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06-05-2001, 05:28 PM
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In Battle 6 mission 6, where you have to escort the rebel fleet how can I beat it? I either lose the Defiance or die when I get to the Independence. I can't seem to get to the bombers before they do major damage on the Calamari cruisers. When I do get to the bombers, I damaged a few of them and 1 bomber attacks me with amazing accuracy so can anyone help me?

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Rebel Loyaltist
06-05-2001, 10:45 PM
Send your wingmen to attack the Tie Bomber type from the flight orders MFD. From there you can either protect your wingmen or help them with the bombers. Here's a tip you keep the TB away for awhile. Once it gets down to a last craft to a squadron don't destory it but let it evade. The SD in the sector won't release any new TBs to join the fray until that on gets back to the hanger. Tell your wingmen to ignore it or they might destroy it. This gives you extra time to destroy regualar Ties and Interceptors from trailing you when you attack the TBs( I usually don't do this but this might help you) Don't waste time because the attack on the Independence has already begun. Once the entire level is clear lookout for the Indepedence when you hyper to Sullust because you will come up from behind it. Move Quickly! Hope this helps.

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