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12-21-2005, 09:22 AM
Rating the levels as I am currently restarting game: Warning *spoilers*


1. Milla- Levitation? Bubbles? Racing? Tres creepy dark secret? Right on! I always have difficulty finding those pesky figments in the race though... I wish this level were BIGGER!! I love it that much.

2: Milkman conspiracy- A milky puzzle full of dairy goodness. Funny too, whacky psychic power gained here. Recently went around trying clairvoyance on everything- pretty fun.

3: Velvetopia- although this level sometimes gets to me, it's very original and a nice change from other levels. Very pretty, also. Love the wrestler fights. Woohoo.

4: Waterloo World: Eeet eez OK. Damn the Great Fairy!! If you don't understand, you will. Oh yes, you will.

5:Gloria- was sooo much easier the second time around, so I bumped it up the list. Also, the whole concept of it is pretty cute. Kids going insta-evil after blue lighting them. Funny. It doesn't seem like that big a level as you are very concentrated in an area for the major part of it. Fighting the phantom was frustrating but looked really, really good. Well, the floating musical score did, anyway. It took me ages to figure out I could float in them. What a dork.

6:Thorney Towers: Not a "mental" Level but it's really quite a good one. Very creepy. It gets better the higher up you go. Collecting brains is GREAT. I want a brain in green gloop. The faces in the sky is pretty creepy, but my fav part is meeting Shegor and Mr Pokeylope

7: Basic braining: as a first level goes, it's pretty inoffensive the second time around. Actually, it's neither here nor there. The first time i did it I didn't realise I could punch those boards and run and hide behind the one that popped up before the tank laser shot you. Even though I just finished the punching game. Yes, I'm slow like that. BTW, completing the punching game is A GYP. As in gypsy. Like Raz. Whom is great. Huh? No, it's actually for a few extra freakin' arrowheads. That is all.

8: Sascha's Shooting Gallery: sorry Nein lovers, but I do this level only cos I need to to get to others. Also annoying because I don't think you can get the Cobwebduster before completing it (A Rank issue). So you have to go back into it to "clean up" the goodies. Sigh.

9: The Brain Tumbler experiment: So dark, so creepy, so...boring. The tank bit is annoying. Sorry, but it is.

10: Lungfishopolis: Tough call, definitely one of the funnier levels, but ( and there's always a but) being constantly fired at, having the effects of ultra gravity and not being able to float around really killed me! The boss of this part is one of the best though (ie. Kochamara). Aaaand, I couldn't find the Easter Egg (ie. photo of programmer's girlfriend) in this level. Just. Couldn't. Find It. grrr. Maybe it's not in my version.

11: Meat Circus- when i get to the bunny *i *wanna hop out...of the game. Schafer remarked in his blog, erm, "action news site", that if you use shield the sword thrower always gets the spinning board. Wish I knew that the first time I completed it. Meat= Offcut.


Although not strictly a level, the Whispering Rock Pyschic Summer Camp is really fun. Exploring and scavenging is fun. Finding cards at the top of really tall trees is also fun. Digging up a hella-lotta arrowheads with the dowser and getting sore hands from pressing the buttons so hard is fun. I'll slot this in at 2.5- inbetween Milla's Dance Party and The Milkman Conspiracy.

Did I miss any? Oh well, I've more than wrote enough.

So, how do you rate the levels??

12-21-2005, 04:19 PM
hey, you can so get the cobwebduster before you enter sasha's mind

12-22-2005, 07:06 AM
yeah, thought you may have, but getting to rank 20 beforehand takes a while...I easily got the $$ for it with the cobweb duster though. THat thing rocks.

12-22-2005, 10:43 AM
Yeah, I got the cobweb duster before Sasha's mind. If your crafty enough, you can find enough scavenger hunt items for 4 ranks, and the rest were picked up with finding psi cards and chalange markers. Not to mention all the figments of Basic Braining and the few you get in The Brain Tumbler expirement. But Milla's is definitly my fave.

12-22-2005, 01:41 PM
likewise, has sweet coloring and a freaky room

Zetz Darke
12-29-2005, 06:26 PM
1. Black Velvetopia-The whole atmosphere was awsome. I liked the story too.
2. The Milkman Conspiracy- I loved this level...despite how much trouble it gave me when I started looking for figments.
3. Gloria's Theatre- I don't know why...after a while it really annoyed me, but I really liked the stage changes and quirky characters at first.
4. Lungfishopolis- Sorta fun, pretty funny...and the coach was really easy to beat.
5. Milla's Dance Party- The race puts it a few pegs down because of the figment location difficulty. I liked it at first...but after the twenty fifth time I started to hate it with a passion. The secret room puts it a step up...because the kids voices are super creepy. Also, it's kinda nice not having to fight someone at the end.
6.Sasha's Shooting Gallery: I really thought this level was kinda boring. I like Sasha tho...so I'll put it here at 6.
7. Waterloo World: This level can get SO dull.
8. Basic Braining: It has it's moments...I think.
9.Brain Tumbler Experiment-It's a pity you never get to see Raz's mind without the coaches interference. The caravan with the fog was cool...after you got into the coaches part I disliked everything but the cut scenes with Dogan.
10. Meat Circus- This level tends to annoy the hell outta me...I hate those knive throwing bunnies...I wish I could kill them.

-I put Thorney Towers up at the top...possibly even before Black Velvetopia. I put Whispering Rock either at 2.5 or 3.5. Both areas are pretty cool.

12-29-2005, 08:12 PM
Wait....those are bunnies throwing the knives at you????? And I thought the Milkman Conspirecy figments were easy.

Zetz Darke
12-29-2005, 08:30 PM
Wait....those are bunnies throwing the knives at you????? And I thought the Milkman Conspirecy figments were easy.

Yeah...pretty sure they are...
Well...for some reason I had a lot of trouble with it...maybe because it was so big...i dunno.

12-29-2005, 08:34 PM
Sasha: I'm sorry, I forgot the name of this. This was probably my least favorite world and while it wasn't dissapointing I really wanted to move on with things. So of course I only replayed this about 7 times instead of 23.

Overall: C+

Milla's Dance Party:This is when things started to pick up. The music was nice and relaxing, some challenges, and it really made you feel like you did something when you got to the edge. Not to mention you could pick up and throw the kids. Man that was fun.

Overall: A-

Brain Tumbler At first I loved it. Sasha's lines when you were inside of the egg was hilarious. However once I started following the bunny it became tedious. But going up Loboto's tower was amazing and that's when I felt I had done something in the game.

Overall B

Lungfishopolis Certainly one of the best. This one had hilarious cutscenes and dialouge that really made it. However when I cleared her mind of Oleander I wished that more had changed.

Overall: B+

Milkman Conspiracy:
This level is interesting and had a different feel from the other worlds. it was more of an adventure level which reminded me of a classic adventure game as it took me just as long with as much brain powerto figure out what I had to do. Before things had been straightfoward but now things were a little more over the place and it took some thinking to do what you needed to do. So of course, this frustrated the hell out of me. However the personality and feeling of this level saved it and upon subsequent replays it becomes more enjoyable.

Overall B-

Gloria's Theater
Same complaint as Boyd's however I really loved the music in this one and while Boyd's was a psychotic type of humour I felt this was a little bit of darker humour. Not scary, but it certainly felt a little more sinister even as you were laughing at it.

Overall B+

Little confusing at first and tiring. Some things were a little confusing to find and still are but the feeling of this one saved it. Not to mention Napolean as well. Some extra tidbits like being able to see through the glass onto Fred and Napolean was cool.

Overall B-

Basic Braining
This was a great moment in my video gaming history. Oleander looked so neat up against the projector screen and Vernon was amazing. I got to see all of the characters and I wished that happened in more of the levels. This level captured the quirkness of Psychonauts.

Overall A

I'm too tired to do the rest. I can never finish these things.

12-29-2005, 08:55 PM
It's ok Klia, finish when your ready.

12-29-2005, 09:07 PM
It's ok Klia, finish when your ready.



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Mmmmmmmmm, glazed sigified goodness......~drool~

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