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Hi all. This is my first Fan Fiction so please be nice :) I'll try my best...


Shadows. They surrounded him like thick mud trying to drown its wictim. It was cold, very cold. He gasped and opened his eyes. He was lying on the floor, metallic floor in a dark room. He tried to sit up but was brought down by a great pain in his stomach. He remembered the blast and the pain that brought him down. He coudn't see anything but the darkness that surrounded him. He forced himself to sit up though the pain worked its best in body. He touched his face with his ice cold hand. My mask! He franticly felt the cold floor around him. He hands came upon a body and he could feel the ice-stiffened uniform the person bore. He turned and crawled around the floor franticly searching for his mask. He came across numerous corpses, all completely frozen. Then suddenly he felt what he had been looking so desperately for. He felt the mask in his hand. As he touched it he felt the ritual carvings and symbols imbeded in the mask, carved a millenia ago by a person long dead. He slowly put the mask on his face, the cold mask soothing his facial burns. He stood up and though the mask did not posess any magical abillities he felt a great power coming to him. He concentrated and closed his eyes. He felt the Force gather around him, streaming through him and coursing through his veins. The pain in his stomach slowly diminished until it was but an insignificant complaint in his mind. He pulled his hood over his head and wrapped the cloak around himself. He resited the Code to himself, slowly and perfectly. He grapped his lightsaber from his belt. He activated it. A light bursted through the room lighting it up revealing a horiffic scenery. Boddies filled the floor all covered in rime. The buzzing noise of the saber filled the room. They were all dead. A just death. Who can stand against fate? The light from the saber revealed the masked sole surviver. He bore a black cloak with a hood. He was 185 cm tall but all his limbs, even his face was hidden under the cloak and the dark mask. He turned slowly around with his lightsaber lighting up the area around him. He was standing in the center of a control room of a large military starship. All controlpanels and screens were shattered beyond repair. A headless man was sitting dead in his chair. His right hand was holding on to a Data-Notebook. They must have known. He walked to the dead man and forced the datapad from his icy grip. The masked man turned the pad on and read the first entry: "He is coming. Must prepare defences and trap. Remember to alert admiral Tarin" He crushed the pad in his hands in anger until a metallic sound bursted from the pad as the small screen went black. He carelessly threw the pad across the room. Fate, it seems, has changed its course. The lightsaber went off drowning the room in complete darkness.

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Chapter I

2 years ealier

Kalan opened his eyes. Another nightmare. He sat up in bed. It was still night and rain bashed against his window. He could see the thousands of speeders racing by i the distance. He lived in a small one-room apartment i Lower Coruscant, Sector 482-7 South
Might aswel get up and get it over with
Kalan put on his Jedi robe with perfection. he grapped his lightsaber and went out on the hallway.

8 hours later he arrieved at the Jedi Temple. As he walked to Council Room he thought of Neiya. He pictured her smile and laughter, but it was quickly interrupted by her scream and the memory of her falling. Her hand slipping out of his.

A young woman asked him to wait outside the Council Room for a short time. He began to wonder what they would this time. Kalans last mission failed utterly. He was sent to planet Rendismar, a small planet in the Republic, as a peace negotiater between the 2 most powerful and rivaling factions. Since he returned he heard rumours that his own brother admiral Tarin, had been sent to Rendismar to crush the rebellious faction. The young woman interrupted his pondering.
"You may go before the Council Jedi"
Kalan bowed and went in.

All the Masters were present. Jedi Master Merik took the word.
"Welcome Jedi. You have been called before the Council for reason."
"Yes Master Jedi, of that I am aware", Kalan answered.
"As we all know you failed your last mission to bring peace on Rendismar and hault the violence between the Gresnorion family and the ruling Handrim family", Merik stated.
"In my defence Master I must..." Kalan was interrupted by Merik who now looked a little angry.
"So the council have decided to give you asignments of lesser importance for the time being. Not only did you fail your mission Rendismar, but also on Harcul, Beleian, Wereekia, Nar Shadaa and Follmin. Ever since Neiya died on Follmin you have become increasingly unwilling to put your effort in the Jedi interests and in the Republics interests".
Kalan looked down feeling wrongfully accused.
"We have a small package of holodiscs that must be taken to Vordgrim in the Halosan System, to Master Saniun" Merik said.
"Remember Kalan" Master Bellard said "This is not a punishment, but a chance for you to get over the loss of Neiya and rediscover the great Jedi you once were."
"You will find your package in the craft we have made ready for you in hangar 813" Merik said.
"Master, I believe I am well over the loss..." Kalan was once again interrupted by Merik
"You must focus now Jedi. Report back when you return from Vordgrim"
After Kalan left the room Master Groda said:
"Are we sure he can manage to deliever the package. It is of much importance to us and may be one step closer to eradicate the last Sith.
"He can be trusted this mission" Bellard said.
"Kalan has proved almost useless, he is the type that never questions whats he is told" Merik said and smiled.
"He is not" Bellard stated and continued "He is simply distraught".
"As long he does not know what he is transporting everything should be fine" Merik thought.

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Chapter II - Part I

Kalan sat in the tiny cockpit of a small Delta2-1 starfighter.
"I've seen restrooms larger than this 'fighter'" he thought to himself and frowned. He had been underway for several hours when the navigation system promted he was near Vordgrim. He came out of lightspeed near the planet Vordgrim in the center of the Halosan System. Kalan disconnected with the booster and continued towards the planet. Vordgrim had a redish colour to it. The clouds completely obscured the surface save for the poles where the icecaps could be seen. He typed the coordinates in and the ship went on autopilot and began its approach.
Just before he had left Coruscant he had tjekked the planet details. It was planet long abandoned by an unknown civilization. Now only a houndred people were living there working on excavation and study of the ruins. Saniun was a Jedi Master who oversaw the projects on Vordgrim. Why a Jedi was occupied here was a mystery to Kalan. He thought that the ruins probably had something to do with the Jedi history.

As the fighter began its descent it sliced through the thick red coulds. The ship began to bump and shake which made Kalan a little nervous. However he let the autopilot continue. After a few seconds he came through the cloudcover. A beautiful landscape opened up before him. Large mountains stood across the plains like a herd of huge animals. The plans were covered by some sort of long grass. A large river ran from the mountainchain through the plains, continuing into the horizon. All the terrain and plantlife had a redish colour to it as the planet. Kalan had thought that the planet would have somewhat scary look to it and be a barren wasteland. The ship tilted a bit and went towards a large research facility at the bank of the river.

Kalan recieved an incoming transmission.
"This is the Tylon Research Station to unknown Jedi Fighter, please identify yourself!" the scratchy voice said.
"Thats odd" Kalan thought "Howcome they don't know i'm coming"
Kalan identified himself and stated that he was on a mission to deliever a package for Master Saniun. After a short while he was granted to land.

Kalan came out of the hangar and went in to the hallway that connected all the hangars. He was met by a young man. The man smiled at Kalan and said:
"Hello Master Jedi, I'm Jain. Let me take you to Master Saniun"

They arrieved a few minutes later at Master Saniuns quaters.
"You can go in. I've already notified her that you're coming!" Jain said and walked away.
"Her????" Kalan thought
The door went aside and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen looked at him.
"Hello Kalan!" she said in a soft voice smiling at him.
Kalan wanted to say hello but instead he mumbled something strange a Hut wouldn't understand.
She smiled and looked a little confused.
"Kalan right?" she asked
"Um yeah, I mean yes sir... I mean Ma'amster... Master" Kalan answered.
She laughed
"Well come inside then" Saniun said
Kalan went inside and the door closed behind him.

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Aside from some minor editing (wictim, for example), it looks great! Keep it coming!

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Chapter II - Part II

"Are you alright?" Saniun asked
"Yes I'm fine thank you Saniun. I just didn't expect you to be a woman. Not that I have anything against that, just... Well you know" Kalan replied.
Saniun smiled at him.
"Please call me Sannie and as for the 'misunderstanding', I get that alot" she said.
"What is it you do here?" Kalan asked looking around in her large quarter.
"I lead a team of researchers who are excavating some old ruins. We've been here for almost 3 years now and we've made some interesting discoveries" Sannie said.
"I didn't think there would be anything left to discover in this galaxy" Kalan stated whilst looking at her many artifacts that filled her room.
Sannie smiled and said "Well, the Jedi Order has been around for many years now, many thousands of years. Alot can happen in that time and alot can be forgotten" For second she looked a bit worried but quickly smiled again.
"yeah well, I've never cared much for past I focus on the present!" Kalan boasted and continued "Anyway I have a package for you"
As he gave her the package Sannies gaze turned dark and concentrated. Her eyes turned cold and she followed his every move until she had the package in her possession. Kalan was amazed by the care of which she held the small metal box. It must have been 30cm x 30cm, but she handled it like it was the last fragile egg of a dying species. Her hands slowly feeling the box. Suddenly, as if she felt his wondering, she looked up and smiled again.
"I'm sorry, but you wouldn't know how long I've been waiting for this package" Sannie said and held the box closer.
"What is it really? I was never told" Kalan asked whilst looking at the box.
"Well, its a key. A key to mystery long unsolved. I can't tell you. You will have to see for yourself"

Sannie took Kalan to the largest excavation field on Vordgrim. To Kalans surprise the fields were all within the complex. Sannie told him that they builded the facility over the excavation fields to be able to work at all hours. They came to a controlroom with a panorama-window that overlooked Site-3, the largest site. Kalan was surprised by the small size of it. He had pictured a large field but this couldn't have been more than 30 meters x 40 meters. About 20 or so republic researchers were in progress of excavating a large arched doorway. Scattered across the field lay a few holes and trenches.
"I pictured it to be on a more epic scale" Kalan said and smiled.
"You would be surprised how much a handful of sand could tell you" Sannie stated.
"So whats these ruins got to do with the Order and even if it does what good will it do us know?" Kalan asked looking at the many screens in the controlroom which were displaying odd symbols he'd never seen. Sannie turned his attention to the field and said "Look there". She pointed to the arched doorway and continued "That buildning, or whats left of it, was constructed by a primitive people long ago. However the carvings in the stone are quite new. Our intelligence indicates that the carvings are about 100 years old where as the building itself was erected 3000 years ago."
Kalan was surprised.
"How can a ruin that is 3000 years old have carvings that date back no less than 100 years?" Kalan asked.
"Well thats what we've been trying to answer for 3 years now. There are 2 possible scenarios, either the ones who did it digged all the way down to the ruins or the ruins weren't ruins 100 years ago!" Sannie said and looked at Kalan. She continued "These ruins could have been covered by a large blast 100 years ago. There are blast-like markings on the structures but they are almost impossible to date." She pointed at some dark markings around the doorway.
Kalan looked at her and said "But that doesn't explain why you need that 'key' of yours!"
"Wait, there's more. The carvings are not symbols or something like that. The carvings on the arched doorway are a code of sorts. We have deciphered some of it but there is alot more on the doorway that needs to be deciphered. The box you delievered to me is a holodisc that contain many deciphering tools and rare languages."
Kalan didn't understand why they worked so hard to uncover a 'code' on a doorway. He felt he was being mislead or somehow kept in the dark.
"But what does this have to do with the Jedi Order?" Kalan asked
"Well thats what I would like to know" Sannie replied and continued "I was sent here by Master Bellard 3 years ago to investigate wether the Jedi Order had anything to do with these ruins or not. A century ago a group of Jedi was attacked while travaling through the Halosan System, forcing them to crashland on this planet. They were never again found"
"Why didn't they sent a rescue team or something?" Kalan asked and looked surprised.
Sannie shaked her head "I really don't know, all I know is that I was ordered here to excavate these ruins. Thats all." Kalan felt she was trying to say something more but was reluctant. Kalan felt he maybe should get going back to Coruscant. He didn't feel like staying on the planet. Although he felt good whilst with Sannie he felt some... Some darkness and void to the place. And this puzzle Sannie unfolded before him seemed to have something to do with it.

Sannie turned and walked towards the door to the hallway. "I must be getting back to my work and I think you should report back to Merik aswel" she said and turned, smiling at him. Kalan could feel, through the force, that she felt somewhat lost. Kalan looked through the window down on the field.
"If you want I could have a look at the code and maybe help?" Kalan asked.
"Are you sure? I'm the only force sensitive arround. Help from a fellow Jedi would be very helpful" Sannie said and her eyes glowed. Kalan didn't expect her to be that happy. Why he offered his help he actually didn't know, but he felt something drawing him to the ruins or something near it.

Sannie lead him to field. As they came down the other researchers were called back to a briefing. Saniun was also mentioned.
"Well I must go to the briefing, but it wont take long. Just stay here and I'll be back before you know it" Sannie said and smiled.
Kalan examined the arched doorway. It was about 2,5 meters in height and 2 meter wide. On the top of the arch the code was carved into the rock. The symbols on the arch weren't the same. The ones on the top were a text of sorts where as the symbols that covered the rest of the doorway were circular shapes with squares and triangles in them.
"What could this mean?" Kalan thought to himself.
A second later a brownhared woman came rushing into the filed looking for something. She ran to a notepad laying in the sand not long from the arched doorway. She picked it up and excused herself.
"Wait!" Kalan said to woman "Do you know what the letters on the top of the arch mean?" The woman stopped and turned.
"Ehm... I can't recall. But listen I'm late for the meeting I just came back for my notes. Sorry" the woman said and hurried out the door to the hallway.
"I thought they deciphered some of it" Kalan thought and felt a bit lost.
Suddenly the brownhaired woman appeared in the hallway again.
"I remember! It says 'Rule of Two'. Whatever that means" she said and ran back up the hallway.

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Aside from some minor editing (wictim, for example), it looks great! Keep it coming!

Thanks. I've got a feeling this story is looooong :)
If you're a bit confused as to when it takes place, dont worry you'll know soon enough...

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Chapter III - Part I

"Rule of Two" he thought. He stared at the arched doorway trying to remember where he had heard those words. As he thought he felt the force rumbling within him, as if it tried to warn him. But eversince the loss of Neiya he hadn't been listening to the force atleast not enough the masters said.

He focused on the symbols. He didn't know what exactly the 'Rule of Two' meant, but maybe it was a hint how to solve the code written on the doorway frame. He couldn't figure out why all the circular symbols had different shapes within them. Kalan closed his eyes and focused on the symbols and the sentence 'Rule of Two'. The force stirred inside him uniting thought and body. He suddenly opened his eyes and focused on a symbol on the left frame. A circle with a small square inside it. He went closer. On the opposite frame he looked for a simmilar symbol, a square within a circle. But there were about 30 symbols on each frame. He looked for several minutes but was unable to find it. He kept searching. Suddenly he came upon a square within a circle but the square wasn't tangent to the circle. The squares edges went outside the circle at some places. He went back to the left frame. There the symbol was perfect, a square perfectly within a cirlce however on the right frame the symbol was imperfect.
"Rule of Two" he thought again.
The left symbol was carved in the top of the frame. The other was carved in the lower part of the right frame. He pressed the left symbol and then the right. He went a few steps back to observe. Nothing happened.
"Well if that wasn't the..." he thought but was interrupted by a rumble in the ground. A deep rumble as if it came from deep below. It continued for a minute or so. Sannie came storming into the field.
"What happened? What did you do?" she shouted.
"I... I don't really know! I just... Pushed the symbols!" Kalan said.
Researchers came rushing into the controlroom overlooking the field. They franticly tried to find out where the movements came from. Suddenly the rumbling stopped. Everything was quite. The researches in the controlroom all stood still looking down at the field. Wondering. Kalan noticed that they all were looking at him or in his direction. He became a little nervous.
"What?" Kalan asked
He looked at Sannie but she wasn't looking at him but at something behind him. He slowly turned around hoping that it wasn't some giant beast standing behind him.

A cylander shaped rock had forced it way up through the sand. Then something more extraordinary happened. The sides slowly slided off revealing a holocron hovering in a magnetic field.

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Added a title image to the story :) Took forever to make hehe

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Hey... I would actually like to know if its hard to understand or read? Please fill me in.. Flaming alowed :-D

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Great work, and I can't wait to see where this goes :).
Its not hard to read, but then again I spend alot of time around people with horrible english. ;).
P.S. Judging from a few of the mistakes I have to ask, are you german?

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Almost... Danish :)

The story unfolds a long time after Revan and the Exile. However, if you know your Jedi history you should, even now, be able to roughly place it in the timeline.

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The rule of two is the rule that there will be only two sith at a time, so the timeline I guess would be sometime after another war between Sith and Jedi I'm not very good at timelines:lol:

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Kalan recovered the holocron from the magnetic field.
"Give it to me Kalan" Sannie demanded.
Kalan looked at the holocron. It had symbols on it unlike the ones on the arched doorway. He felt a warning through the force.
"Give it to me now!" Sannie demanded once again.
Reluctantly he handed her the holocron. She took it and held it close.
"Kalan I don't think you know how great a discovery this is. Lets go to my quaters and examine closer!"
She looked at all the researchers looking at them.
"Get back to work. All of you!" she shouted.
The researchers began to break up and return to their work.

They went to her quaters. As they went in she called her assistent Jain and told him to send the researchers to their dormitory facility and that she was not to be disturbed. After the door closed and Jain had gone she turned to Kalan and said "Now Kalan I must ask you something. Can you keep a secret?"
Kalan looked puzzled.
"What kind of a secret?" Kalan asked.
"A secret that, if you embrace it, will make you a greater force wielder than any of your peers!" Sannie said whilst holding the holocron to her chest.
"I don't know what you're talking about Sannie! What could a holocron possibly have to offer a Je..." Kalan answered but was interrupted by a feeling that something was wrong.
At the same time Sannie and Kalan looked to the far end of her quater. It was dark in that end, no lights were turned on.
"Just as I suspected. A traitor and a fallen Jedi indeed" a male voice said some the dark.
Kalan thought he had heard the voice before.
"Master Merik?" Kalan asked
Merik came into the light. He was alone. He stared at Sannie.
"Long have I believed you to be a traitor of the Order and Republic, Saniun daughter of Larana. But now you have revealed youself as I suspected"
"Master I really don't..." Kalan said but was interrupted by Merik.
"You Kalan was ordered to report back to us when you've delievered the package. I must suspect that you have taken her party and therefore a traitor as well."
Kalan was surprised. Merik had always disliked him but this was mad!
Sannie began to walk backwards, slowly as if she was were plotting to do something. Kalan looked at her and said
"Defend yoursef against these accusations!" Kalan said.
"Don't even try it Kalan. Don't act as if you two are unaware of what you've found. That Sith holocron you're holding Saniun belongs to the Republic.
"Sith?" Kalan said
"The package was a bait and you took it Saniun. You needed it to decode the symbols of the ruins. Eventhough you said it was for something else I knew you were lying. You want to learn the Sith ways?"
"I already know the Sith ways Master Merik! But the knowledge in this holocron will expand my powers even more!" Sannie snared at him.
Kalan looked at her, but her gaze was locked on Merik.
Merik looked surprised. His hand slowly went down to his lightsaber.
Sannie slowly put the holocron on a table while looking at Merik.
"I have become more powerful since you taught me."
"You have become a Sith? I can't believe it! The Sith are gone! The last Sith Lord was found and destroyed years after the battle of Ruusan." Merik said
"You are wrong Jedi" Sannie said
"Saniun give it up!" Merik ordered
"My name is Darth Draeus!" she shouted and wielded a red lightsaber.
Before Kalan could react he was force pushed across the room by Draeus hitting a wall. As he blacked out he heard he heard her shout at Merik
"Die Jedi scum!"

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