View Full Version : How to change targeting cursors?

06-06-2001, 03:52 PM
I can't change the targeting cursor to the visible one, like if I use the torpedos. Can I change it? How? Everytime I shoot a small target, It looked like I played blindly .. http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

06-07-2001, 08:45 AM
I'm not sure if I understand correctly what you're asking , but the tergeting reticle's shape cannot change...

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06-07-2001, 02:58 PM
What I mean is, my targeting reticle looks like a circle, with some white boxes on the round. And through the middle of the circle, I can't see anything, just black! Btw, the boxes turn white if I lock the target. But It's annoying if I have to shoot a very small target, like on the proving ground or if the target only a tie series in distance about 2 km.
Well, hope you can understand what I mean. http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/smile.gif

06-07-2001, 03:32 PM
Maybe your version of XWA is messed up because your reticle is suppose to be transparent so you can see your target and I have no idea what's the white boxes.

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07-06-2001, 10:55 AM
It's okay now. I read on the other topics and I found out how to solve it.
Just download the demos and overwrite hud.dat from cd with hud.dat from demo, that's it.
Now I can shoot down some more ties .. http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif