladed weapon came to life, he spun as quick as lightning, shocking Kreia completely, what happend next although transpired in a millisecond, seemd to go on forever to him. His blade streaked through the air, leaving a trail of bright red light, as Kreia slowly raised her own weapon. He brought his blade down accross her left wrist, severing the hand from her arm. He heard her gasp and scream in total shock and pain. He stood tall above her, as she cowered at her knees before him.

He glared down at her, the rage boiling as it always had. She would not meet his stare. "So what would you do now Sion? Kill me? You have already cast me down, I have suffered indignities beyond your imagination." She could feel his hatred, and his power, she knew in her heart she was no match for him, and neither was her new apprentice to be. She spoke again, as Sion pulsed with unbridled fury, his saber still active, and held right above her throat."For All I taught Sion, you have never learned to listen..." He immediately cuts her off. "Even now, in defeat you still lecture me. I have surpassed you in every way witch, I AM THE MASTER." He sends several bolts of lightning coursing through her, and watches as the blue energy flashes against her flesh causing her to writhe in agony. "Stay here and watch as your new apprentice dies. Only when you have nothing left that you hold dear, will I allow you to die." Sion turned and left Kreia lying in a smoking clump on the floor.

The doors to the bridge slid open and Sion entered. His assassins stood at total readiness. He strutted with his chest out, and his arms hanging extended outwards at his sides. He walked with a hint of arrogance, you could smell the victory, and pride rolling off of him. After all why shouldn't he be proud, he had made the old scow suffer, he had bested her in lightsaber combat, using an unorthadox combination of Makashi and Djem So, that she often reprimanded for being to brutish. He could see the small freighter once again trying to flee him. It was in his sights. "Fire on the ship, don't let them escape." he commanded.

The Harbinger pursued the Ebon Hawk through the asteroid field. Its lasers blaring as the small craft dodged, trying to avoid both asteroid and laser blast. But the situation was too tight, and his guns pierced one of the fuel covered rocks, which burst into flame, and proceeded to explode. With it the entire field began erupting in destruction, including the mining station. Sion turned to his assassins who desperately were trying to steer the Harbinger clear of danger. "Emergency manuevers, take us clear of the field." The ship narrowly eescaped its desturction with the Peragus facility.

Sion stared blankly from the bridge into space, his hatred resurfacing. He clenched his fists tightly, and every muscle in his body tensed, for he knew her apprentice still lived.........

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Just as good as the last one, only a lot more spelling errors. And why does Kreia have a lightsaber?

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I have to agree with Hallucination its good perfectly capturing Darth Sion but a few spelling errors.Keep up the good work.

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Just as good as the last one, only a lot more spelling errors. And why does Kreia have a lightsaber?

Sorry about all the Type-o's........im fixing that right now........I am getting tired...its been a long day, sorry about all the mistakes......the next chapter will be less faulty I assure you. :D

Thanks Again for all the feedback. ;)

It should flow better now, I fixed as many errors as I could find at the moment, so give it another look.

Oops, yea the lightsaber. I downloaded the USM mod, and she has a lightsaber when she faces Sion in it. I forgot that before the MOD she uses a Vibrosword. Also, I thought it made it a little more intriguing if she fought him with a saber, after all she is his former master........

on another note, the next couple of chapters will be focusing on Sion's adventures, up until his confrontation with the Jedi Exile on Korriban, more of his backstory, and memories will be explored, fully developing a character Obsidian left rather in the dark.

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Sorry about all the Type-o's........im fixing that right now........I am getting tired...its been a long day, sorry about all the mistakes......the next chapter will be less faulty I assure you. :D

Thanks Again for all the feedback. ;)

It should flow better now, I fixed as many errors as I could find at the moment, so give it another look.
Don't worry about getting the next chapter out too fast, take your time. If you rush yourself it isn't as fun as it could be, and then isn't as good as it could be. Keep up the great work! :)

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After a day of respite, here is the much anticipated next Chapter.

Chapter 4: The Pains Of Hunger.........

Malachor V remained as it always had, a shadow beyond the darkness, breeding new hatred at every turn. Sion had managed to escape the destruction of Peragus, rather unscathed, not that it mattered he new he could not be killed. He had knelt down in the core of Trayus, a pale red glow, cast over his shattered form, as he stretched out through the force, forever searching for those that had eluded his wrath. "Where are you old woman, you know you cannot shield him from me." He thought to himself. His time of reflection, however was brought to an abrupt end, as he felt a heavy darkness weigh in around him, like a heavy suffocating fog.

Sion slowly stood to his feet, and turned to the narrow bridgeway connecting the Academy itself, to the core. His good eye narrowed, and his lips curled back into a snarl, as the towering black draped form of Nihilus silthered towards him. Dark energy pulsed throughout the being of the masked Sith, and Sion immediately knew what had transpired. He could feel the death of millions etched upon Nihilus's soul, among them, Jedi.

Sion felt anger boil up in his twisted body, it gave him great focus. He detested Nihilus's power, and his use of it. He struck like a coward, like a thief in the night, robbing the life force of those around him, to lazy to engage his enemies in open combat, blade upon blade. Sion was no fool, he knew the extent of Nihilus's terrible powers, and was not one to underestimate him.

"Why have you come back here, there is nothing left for you." Sion spat out with contempt.
"#$$%&*& *^&%^$(*%$^$%^*$ ^%$$$" Nihilus hissed in a voice so consumed by darkness, that to the ear of one untrained, would sound like a strange pattern of sounds. "So Katarr was where they gathered? And that is where you devoured them. I would have preferred to meet them in open combat, so I could show them how truly pathetic the Jedi Order is." Nihilus's tone seemed to hint at anger as it grew deeper, and the sound patterns more erratic and booming. "!&!!%!&%&***&&%&$&%^$^(^ %^%^%^" Boomed the dark form of Nihilus, his cloak flowing around him, as if to conceal and resemble the blackness of his spirit."

Sion ignited his saber, and raised it into his attack stance. "I do not fear you, you know you cannot use your powers on me. My powers flow from the darkness within my flesh, and you do not feed upon flesh." Nihilus, just by his gestures and motions, seemed cocky and arrogant, hissed condescendingly down upon Sion, as he gazed at the tattered wretch, through eyes cloaked in shadow and power. "&()^$#^%^%&" gurgled the Dark Lord. "Title's mean nothing to me, call yourself whatever you wish, but I do not serve you, I serve myself." Sion growled, as he lept in the air with his saber above his head, driving towards Nihilus.

Sion used all of his strength with the blow, but his opponent had already ignited his blood red blade, and with an elegant ease parried Sion's blow. Nihilus was always a master duelist, Sion remebered as much, sparring with him during their training. Although he himself had mastered FormII, Nihilus, had taken it to all new levels, and used it to effortlessly defend and attack. "I'm surprised you still know how to use a lightsaber, hiding for so long behind your vaunted hunger." Sion again charged forward, combining aspects of Form II Makashi, and Form V Djem So, in a brutal and furious attempt to overpower his foe. Sion slashed, and whirled at Nihilus, in a blaze of streaking red light. His attack's were coming fast, and powerfully, enhanced by his rage, but each blow was masterfully deflected by The Dark Lord. Nihilus made it look so easy as he twirled his weapon with a grace and finesse rarely seen. After several intense minutes, of saber mastery, the two Sith deactivated their weapons and stood facing one another.

Sion had a small line of sweat forming on his scar-ridden brow. Nihilus remained silent, only raising his hand to point at Sion's left chest muscle. Sion glanced down, and saw a small sizzling wound, just starting to heal itself. He had earned many scars in the past for his bouts with Nihilus, why should this time be any different. "&**%^^^^&%(*((&*^^" Nihilus hissed, as he turned, and exited the core. His heavy footfalls echoing throught the cavernous space.

Sion was once again alone, he had returned to his meditations. She had always criticized him. Even his styles, she mocked and claimed to be overly aggressive, and far to brutish to be considered truly elite. He felt a surge of pure rage, but was calmed almost instantly at thoughts that popped into his mind. For someone not considered elite, he had bested her in one swing, lopping her hand from its wrist. She had always raved about how special her defensive mastery of Form III was. He snickered to himself. He had bested her with his "Brutish" style, which brought him immense satisfaction. He also knew, that her inferior ways would be passed upon her new apprentice. He would cast the whelp's corpse at her feet showing her, that he was the true master, and that his brutal and volatile abilities were far superior to any she held dear.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt a small tug in the currents of the Dark Side. There was something.......out of place. There was a presence.....a jedi on Korriban, he could feel it clearly now. Not Kreia or the Exile, but a Jedi none the less. Why the fool would seek out Korriban was beyond his imagination, but he would be there to welcome her. He stood abruptly, and strutted quickly accross the bridgeway exiting the core, his footfalls sounding in the impending death he would bring to this....jedi.

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^Great work, keep it up and this will be the best fic on LF! except for Forcefight's, but she isn't human :p

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^Great work, keep it up and this will be the best fic on LF! except for Forcefight's, but she isn't human :p

ForceFight is a literary goddess........Even being put in the same sentence with her keeps me happy :D

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This chapter was good and yea nobody is as good as force fight

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Chapter 5: Another Dead Jedi.

The small shuttle had folded up its wing panels, and descended onto the empty landing pad, in the now abandoned Dreshdae settlement on Korriban. Darth Sion descended down the loading ramp, which slid quietly from docked vessel. He took his first steps into the rather run-down colony. The main assembly area displayed several torn and tattered Czerka recruiting posters, and a myriad of broken protocol droids, as well as several skeletal corpses.

He had already sent his assassins inside the ancient Korriban academy, to trap the Jedi inside, whom he could sense. Sion continued down the long hallway past the cantina, which had now become home to nothing more than a few dried out bones.
As he continued his descent towards the academy, he recalled his training under Uthar Wynn, prior to the manipulative witch. Uthar would regularly commend his brutality, and aggressiveness, claiming his rage to be an essential step into becoming a great Sith.

At last Sion had come to the entrance of the academy, which like everything else on Korriban, was guarded the corpses of several Sith soldiers. He entered and took a deep breath of the cold, damp, musty air within the academy's main chamber. HE gazed around the deserted corspe strewn academy ante-chamber. Everything was as he rembered. He could almost see Uthar standing proudly in front of an eager student body, spouting his wisdom and knowledge of the Dark Side. He had become more than Uthar could ever have imagined.

He heard a sound behind him, and spun around quickly, to see two of his assassins uncloaking. "Have you done as I have asked, is the academy door sealed? Are the exits blocked?" Sion demanded. "Master, Everything is as you have requested. we have followed the Jedi woman throughout these ruins, she seems to have been searching for something, but we know not what." A dirty glare covered Sion's greyed features. "Where is she now?" Sion queried. "In the torture chamber, she seems to be trying to hack into the academy's database from there." Sion without saying another word turned and stormed up the steep hallway, leading to the torture chamber.

He turned the corner, and there she was, a middle aged Jedi woman, staring at him, with a look of confusion, and covered fear. Her features were small and well placed, she had light brown eyes and hair that was once the same color brown, now had streaks of silver. She wore long brown robes, that flowed about her, they were the robes of a Jedi Master. "welcome Jedi Knight, what brings you to this graveyard world? Is it death you seek? For thats what you will find." He growled at her. She staggered back a step, obviously taken aback by hs appearance. "W-what the hell are you?" She choked out. "I am Darth Sion, and you, must be master Vash, although it does not matter, you'll soon be dead."

Lonna Vash stood up straight, letting the astonishment pass her by. She pulled her silver and gold hilt from her waistband, and activated her Lightsaber. A brilliant yellow beam extended with a humming sound. "You are a perversion of the Dark Side.....to which I have never seen before. I must get out of here and worn those that still live." she stated urgently. Sion smirked at her. "You refer to the Exile, you cannot save him from his fate. He will die by my blade, just like you." He snorted. "I-I have to warn him". Vash retorted. Before Sion knew what was going on, Lonna Vash used the force to cast a brilliant white flash of energy in his eyes. He dropped to a knee, and began desperately rubbing the light from his sight.

She had bought herself a moment and lept back into the torture chamber, and began furiously typing into the console. Sion had regained his composure, and stood menacingly behind her. With an enormous growl of rage, he lept accross the hall with his saber ignited, and brought it streaking down towards her head. Vash rolled and barely avoided getting flayed alive. She jumped back into the hallway and held her saber extended towards him. Sion twirled his around his waist several times before raising his own. The two masters, one of dark, and one of light stood facing one another, in an intense anticipation. Sion snarled with hatred, took off with his saber raging directly for Vash, who raised her own to deflect several well placed, and overly forceful blows.

Sion could feel that he was much stronger than she, and continued to use his Form II/V hybrid, to drive her back. She desperately parried each of his red streaking swipes and stabs. Their blades connected for a moment, sending bright red and yellow light throughout the academy hall. For a moment their eyes met eachothers, and he gazed a cold hard stare down into her eyes, from which he could see a fear welling in. HE soon planted his foot into the much smaller combatants chest, sending her into the air.

She had regained her balance well though, he was surprised as she landed on her feet. "Now you begin to feel the power of the dark side." He spouted at her. "The dark may cover the light, but it will never eclipse it." she retorted, before sprinting off down towards the main assembly area. He did not chase after her, only slowly descending behind her, for he knew his assassins were blocking her exits.

He came to the end of the hall way and saw Vash in the center of the chamber, her yellow bladed weapon raised into a defensive position. The entire chamber was surrounded by his assassins. He stepped in ten or so feet behind her, as he did the assassins closed in around them forming a battle circle encompassing the entire room.

"So you would have your pawns murder me, Sion?" she stated grimly. "They will not harm you. Should you defeat me, they will let you go, unharmed." She nodded, and then charged him, she was using a form IV approach. Her style was very aggressive, almost desperate. He dropped back, defended a slew of well placed blows. Their sabers once again colored the chamber patches or red and yellow. They danced around eachother in a display of rather impressive swordsmanship. Their sabers again came to a lock. But Sion had had enough, and held vash in lock with his right hand, while bringing a clubbing left upperut into her jaw, which sent her staggering backwards, breaking the lightsaber deadlock. He followed the uppercut, with a hard sidekick to the face, sending her sprawling accross the floor.

He walked slowly in upon her, like a predator carefully stalking its prey. He was standing over her now, she struggled to bring herself to her feet into a fighting position. As she slowly rose, he could see warm red blood trickling from her nose, and filling her mouth, it ran quickly down her chin, and onto her white robed vest. He twirled his saber arrogantly in his right hand. Admiring the work her had made of her once pretty face. He extended his left hand and gestured for her to attack. "Come now, have at me." he venomously stated.

Lonna again raised her saber, he could see in her eyes, that she knew she was beaten, but yet she still hoped she might outmaneuver him. With a deep breath she charged him once more. After blocking several more of her blows, he had trapped the blade of her saber beneath his. With a swift and precise motion, he spun around behind her and brought his blade swiftly accross her spine, seering the flesh of her lower back. She screamed and fell forward onto the ground. As he again began to circle her, as she struggled once more to raise herself.

He stopped circling, and stood directly in front of her, his boot right in front of her eye. He stared down through a glassy stare at the woman, as she again rose up to face him. Indeed she had courage, but it was to no avail. He stared directly into her eyes, his cold white dead eye piercing the fibers of her soul. She had a look of total desperation now, he could almost taste her fear. She would attack him again, but this would be the last time, and she knew it.

Sion awaited her charging blade, as she lunged forward in a desperate attempt to defeat him. He smiled, and in one masterful swipe, parried her blow, and brought his own saber underneath hers, severing her dueling arm at the elbow. She howled in agony, as the stump of her forearm and saber clanged off of the hard stone floor. He deactivated his weapon,and spun in behind her so that his chest was touching the back of her head. As he stood in behind the shocked and suffering Vash, he yanked her head backwards by her hair, so that he could look down into her eyes as she breathed her last few breath. She yelped helplessly as he did this. As he held her under his control like a marionette, he hissed vehemently at her "Look around you.....you see them, you see this, this is what the future holds, but for you, there is no future." She wimpered almost inaudibly "you....monster." Her eyes were closed tightly, and small tears ran down her cheeks, down past the dried blood. He had now cupped his other hand on her blood covered chin. In one swift movement he moved both hands, the one gripping her hair, and the one cupping her chin, in opposite directions, snapping her neck, and effectively ending her life with a sickening CRACK.

Her corpse dropped from his grip, into a pile at his feet. He stared down a her lifeless body for a brief moment, before refocusing on his goals. "Throw this waste in the torture cells. We wait now for a witch and her apprentice. A critical moment approaches." Sion announced triumphantly..........."Another Dead Jedi" He muttered..................

12-22-2005, 04:48 PM
Genius the battle had so much detail

12-23-2005, 02:38 AM
Holy S**T!!!! I am amazed at this story! Absolutely magnificent storytelling! I think that ForceFight has some competition. The way you have described Sion makes me wish that you had been on the creative team working on TSL in the first place. You really have turned him into an absolute badass! I can't wait to read more!

12-23-2005, 10:25 AM
Holy S**T!!!! I am amazed at this story! Absolutely magnificent storytelling! I think that ForceFight has some competition. The way you have described Sion makes me wish that you had been on the creative team working on TSL in the first place. You really have turned him into an absolute badass! I can't wait to read more!

Thanks for the vote of confidence. :D I'm enjoying writing this story, and am glad to see that you guys are enjoying it ;)

I don't know if i'm in ForceFight's class, but just mentioning that gives me huge boost. And I wish I was on the creative team at obsidian too, we would have had one awesome KOTOR II, with a developed cast. Next chapter will be out this afternoon.

12-23-2005, 04:38 PM
Chapter 6: Shadows from the past.

Korriban had about it a darkness, which preyed upon the dark memories and images from one's past. As Sion meditated within the walls of the grizzled academy, images of his past flooded into his mind. His thoughts were disturbed, as they always were, such painful memories, for they were all that he had, or at least all that he could remember.
The particular events plagueing his tortured recolections were of the day, he became the creature he was now.

HE recalled that day almost five years earlier, kreia had sent him into the depths of Malachor, to search for and find a rare lightsaber crystal, that Revan had hidden after the end of Mandalorian conflict. Sion trudged through the mountains, and jagged cliffs, and steep rockfaces, avoiding the main paths and flatter regions, as not to encounter any unwanted attention to the planets natural predators, the Storm beasts, which were vicious 8 foot tall clawed reptiles, with a nack for devouring the flesh of those unlucky enough to cross them.

After nearly a half a day of hiking through the treacherous terrain Malachor offered him, Sion had come to a clearing, with the remnants of a downed ship, most likely from the Mandalorian Wars no doubt. But there it was, in the center of the clearing, a small red, brightly glowing crystal shard. He began advancing towards it, slowly, and cautiously, for the air was to quiet, and he knew, quiet was never a good thing. He bent over and picked the small item up, and held it in the palm of his hand, the red crystal was hot to the touch. Sion quickly unscrewed the bottom of his Hilt, and inserted the item, before reassembling his weapon. He pushed the button, activating his weapon, which now produced a brilliant red blade. He turned to head back to the academy, only to see what seemed like 20 or more vicious storm beasts, drooling and snapping as they stared at him. Sion felt an instant feeling of dread, and stepped back activating his red-bladed weapon. The beasts roared and began charging towards him.

Sion lept into action bringing his blade down upon the head of several of the beasts. One fell limp as its head was lopped off, another was flayed alive, and several more fell as he unleashed a barrage of torturous blue lightning upon them. But it was to avail, he was heavily out numbered, by the massive beasts, and soon, they were on top of him. He felt his saber get knocked from his right hand, before a beast raised its clawed fist, and sent him sprawling to the hard rocky floor only to be left at their mercy.

Sion continued to struggle against the weight of his numerous carniverous attackers. He kicked and squirmed, but soon felt an intense sharp pain plunge into his chest, only to see hot red blood pouring out where a chunk of lesh, now in the mouth of a beast once resided. He screamed in pain, but the beasts kept clawing and biting.

He had fallen back to the floor, and tried desperately to crawl to his weapon, but was thwarted each time, by a claw or teethed jaw piercing his flesh. He again found himself lifted into the air, a beast had lifted him off of the ground in its clawed hands, and held him to its face. Sion ever defiant spit blood into the beasts cold red eyes. The animal responded by biting him on the forehead, above his right eye, and peeling the flesh and eyelid from the eye socket. Sion again howled in pain, as red blood ran like a river from his forehead and now exposed right eye and socket onto his face and once handsome features. After that everything was a blur, and darkness had taken him.

He had awakened sometime later, lying face down in a pool of dark red blood. He lay there for a moment struggling for breath. Every part of his body ached and throbbed. He could tell that many of his bones had been fractured, or crushed under the weight of his attackers. He fought with his pain and total disorientation just to roll over onto his back. After several more minutes, lying gazing up at the starry night sky,gasping for breath, and each time feeling a sharp burning pain in his chest, he heard a voice, an awful evil, deep grovely sounding tone command him, to use the pain, to become one with it, to let it feed his soul, and make him stronger, to rise.

Again rage boiled within his soul. Why had she done this to him? why had she allowed this to happen? Why would his master not help him? Did she intend for him to die? These thoughts went tearing through his mind like a herd of banthas fleeing a Krayt Dargon. In one foul, and stiff motion, he forced himself onto his hands and knees. It was then that he noticed, that his right hand, and entire arm up to the shoulder was bear, there was no more flesh on it, it had been shaved off, completely exposing the tightly packed, and well formed muscle and tissue fibers, contracting and flowing tightly as he pushed himself onto his feet. He soon began to shake violently as a cold dark realization fell over him.

He sprinted as fast as his newly shredded form would carry him, to a piece of metal sticking out of the ground. He picked it up and dusted it off frantically with his one hand that still had skin. Only to shriek at what he saw. His once handsome and well placed features, were now torn and tattered. He noticed the flesh and eyelid surrounding his right eye and socket were now torn away leaving a bloody, and gaping mess around an eye which once had a normal brown puil, was now a ghastly white. His bald head, was covered with bloody cached cracks and scrapes from his terrible encounter. He let out a roar of total rage and anger. Then he heard that awful deep grovely voice speaking to him again. Telling him he must make his way back to the academy, kill every beast he comes accross, and make the lying , bertaying witch pay for what she had done to him. Another terrible realization had hit him, as he looked around, to see who the voice belonged to, he saw noone, he was alone, it was then that he learned that monstrous sound, came from his lips.

After a long while of staring at his new abhorred appearance, he bent down and picked up his crimson bladed weapon with his bloody and oozing flesh-shaven right arm. Sion again let a massive growl build within his pained and bloodied exterior, before departing back to Trayus, he would take the short way back, and make those beasts pay with their own flesh.

After several hours of successful slaughter, he had returned to the Trayus academy. He coldly rushed by a full cadre of sith in training, who were clearly terrifyed by his new, twisted shell. He turned the corner of the main hallway, and kicked Kreia's door open with such a force, it shook the room. "YOU" He snarled full of venom and hate"YOU BETRAYED ME.......YOU SENT ME INTO A DEATHTRAP, SENT ME TO DIE" He screamed at her in a total frenzy." So I am here to return the favor." Kreia without even turning, or rising from her meditation, responded in the typical cold, callous, and berating tone. "So you've come to kill me, have you? I should have expected as much from you, you never understood anything, with you my teachings always fell upon deafness, as I see they still are." She continued with a sigh "Sion, because of my influence, you have done what no other has ever done, you have mastered you own pain, sewed it into your flesh, it has given you a supernatural ability to survive. In short, you have become immortal. The Dark Side flows through you strongly, and it is a perfect power and suits your brutish ways. Now you can charge headfirst into any battle no matter the circumstances, and come out with a kill and a victory. The pain of others will fuel your power and your rage. Simply look at your wounds, they've already healed themselves, leaving scars, to show as proud badges, and strike fear into your enemies hearts." He glanced at the small mirror on her wall to see that all the wounds had scarred over, leaving dreadful scars on his body, his flesh, or what could be seen of it beneath the dirt and cached blood, was now a greyed and cragged looking. She now stood up and faced him, sighing rather annoyedly. "and for Malak's sake, clean that rot and filth off of yourself." referring to the dried up blood and dirt. "Its unbecoming of a Sith. Yes that's what I called you, you have passed your final trial, and now have become what you were destined to be, Darth Sion. Now leave me and clean yourself off." She turned and kneeled back down to meditate.

Sion was furious, his torment, the mutilation of his body was a test? He wanted to kill her, but not yet, he would make her suffer as he had suffered, he would make her pay 10-fold for the pain he endured. He stormed out of her quarters on the way to his own, where he promptly slew several new recruits in a fury, which in time would be directed at her. He had locked himself in his quarters, for none to disturb. He let the warm water from his automated shower rinse the dirt and dried blood, from the hideous amalgamation that he called his body. After drying himself, and reattiring for what he felt would be proper for his new terrifying look, he crafted a long slick, black armored sleeve, and glove, that he would wear for the rest of his life, on his right hand and arm, that would be worn to cover up scarring, that even he himself could no longer look at. From that moment forward, all his planning and haterd were set on course, spinning into a chain of events that would leave him to where he sat now, meditating patiently on Korriban, which as always fueled him with rage and power, awaiting Kreia, to inflict more of his punishment and pain upon her.

His good eye snapped open, and he sprung to his feet, he could feel the echo, he could feel her, she was her, and she had brought her new apprentice. This he could not allow. This one was special to her, he could feel it, and when he killed this.....exile, she would suffer.

12-23-2005, 06:58 PM
Great chapter showing Sion's past with great detail on how he became immortal.

12-23-2005, 08:43 PM
This is great, to bad that it has a very predictable ending. Keep up the great work!

12-23-2005, 09:18 PM
This is great, to bad that it has a very predictable ending. Keep up the great work!

It is a fanfic after all, I may throw in my own twist.....no Sion won't go on a frenzy and kill everyone and rule the galaxy, but I'll figure something out to spice it up.

12-23-2005, 10:41 PM
^But the everyone knows what happens to Sion, you do kill him in game!

12-23-2005, 11:34 PM
^But the everyone knows what happens to Sion, you do kill him in game!

yea i know :D ................... I've done it a million times. I'm not sure how I'll end it considering i'm only halfway through.....but I'll spice it up a bit at the end, make a little more interesting.

12-24-2005, 12:59 PM
^Just take your time and it'll be good.

12-24-2005, 03:22 PM
Chapter 7: The Jedi Exile.

Sion could feel the echo, it was growing closer, along with the presence of his master, weighed upon him like a durasteel vest. He felt his patience wearing thin, he was ready to strike. Any time she was near waves of pure hatred, and violence filled his every thought, he could not help it, and he did not want to, all he desired, was for her to suffer, to feel the total pain, and humiliation he had felt so many times under her archaic teachings.

He had nothing against the exile, other than the fact, that this ex-jedi wretch, was now her chosen vessel. She would bestow her flawed teachings upon this broken down fool, in turn spurning a weak and inept waste of force and flesh. Sion began to pace quickly, powerfully, and angrily, as he awaited her new apprentice. The exile would walk right into his hands, and he would spring the same trap, that the overconfident Lonna Vash had been stupid enough to become caught in. His assassins had already stealthed themselves, and spread out throughout the academy, to lash out at the exile and his companions from the shadows.

Sion knew he must remain patient, he would allow the Exile, to find Vash's remains, and then he would strike, but not before then. How he hated patience, if he had any virtues within his corrupted personality, patience certainly was not one of them. So he would remain in the shadows until, the dead jedi master's corpse was discovered. He ducked behind an ancient statue and used the force to mask his presence.

He could hear the clash of combat from the main entryway. Followed shortly after by three sets of feet treading.....or rather trying to tread unnoticed. Within moments, he glanced out to see a young man, with short cut light brown hair, draped in the grey robe of one who had left the jedi to study the force on their own. Sion confirmed to himself, that this one was the source of the small echo, and was the apprentice. The exile had his blue saber held in front of him, as if he was anticipating an attack. His two companions, both of which laughably carried lightsabers Sion thought to himself rather cynnically. Did they even know how to use those weapons, probably not he scoffed quietly, more children with toys, corrupted from the same source. THe first of the Exile's companions, was the same fool from peragus. Also there was a beautiful young woman with fiery red hair, and a curious attitude.

The fool spoke first, as the three surveyed the room. "i told you Korriban was a *bad* idea. I can think of a thousand places I'd want to be, and this doesn't make the list." The fool stated sarcastically. "Oh shut up will ya Atton, all ya do is complain, besides we've got bigger problems, like a sqaud of stealthed killers on our tail." The fiery female responded sharply. "Knock it off both of you, we came here to find Lonna Vash, she may be in danger. So lets keep on our guard and our chatter to a minimum." The exile spoke in a soft, yet commanding tone. "Agreed" The two companions stated as three took off carfully up one of the other halways, headed towards the torture chamber, and training room. Their heavy footfalls grew softer as they moved further from his spot of concealment.

As soon as the sad little squad was out of his sight, he stood up from his spying spot, and crossed over to the center of the huge main hall, directly in front of the pathway to the main exit. He was furious at the fact Kreia was too much of a coward to enter the academy herself, instead she hid as she always did, using her students to do her vile bidding. He could sense the bond between she and the exile, and he would use him to get to her. Sion was always much smarter than she had given him credit for.

After several long minutes of waiting, he could again feel them growing closer, and soon the sounds of their now frightened footsteps filled his senses like the thundering of a Rancor in pursuit of prey. Within moments the three companions had appeared in the chamber before him. They stopped dead in their tacks when they saw him impeding their only means of escape. He glared a long hard stare at the exile, who was suitably cowed, but did his best to hold his composure. Sion approached slowly menacing, snarling as he moved in on his prey. "Have you come here for answers?" He bellowed. "There are none. The call of Korriban is strong, but it is the call of the dead. It is fitting you came here. I have studied you and found nothing but weakness. Why she would bother with one such as you, is something I will never understand." The exile then responded to his grovely tone with a statement of his own. "How do you know kreia?" Sion was suprised at the exile's curiosity, while staring out at certain death. Sion decided to indulge his curious mind. "I know her as a master knows an apprentice, and an apprentice knows their master." The exile stepped forward and activated his weapon, which hummed to life, as did his foolish companions whose terror had temporarily faded. All three wielded cobalt blue sabers. "I won't let you hurt her." The exile exclaimed in a firm commanding tone. Sion now completely disgusted responded in a low growl." You are a wretched thing, of weakness and fear. You are her apprentice in name only, *I* am the master. And that is why you must die." He quickly activated his blood red blade, which slid lethaly from his hilt, as he dropped back into his stance.

The exile, and his companions, attempted to encircle the Sith lord, but he had survived many a battle, and was wiser than he appeared. He immediatedly flew into a fury, and charged, with his weapon raised high, directly for the Exile. The two companions sprinted in behind him, as Sion struck a series of overpowering blows onto the exile's defensive form III. In a fit of pure hate, he brough the crimson blade down towards the Exile's head, which was just barely deflected, sending the exile sprawling out accross the dusty floor. At this point the two children, the woman and the "Fool" were in on him, swinging their blue bladed beams in unison, in a series of quick, but rather simplistic form I blows. Sion in his raw and brutal form II/V style, easily parried the quick strikes, lighting up the room in a briiliant red/blue lightshow.

At this point the Exile had risen to his feet, and was coming in behind Sion, with his saber raised, prepared to strike. Sion held with his right hand and saber, the two weaker adversaries in check, whilst placing a hard boot in the exiles stomach, with a loud oomph, before using the force to again send the "apprentice" sprawling to the ground. At this point the swordplay, between Mira, Atton, and Sion resumed, he was enjoying toying with the delightfully easy little duo. He again realized the exile was the main target, and use the force to grab Atton in a choke, lifting him into the air, and sending him soaring accross the room into a pillar, temporarily incapacitating him. Mira continued her desperate assault, beads of sweat pouring from her fiery mane.

Sion could see her fatigueing, and was more than happy to take over the offensive. He enveloped her rather pedestrian defenses with a series of powerful, and perfectly aimed head and shoulder strikes, the last of which knocked her weapon to the floor, and sent her hard down onto her backside. He raised his saber and brought it down with what should have been the killing blow, but was soundly thwarted when the Exile lept into action, and placed his own saber in the path of Sion's, effectively saving Mira's life.

Sion let out a grunt of frustration, and quickly shifted his rage back upon the exile. "Stay back Mira, hes to dangerous. I'll hold him at bay get to the ship." The exile stated as he backed away with his saber raised, prepared to defend. "We won't leave you." She demanded. "Mira grab Atton, and go, NOW." He shouted. She obeyed, and soon she and the fool, had dissappeared towards the exit, as Darth Sion circled slowly around the exile. His saber down arrogantly at his side. "You cannot protect them from me Exile, just as she cannot stop me or protect you." He spat forward rather calmly. "I cannot be beaten, I am not a creature of flesh and blood like you. The darkside is what I am. It flows through me." The exile spoke briefly to Sion before charging forward in attack, using a more aggressive form IV. "Everyone has a weakeness, noone is unbeatable, its just a matter of finding yours." Sion sneered menacingly. "You are wrong Exile, I am unbeatable, you can never win."

Sion parried the exile's attacks, and the two for several minutes engaged in a whirling dervish of lightsaber skill, although Sion quickly gained the upper hand and drove the exile back further, and further, with each of his rage enhanced blows, and brutal yet precise and efficient strikes. The exile was tiring, he could feel it. It would not be long until, he too fell to Sion's wrath. The exile stared rather dejectedly into Sion's cold and terrible features. "The end is inevitable Exile. She cannot protect you, and nor you her." Sion growled. But he sensed something different within the exile, he seemed to have his thoughts focused somewhere else for the moment, almost as if he was listening to something, or someone through the force. NO! Sion thought to himself. SHE WILL NOT TAKE THIS VICTORY FROM ME! his mind shouted.

In an instant, the exile used all of his meager force might, to send a large chunk of rock debris at Sion, which he sent bolts of jagged lighting into, reducing it to rubble. It was too late however, and the exile was already halfway down the hall to the exit, he was using the force to flee Sion's overpowering rage. Sion chased to the top of the entry way, flanked by four of his assassins. But the exile had escaped him, with her help.

Sion was swelling with so much anger and hate, it was a wonder he didn't explode. "Find him!" He shouted. "Hunt him wherever he goes! He will not escape me again." His rage began to taper off, turning now to pure contempt, with shreads of jealousy. "she shields him, protects him. I will cast cast his corpse at her feet, it will be as though I were killing her children. I will destroy all she loves all she holds dear, until her hands are drenched in blood."

He turned angrily, and stormed out towards the remnants of Dreshdae, and his docked ship. The dark side would guide him to exact his final revenge. He did have one thing to be pleased about, he had defeated three of her pawns, very easily. IF this was her best, then it was as he always knew, her weakness would be her undoing, and he liked that idea.

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Looking forward to read the rest of this

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Great job! I see you took out the assasins in the fight, trying to fool us?:tsk: :lol:

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Nice, tremendous story so far! This is great.

Say, did you ever think about doing a "Nihilus: A Legacy of Hunger" fanfic? :D Except that would have this story's only failing- predictability.

12-24-2005, 11:43 PM
Nice, tremendous story so far! This is great.

Say, did you ever think about doing a "Nihilus: A Legacy of Hunger" fanfic? :D Except that would have this story's only failing- predictability.

I may do a Nihilus story, about how he became what he is, examine his history a little bit, give him some life, that obsidian neglected. An thanks again for all the good feedback. I'm going on vacation for about a week, so the next chapter won't be out until after new years.......

And this story is gonna have a little twist at the end to give it some spice.....after all it is a fan fiction . muahahahahah ;)

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A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! Can't wait for the next chapter.

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Sorry i haven't posted chapter 8 yet, i am having a spot of writers block. ARRRGGGGG! ;)

Renegade Puma
01-04-2006, 04:16 AM
Very well written fic so far Sion. I am enjoying this story very much. Keep up the good work.

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Chapter 8 will be out later this evening.......my writers block is gone...YAY :D
:D :D :D :D

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Nicely done, DarthSion101. You've really given us an in-depth look into what drives Darth Sion. I look forward to the next chapter...

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This is the first fic a read when I joined the forum. I love it. :) I'm a big fan of kotor 2 and I love the point of view from Sion. Look foward to the next chapter. Keep up the great work DarthSion101!

Diego Varen
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I agree. This was one of the first fics I read and it is great. However, you said that Chapter 8 would be out this evening. Where is it?

Char Ell
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I too am eagerly awaiting chapter 8. But if DarthSion101 isn't ready to post the next chapter then I can keep waiting. The writer shouldn't post his material until he is ready, IMO. The same philosophy should apply to games *cough* KotOR: TSL *cough**cough*

@DarthSion101 - On a different note, I was rereading this and have some "editorial" type feedback I would like to offer for chapter 6: Shadows from the Past. Since my thoughts involve storyline mechanics, would you prefer me to PM you instead of posting? Or if you are not interested in that level of feedback then I'm good with that too. It's just something I feel would more fully flesh out how Darth Sion's body got all cracked and scarred.

Steve-O Kreesh
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Oh, believe me, I'm the last person to want to rush aspiring writer/author. Rushing only disrupts the creative process. The same could be said about *hack* game *hack* sequels *hack*. :)

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o the next chapter is coming.........its just the old writers block acting up again. Feel free to offer any advice you want Hai Wan....I'm all ears . :D

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There is a mod that restore a cutscenne when Sion confront Nihlius and get his ass kicked. If you know what i mean you should have that, its take place when they think Kreia have killed you.

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Hey DarthSion101, you really must be having trouble with your writer's block. I look forward to next chapter, whenever you can post it, no hurry. Don't let it get you down, you'll shake it sooner or later. Keep the faith brother!!! :)

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Chapter 8: Traces of the past

A small shuttle burst from hyperspace above the ancient, and abandoned jedi sanctuary of Ossus. The small black shuttle descended rapidly towards the surface of the world. The tiny obsidian craft touched down gently, in a small clearing at the foot, of the ruined Library of Ossus.

A ramp quickly extended from the base of the ship. The twisted wreck known as Sion emerged and set foot on the ancient world, and former stronghold of the light. His eyes cast a cold gaze quickly around his surroundings. Before he lumbered forward towards the entrance of the ruins. The sky which was once blue, and sunny, had turned cloudy and dank, signifying the sun's fear of Sion's awful retribution.

He stepped carefully up the ancient pathway into the ancient facility. As he entered the archway to the entry, he could feel the essence of the force, thick like a fog around him. He sneered in his typical fashion and proceeded into the structure. The main halls which once contained a stockpile of knowlegdge, were bare and broken. As mounds of rubble, and the bones of dead jedi, slain by Exar Kun, littered the marbled floors.

Sion thought quietly to himself, "Why would a Jedi come here? There is nothing but rot and decay, all of its secrets exposed and destroyed by Exar Kun." He stepped into the center of the main chamber and felt a small crunch under his foot as he stepped, he glanced down, and under his foot by the rubble was a well worn device. He picked it up in his cloved right hand and stared intently at it. After several moments of violently shaking, and tinkering with it, he activated the device. A small recording of a man, in a cape and mask appeared. "REVAN" he snarled. The recording spoke, but the message was badly degraded. "I had to go.....(static) The Unknown Regions.....(static)
Darkness lies in wait........(static)......The Sith are stronger than imagined....(static)....Tell Bastila I love her and I will return..........(static)......They are coming." With that the recording shorted out, and Sion angrily crushed the small holoplayer in his closed fist, before letting it drop to the floor.

"What did he mean in that message? Who is this Bastila? Did he love her,If he did I will find her, and draw the coward out." Sion muttered inquisitively. His thoughts were however disturbed, by and intense tingling in his mind. He wasn't alone, he was being watched. Before he could think another thought, a primal scream echoed through the abandoned hall, and a figure in a brown jedi cloak lept down at him from the rafters, igniting it's blue blade, which was cutting throught the air towards his head.

Sion quickly let his crimson weapon hum to life, and raised it to block his attackers strike. He easily parried the first attack, followed by a few quick strikes of his own, which through his power and rage, sent his opponent flying back several feet. There was a brief pause in the combat. As each attacker held there sabers directly in front of them pointed at the adversary. "I have come from accross the galaxy to destroy you Jedi, you slipped by me on Manaan years ago, you will not do so again. HE is not here to protect you this time. An you cannot keep him safe from me." Sion growled.
The hooded figure spoke in a strange accented tone "Back away SITH for I will be your doom!" The strange female voice hissed. Sion raised his saber above his head with both hands into his powerful Form V/II hybrid stance, and taunted his foe. "I know who you are, yet you hide behind a cloak, as if that would conceal your true form, that of hideous feline beast, not suited for civilization, but for slavery. Your people are dead, and you soon with them Cathar." The jedi tore her hood off of her face, revealing a feline like appearance. She bore her teeth in a primitive growl at Sion. "Revan has gone wher you cannot reach him, where you cannot harm him...." Sion cuts her off sharply "You cannot protect him from me, noone can, liuke the exile, he to will soon die by my hand, right after I destroy you." The two combatants continued to cirle one another. Both intent on mentally beating the other down. But Sion's will was stronger than this cat's and he knew it. He spoke again, even more menacingly. "Perhaps if I cannot find Revan on my own, I can draw him out, seek those that he lknows those that he loves. He shields her protects her, loves her, but I will find her and cast her corpse at his feet." He could see shock and anger swelling in the Cathar's features. So he continued mercilessly "Yes, I know all about this Bastila, don't worry her fate will be the same as yours....DEATH!"

In a rage and howl, the Cathar sprang into action, but in her untrained emotional state she had left herself open to Sion's onslaught, and with one swipe, her head fell and bounced to the ground at heis feet. A look of total shock and bewliderment on her face as it gazed up at his cold heartless expression. Sion turned and knelt down over the headless corpse, and removed a small datapad from the pocket of the cathar's robes. He activated it momentarily, and scanned the holoscreen. He smiled, he had found what he sought, Revans journal. He rose quickly to his feet, and walked triumphantly back to his ship.

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Chapter 9 A clouded Path

Sion sat in a private seclusion at the core of Malachor. He sat in the circle in which the dark power of the shattered world eminated, and passed through his own tattered and corrupt form. In his hand he held the small journal he had plucked from the robes of the beheaded cathar. Perhaps the fool Revan was not as clever as he believed himself to be.

He slowly, yet eagerly opened the small journal, and turned quietly to the first page. The date on the first page was 15 years earlier. It was Revan's personal thoughts and descriptions from his training under the masters of the Jedi academy, which wasn't of particular interest to Sion, but if he was to seek and destroy the former Dark Lord, he would have to understand the psyche and thought process of Revan.

Hours passed quickly, as Darth Sion immersed himself into Revan's personal log. HE could taste the traces of Revan's persona floating from each page, which was scribed with a small part of Revan's soul. As the journal progressed up throughout the Mandalorian wars, he could see in the writings, the change in Revan's stance, and his beliefs, he became less jedi-like, and more tactical, more detatched from the galaxy and its peoples. Just from his writings, one could tell that the war had changed, and indeed hardened Revan.

Strangely enough the Journal did not contain any information about the Trayus academy, nor did it reveal his location, or that of his loved ones, it instead prattled endlessly about his transformation from darkness back to light, and how his love saved him, and his regrets that his love for his best friend Malak, could not return him to the light. The final passage was of the most interest to Sion, for it shed a faint light into Revan's journey into the unknown. "The journey of a coward and fool." Sion growled vehemently, but he continued reading.

Dark times are ahead, something is brewing, not something new, but something ancient, something evil. An evil that never sleeps, I have stumbled accross traces of this darkness, and its visions haunt me still. I have to protect the ones I love, I have to protect the galaxy. The unknown awaits, this I already know, but as uncertain as the future is, I must go, she must be protected, and I love her too much to take her to face the horror that awaits, she is brash and headstrong and will not understand, but she must remain behind with the others, safe and protected. HAving those I love around me in the heart of darkness will only lead to suffering. I leave this journal along with various other items from my travels, as clues piecing together a map to my whereabouts, so that those strong enough to detatch themselves from those they love, so they might preserve all we hold dear may follow. A war is coming, a war that will be fought, it cannot be avoided, It must be stopped. So it is there that I travel, into the heart of Darkness, where the death of the light begins, and the war is waged..........No matter what happens, I have to keep her safe.

Sion slammed the journal shut, rose quickly to his feet and slammed the journal to the floor. "So Revan you try to hide your presence behind cryptic poetry, and false hopes of glory." Sion scowled as he thought to himself. "you speak of a darkness, I AM THE DARKNESS, and I will find you, I will kill all that you have cherished, cast it before you. You have not protected her, only put her in danger, and sealed her fate, a fate that in time you will share. DEATH."

Sion's machinations were quickly and sharply interupted, by the echoing of footsteps behind him, and a familiar and chilling presence, one he hated more than any in the galaxy. He again rose to his feet and turned quickly, to see her standing before him,in her rather pedestrian black cloak,her wrinkled and worn face, pale from her reembrace of darkness. He clenched his fists tightly as he glared at her, his icy gaze piercing her flesh. "I spared you once, I will not do so again." He rumbled angrily. "Why have you returned, Have you finally accepted the fact that I am the master, and that I have surpassed all you had ever hoped for." Kreia, now clearly Darth Traya once more stood before him. All of his feelings of hate resurfacing, his lust for vengeance encompassing all of his being. Her cold icy tone cut through the air like a saber through flesh. "Indeed Sion, you have become powerful, but that is not the reason for my return. I come back to you now at the turn of the tide. I know why the exile made his choice 10 years ago, and why now he must confront the creature and his appetite. Events are in motion that have ensured such a meeting. Telos will be the battleground once more." She stated semi-excitedly. Sion snarled quickly back at her "Your whelp does not stand a chance against him. Nihilus has swallowed whole worlds, sucked them dry of life. The Exile will cower before him, and become yet another meal for his neverending power, and when the boy dies, so shall you." The old hag smiled wryly. "That is where you are wrong Sion. The exile is different, than most life in the universe. He is exactly like Nihilus, his actions at Malachor created a whole in the force that surrounds him, he has learned to use the force that flows around him, he is unique, and it prevents Nihilus from feeding upon him." Sion again scoffed at his former master's words. "Even if what you say is true, I have dueled the whelp and crushed him, and his companions. There is no way he can survive a match against Nihilus's saber skills. He is virtually unbeatable." Traya sighed and continued once more. "Nihilus, has but one weakness, that will allow the exile victory. Nihilus is supremely overconfident, and will try to feed, weakening himself to the point where the Jedi exile and his companions can defeat him. After which they will surely travel here, and force a final confrontation."

Before he could even respond, he felt it, a booming echo through the force. "No, its impossible, how could...." he was cut off by Traya's calm cold monotone. "Ah yes, just as I have forseen, the hunger has finally ended. You underestimate the Exile, Sion. All is proceeding as I have imagined it would." Sion growled heatedly again." He comes here now, to find you to kill you." She responded calmly. "Yes I know, but he will not succeed. His will will break here at the core of Malachor, where the sins of his past will come full circle." Sion stormed forward, so that he was practically on top of the maniacal witch. He glared down venomously at her his heavy breath steaming onto her face, before he spoke in a low tone more like a growl than human words. "He will come here, and I will kill him, cast his corpse at your feet, and you will recognize who the master truly is. He cannot stand against my might." AS always Traya responded in the same typical emotionless state as she always did. "Perhaps, or perhaps not....we shall see, fate often has a different twist." Sion glared at her, and spoke sharply "You are on borrowed time." The tattered Sith Lord turned on his heel and stormed from the core, into the halls of the academy which was filled with his assassins, troops, and dark jedi. He thought quietly to himself as he did, and his thoughts gave him a twisted peasure." I will kill the exile, and destroy her, but before she dies, I will let her go squealing from this universe with the knowledge that along with the exile, Revan will soon follow, leaving her legacy in ashes."

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Another captivating chapter, DarthSion101. Looking forward to see how your storyline finishes out. But I'm surprised Kreia/Traya didn't pass out when Sion was in her face, assaulting her with his severe halitosis, heh-heh-heh. :D

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^Have you come here for breath mints? There are none. The call of the tic-tacs is strong, but it is the call of the leaves from a small, green plant. [/Sion] :D :lol: :D

Good fic, once again, but I recommend you start a new paragraph whenever some new talks.

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Sion had just recieved word from his subordinates, of the arrival of the Ebon Hawk and her crew, his prey the Exile, and his weak companions. He strutted arrogantly into the core of the academy, where she awaited him, as always she was in careful meditation.

"They have arrived, crashed, and burned on this cragged terrain." he spoke, almost triumphantly.

"Yes I know." came her casual and calm response. "The exile has come here seeking answers, and perhaps vengeance. I have already seen to it, that he and his companions find their way here, where the real test of their fate awaits them."

"They are all wretched things, things of weakness and fear. I will not abide their presence long." He groweled.

"They will come here. Do what you will with his allies, but the exile is not to be harmed. Show him every respect when he enters these halls. This I command of you Lord Sion." Her manner was very dry and nonchalant.

Sion was about to open his mouth and speak, when he was sharply interupted by the uncloaking of several of his assassins. They bowed respectfully, then rose and spoke their urgent news to their twisted master.

"My lord Sion, several beings.....Jedi or so it would seem, have entered the main hall of the academy. What are your orders sir?" soke the first assassin.

"Kill them, Kill them all." He snapped.

"NO. See to it they find their way here." Traya interjected. Sion shot her a sharp glare, before she continued. "Allow them their chance to confront me, that is why they have come here. They seek to protect him and destroy me. So let them come, I believe they will find more than they can handle."

"So be it." He said. "Allow them safe passage to here, their fates will come before his, so that he may know that he has nothing left. Dismissed troopers." His assassins quickly recloaked themselves and disappeared from the core back into the academy.

Sion folded his arms accross his chest, while standing ever irritably, awaiting the arrival of his and apparently now her enemies. He still did not trust her, and after all was done with this exile of hers, he would cut out her betraying heart.

"Be ready Sion.....a critical moment approaches." Traya advised.

After a period of several moments, the small band of wannabe jedi entered the ramp way of the core, the each drew their sabers, which slid to life with a quiet hum. Traya did not try to hide herself she stood ever so confidently at the core, awaiting their presence.

"Ah, so you have come her to Malachor, to stop me." She taunted as the rag tag crew approached. "How PATHETIC. Your potential exists, but your abilities are weak."

The enemy was now face to face with the two Sith. Sion stepped forward, and activated his crimson weapon, which shot out of the hilt with a rage similar to that of its wielder. HE stepped in front of Traya, not to shield her, but rather to feed his own appetite for violence. His eyes shifted from each of his enemies. Examining their forms and styles. The Miraluka, Nihilus's slave Visas, he recalled, stood loosely her weapon raised up into a form VI niman stance. She always was weak he thought quietly as he shifted his attention to the next target.

The second opponent was a young woman, and echani no doubt, wielding an aqua double bladed saber, he stance was open, and aggressive, she looked ready to pounce with her form IV ataru variation. Her eyes shifted intently from his own to Traya, he could feel her hate rise as she glared at the old wench, a sentiment that he shared.

The third of the four comrades, was a well muscled iridonian with a prosthetic left arm. He stood in an adapted form V Djem So power stance, with his blue bladed saber gripped tightly in anticipation of attack. Sion had nothing but contempt for this alien, and would enjoy smiting him quickly.

The fourth of the company of fools, was the same red headed female with whom he dueled on Korriban, her style had changed clearly from a weak form I, to a more elegant and precise form II/III Makashi/Soresu style. She held her green bladed weapon clutched so tightly that her knuckles had turned white. She was weak, and he would have no problem cutting her apart.

Sion began to twirl his weapon up into his attack position, his lip curled back revealing a horrid snarl, his oppenents also tensed up into attack position, ready to attempt an ill fated defense. All of their thoughts were disturbed by Traya's calm yet eerie and evil tone.

"Enough. They have come accross the galaxy to fight me. I will not deny them their chance." She stated smugly and tauntingly towards the opposition."Come fools, see if you can overpower me.'"

Sion stepped back and lowered his weapon. HE would watch calmly as the four circled in around the witch. He watched as the each sprang into attack, and were tossed aside like rag dolls, their bodies sent sprawling to the floor from the force blast of Traya. Disarmed and defeated the four companions stared up at the old scow, contempt and fear in their eyes, listened as the maniacal hag taunted yet again.

"O no, I'm not going to kill you, no, no, no....death is far to good a reward for weak prey such as yourselves. You will be sent to holding cells far beneath the academy, their the power of darkness will tear at the fiber of your beings, and turn you into mindless servants to evil. You will be broken, and forced to swear allegiance to the Dark Side." She began to cackle to herself as she savored this minor victory she had gained. That is until she realized that one companion was not amongst them.

"THE FOOL ATTON! WHERE IS HE?" She demanded in a rather annoyed, yet some how frantic tone. The four defeated companions of the exile would not speak, they held their lips shut tightly. "He is here, I can feel his sneid, slimy presence. Find him Sion, and silence him forever. He has been a constant pain in my backside since he crossed my path. Kill him."

Sion needed to hear no more, he nodded, and stormed eagerly from the core, but not before planting a heavy boot into the stomach of the red haired female. "With pleasure." he snarled.

Sion stalked through the long corridors of Trayus, his eyes peeled, and his senses keen, as he searched for the missing fool, the second of his rather easy encounters at Korriban. He was not a patient man, and this continued game of hide and seek made him boil and seethe with anger.

A sound, like a footstep 15 or so feet behind him, made him stop, and listen, his one normal eye squinted as he listened for a trace of more. A voice, cocky and sarcastic confirmed his suspicion.

"Looking for me, or the nearest mirror to admire your handsome face." The voice spoke.

Sion spun around quickly focusing his hateful glare upon the same man he fought with on Korriban. The man was fairly tall and well build, his thick dark hair brushed to the side, his leathery jacket fight snugly around his broad shoulders.

"So I get the fool." Sion hissed vehemently.

The young man, Atton, smirked, and responded just as sarcastically as he always did.
"Funny I was just gonna say the same thing about you cutie pie." The fool then proceeded to activate his yellow bladed saber. He held it into a defensive style, very similar to form III soresu, but his stance also allowed for offensive burts from form IV ataru.

Sion just glared hatefully at this man, he would channel all of his anger and rage into punishing this being. Darth Sion pulled his HILT from his belt and activated it. The red blade hummed to life with a defeaning hiss.

"Well handsome, what are you waiting for?" Atton questioned.

In a roar of pure dark side rage, Sion sprinted forward, and brought his blade down upon Atton's with such force, that it sent the man back several feet. He would continue his assault. Each strike well placed, and each swing and attack coming faster and harder thean the one before it, Atton was completely overwhelmed, and struggled mightily to defend himself. Sions weapon struck in and out in a blur of brilliant red light.
They would lock sabers for a moment, and Sion would stare down intently with his cold callous eyes, into those of his opponents, which to his surprise were not filled with fear, but rather with determination.

Their deadlock quickly ended however, when Sion planted his knee firmly in Atton's stomach. Atton stumbled backwards with a loud oomph. Sion laid into him quickly with another barrage of his Form II/Form V hybrid style. Atton again struggled, and was soon sent sprawling to the floor from a closed fist backhand from Sion, which sent drops of blood squirting from the young man's mouth and nose.

Atton rose to his feet, as Sion circled around him like a predator, closing in for its deathblow. Atton now completely into postion again, tried to press an attack of his own, but it was to no avail, Sion, in one swift motion, chopped his right arm off at the elbow, which was followed by a single thrust, which planted his red bladed death weapon into Atton's now exposed mid-section. Atton gurgled in pain, and Sion kicked him back to the ground to face his death in the darkness, and alone.

Sion deactivated his weapon and turned from his kill, and proceeded back towards the academy's main antechamber. However much to his surprise, he heard a rustling and grunting sound behind him. He turned sharply, to see the young fool struggling with his one arm, back to his feet. Atton after struggling heartily had raised himself back into a standing position.

He coughed and gurgled as he spoke in the same sarcastic tone. "Is....is that all.....ughhh.....you got.....errgggg....running away?" he clutched with his one remaining arm at the gaping hole in his stomach.

Sion growled, and used the force to lift Atton into the air, while crushing his insides slowly. "I will remake you." he snorted. "So that when I look upon you, it will be as looking in a mirror."

"Ungghhh.....do....your worst......I'm not afraid of you..." Atton spoke, clearly in pain.

Sion dropped him helplessly to the floor. "So be it." he hissed. Before sending an enormous amount of lightning coursing through the fool. He watched as Atton writhed in agony before him, his skin charring and burning from the massive electrical barrage.

The screams of pain and torment echoed through of the academy. Which the exile heard as he stepped into the halls of the Trayus academy. all the pieces were in place for a final endgame.

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I see you used the cut scenes of TSL. I can't wait for the next Chapter.

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Sion had since left the dying, and rapidly decaying fool Atton alone, in the hall before the main chamber leading to the core. He had made sure that the Exile would come upon the fool, as he drew his final breaths. He knew how powerful he had grown, after all he was immortal, his pain kept him alive permanently, and he fed on the pain of others, so much like a demon of ancient mythology that drained the life force of its victims to grow stronger, Sion did the same, only by inflicting pain and misery.

He could feel the raw dark power of Malachor V flowing through him, it made him stronger, and allowed him greater focus. If the hag was right, and the Exile truly was a jedi, he would mourn the loss of the fool quietly and with the typical serene foolishness that those monastic windbags often preached. But if he was not a jedi, he would use his anger to give him strength, which would weaken him and confuse his attacks, allowing Sion to strike him down easily. Either way the Exile was doomed, he knew it, and soon the lying witch would as well.

Sion stood quietly in anticipatin behind one of the large stone pillars that stood in the antechamber, he was out of sight, but could see perfectly the doors to the main room, and the door he guarded, the one the Exile would not survive to enter, the door to the core, and to her.

Just like clockwork, the exile came floundering into the chamber, his saber held in his hand at his side, his robes flowing gently around him. Sion stared closer he could see the small beads of sweat forming under his hairline, and his eyes were filled with both determinatiion and pain.

"Jedi" Sion thought quietly to himself. "This will be over before it begins."

The exile had his back to Sion, not even sensing his presence, he prepared to enter the door to the Trayus core. It was now that the Sith Lord stepped from the shadows, and lumbered in quickly behind his victim.

"Have you come here to die like the Jedi before you?" Sion boomed in his horrid voice.
The exile whipped around to face him quickly, and Sion continued. "This place is a graveyard for your kind."

He stared intently at the exile, whose eyes were filled with neither hate nor fear. He would change that he thought to himself, before continuing. "She hopes you might be spared, only so you might suffer."

The exile spoke calmly, and without venom or anger, his voice calm and almost soothing. "What is this place?"

Sion was stunned by the Exile's calmness and his curiostiy, but he would allow him his knowledge before he killed him. "It is a relic of darkness, much like this planet. It has been here for thousands of years, it is of the Sith."

"Is this where Revan came?" asked the Exile patiently.

Anger began to build in twisted Sith. "No, The lord Revan had a chance at true power, and like you he turned away. Had the chance at an an empire, and he turned away. He could have healed this broken galaxy and made it strong, yet he ran away. I will find him, and I will kill him, just after I deal with you."

The exile remained calm, and spoke pleadingly with the Sith. "Sion I bear no ill will towards you, no hatred. I've come here to stop Traya. Shes manipulating you, feeding you with more lies, just as she did me, come with me, help me, together we can beat her, and make her fess up to her crimes."

Sion hissed intensely at the Exile. "After I kill you, she will accept me, acknowledge me as the master. You are but a test of my strength. Defend or die Jedi."

Sion lept into action his red-bladed weapon screeching to life. He brought it down quickly upon the Exile, who in turn activated his own blue weapon. The two combatants clashed mightily, Sion's power fueled by his never ending rage, and pain, pushed the exile back. His strikes were calculated and precise, but so were the Exile's defenses. His prey had mastered form III thoroughly, and was skillfully matching each of Sion's rage filled attacks, with an equally precise dodge or parry. Another series of strikes from Sion, and a quick kick tto the chest sent the exile back further, but he used the force to land on his feet.

The two opponents breaked for a moment facing eachother, circling one another, each anticipating the other's next move.

"I don't wish to fight you Sion. I am not your enemy. I want to help." The exile pleaded. "Kreia is just using you again, just like she used me. She has no more use for you, she wants me to kill you here as a test of my strengths."

"You....are wrong, I have come farther than any of her apprentices since Revan, and she will have no choice but to accept my power, right after I kill you."

In a blaze of anger and speed, Sion lept back at the Exile, with another heavy barrage of attacks, which were artfully defended. Which frustrated immensely. The two combatants danced around the huge room, each exchanging blows, neither gaining any ground. After another several minutes of neverending onslaught, the exile lept back into the center of the room, to plead once more with The Sith Lord.

"Sion, please listen to me, Kreia is just using you. She has no use for one that betrayed her. Please this fight is pointless, Kreia is your enemy...not me."

Sion could hear his words, and he knew the whelp was right, but he would not allow him to live, he would kill him just to get to her. "This is not a battle of words Exile! It...is one of blood."

Again Sion lunged forward, his crimson blade locking with that of the exile. But it seemed the battle was not going anywhere, for as quick and as powerful as Sion's attacks were, so was the exile's defense, and vice versa.

Again the two combatants found eachother at an impasse. Both breathing heavily, with their weapons held into the attack positions, both ready for the other's move.

"Sion, you know it to be true, I can feel it, your weakening, she has abandoned you, betrayed you. Don't keep forcing this fight, if either of us dies, she has won yet another victory."

"All thats left now is revenge." Sion rumbled. "You can't beat me here, she knows this, not while the power of this place flows through me."

"Sion please, come with me, we'll take her together, there is no need to...." Sion quickly and angrily cuts the exile off.

"I can die a hundred times exile, and each time rise as strong as before."Sion roared.

"Then I shall push you back 100 times." The exile stated

Sion again sprung forward, but this time so did the exile. The exile had switched forms he was now using the difficult and powerful form VII juyo/vapaad. The two meet in the very center of the chamber, standing on the red circular floor tile, where they both stand swing and striking with their masterful arts at one another. The bout is lightning fast, a whir and frenzy of clashing, and red and blue lights fills the room, illuminating their faces.

Finally the two again broke away from one another. Sion was weakening, he could feel it. But was he really weakening, or had the exile awakened him, gotten in his mind, made him doubt his own beliefs? He did not know. But one thing he knew for sure as he stood there facing his opponent, was that neither could win, not now.

"How....how can you stand against me, stand against me here?" He questioned, not with hate, but with shock.

"Because Sion, I turned away from it, and you could not." The exile replied calmly.

"It is not possible to walk away from such things unscarred." He groaned

"True, but the strength is not in the force, its in the man." The exile again responded.

"The dark side flows through me, it is what I am." Sion claimed.

"If the force, in any form is what you are, that that is what Kreia hates. She hates the force. Which is why she chose me, because I turned away from it when you could not." He could see Sion staring intently at him. "Its true Sion. Look at what it has done to you, little remains of the man you once were. Has it been a life worth living?"

"It has not." He agreed, his tone low, almost a whisper. "Kreia....she will try to break you....show you just how far one can fall. If she does, you will die."

"Come with me Sion, Let us fight her together." The exile pleaded once more.

"This battle is yours, and yours alone Exile........I am glad to leave this this place at last." he sputtered. For he now knew that he was not meant to stop this man, but was yet again betrayed by the witch. What better satisfaction he thought to himself, that to see her brought low by the one thing she cherished most. It was the first time he had felt satisfaction in a long time.

Sion tensed his entire body, and flexed out with the force, and soon fell Silently, yet peacefully to the floor before the feet of the exile, finally free of the terrible pain he endured. Or so it seemed for the moment, but he knew that the power of the Dark Side could not be undone. He still had his mission, Revan, he would find where he had gone, and do whatever it was that was needed to be done. The exile would go on to destroy the manipulative witch, and set out like he had in search of Revan. He had the advantage, for noone knew he still lived. Until the time was right, shadow and secrecy would be his allies. He was always far more clever than she had ever given him credit.

His small obsidian shuttle blasted into hyperspace. He sat for the first time in a while, calmly and contently, he knew that she had failed, and died by the hands of her student, but also that he would drive the final wedge into her soul, when he found Revan, it was inevitable. Should he meet the exile again? Time would tell, but he knew that the force often pushed such confrontations.

Thoughts poured through his mind about Revan, and the unseen evil, and he knew in his mind that the only way to find Revan, was to follow the currents of this darkness into the unkown, where according to Kreia the greatest battle would be fought. Fate had yet to play its hand, so he would play that hand for it.

"Now you begin to feel the power of the dark side." He muttered to himself triumphantly. As he sped in his craft through the stars towards a darkness and uncertainty that would soon engulf everything and everyone, war was coming, and so was he..........................


Special thanks to Darth Sion for being so darn cool, and everyone who read and enjoyed the story.

Diego Varen
03-29-2006, 11:10 AM
The duel between Sion and the Exile was well written. I've never really thought that Sion would still live, but he's immortal and he should live, otherwise this Story would've already ended. Can't wait for the next Chapter.

03-29-2006, 11:18 AM
Thanks for all the positive feedback. I appreciate it, and I'm glad that you have enjoyed my first attempt at writing :D

Call me stubborn, call me stupid, but I don't believe Sion truly Died at malachor. HE kinda fell, the exile walked away, and that was then end of it. He may have survived, and gone off to plot somehwhere hehehe. Anyways until KOTOR 3 comes out and confirms it im a firm believer he still lives lol.

There won't be another Chapter in Darth Sion Legacy OF PAin, instead I plan on starting a whole new story, about the upcoming war that he like Revan and the exile are going off to wage. Where inevitably their paths will all cross. There will be more charcters featured, it will be much longer than this tale, and the best thing is that I will have no storyline restrictions put forth by writing a KOTOR 2 Sidestory, so all the stops are out! Haven't decided on a name for it yet, or which planet it will begin, or which character is going to be the title character, but It should be a good tale. If my good flow of creativity flows, it should be out later today......but don't hold me to that....again thanks for all the positive support, and get ready for...the still to be named sequel. :D

Char Ell
03-30-2006, 12:52 AM
Nicely done, DarthSion101. I enjoyed reading your version of KotOR: TSL thru Darth Sion's eyes. And I wouldn't rule out some role for Darth Sion in the next KotOR. I don't think it's likely but it's definitely more of a possibility for him than for Darth Nihilus, heh-heh-heh. :smirk2:

03-30-2006, 10:01 AM
Thanks again for all the support, and positive feedback. The next story will be out soon, the so called sequel. :D

Diego Varen
03-30-2006, 10:07 AM
Yeah, when you think of a Title, you should post it on this Thread.

PS. cutmeister, have you changed your name from Hai Wan?

03-30-2006, 10:53 AM
I'm leaning towards SHADOWS FROM THE DARKNESS as a title, let me know what you guys think.

Char Ell
03-30-2006, 05:32 PM
PS. cutmeister, have you changed your name from Hai Wan?Yeah, I did. I started thinking that Hai Wan sounded too much like Obi-Wan. Not that I don't like the Obi-Wan Kenobi character, far from it. But I wanted to change my name to something that was more me.

Shadows from the Darkness sounds like a good title to me although people might think it's related to ForceFightWMe12's Plight of Darkness fic.

03-30-2006, 08:08 PM
Yeah, I did. I started thinking that Hai Wan sounded too much like Obi-Wan. Not that I don't like the Obi-Wan Kenobi character, far from it. But I wanted to change my name to something that was more me.

Shadows from the Darkness sounds like a good title to me although people might think it's related to ForceFightWMe12's Plight of Darkness fic.

YEs they might......hmmm..........I'll have to come up with a different title then.

03-30-2006, 08:13 PM
How about 'Darth Sion: She said it wouldn't hurt a bit....' :xp:

03-30-2006, 09:35 PM
How about 'Darth Sion: She said it would hurt a bit....' :xp:

Hurt her? It nearly killed her :D

Steve-O Kreesh
03-30-2006, 11:06 PM
The rest of your story was well worth the wait. Great job DarthSion101! I look forward to the sequel. Keep those creative juices flowing. :D

03-31-2006, 10:36 AM
The rest of your story was well worth the wait. Great job DarthSion101! I look forward to the sequel. Keep those creative juices flowing. :D

Thanks alot Steve-O, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading it. I'm working this weekend.....but I assure you, The sequel will be out sunday night. MAy the force be with you.

03-31-2006, 11:21 PM
:thumbsup: Awesome work DarthSion101!!!!!!! Especially with the duels. Very detailed. :thumbsup:

Char Ell
04-01-2006, 12:29 AM
YEs they might......hmmm..........I'll have to come up with a different title then. If you like the title but want to differentiate from ForceFightWMe12's fic then perhaps following the title pattern you established with this story...

Darth Sion: Shadows From the Darkness

04-01-2006, 11:37 AM
And if you aren't very creative, you could just use 'untitled' or something like it.

Sith at Peace
04-19-2006, 05:28 PM
Wow, Reading this fic just lowered my confidence in mine by about 10%. I can't wait for the sequel to start up again, your writing is fantastic!

Ps. Could you drop a few pointers on my fic?

04-20-2006, 01:10 PM
Wow, Reading this fic just lowered my confidence in mine by about 10%. I can't wait for the sequel to start up again, your writing is fantastic!

Ps. Could you drop a few pointers on my fic?

sure i could drop a few pointers.....what is the title of your piece?

Sith at Peace
04-20-2006, 01:58 PM
It's called The Galactic Scream

11-21-2008, 11:27 PM

11-22-2008, 04:15 PM
Wow. This was a great fic.

11-28-2008, 07:02 PM
I've only read the first few chapters... I am quite impressed by how effectively you portrayed the other characters in conjunction with Scion. This required great effort and I could understand the anger he had for Traya perfectly. I have thought that about some people who are never satisfied, but never articulated it so well.

Only question... what about Scion did you find so impressive?

Chevron 7 locke
11-28-2008, 08:18 PM
I rather enjoyed this story, it was well written, the characters stayed in character, and you brought back Juhani! Great job!