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12-27-2005, 12:15 PM
Hi guys I decided to do a fantasy RP, its got elements from a few things in it.

The Back Story
The war between the four great Nations of Elementor had raged for more generations than anyone could remember. How or why it had begun had been lost in all the battles across the land.

The Aquas, also known as the people of the sea had control of the island. The followers of the Water God they carry his weapon the Trident for throwing and melee.

The dragon tribes, the warriors of fire, held the Barren deserts as their own. The followers of the fire god carry Swords with shields and Twin swords.

The Aireans, Guardians of the sky, made their homes in the mountains. Followers of the god of Wind and Air. To defend their home they use Bows and throwing spears

While the Plain Walkers, Defenders of the earth, lived in the great planes. They use axes and hammers in honour of the earth god

The weapons clashed between all the world inhabitants in every corner of the planet. The only place that avoided the war was Serrea, the birth place of the GODS.

The GODS watched the war with sorrow and pain, this is not what they intended. In a final attempt to stop the bloodshed they swept the world in their power. With the fire, air, water and earth working against them the fighting stopped.

It was agreed by the four leaders to meet on neutral soil and form a truce to please the gods of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The meeting took place on Serrea, being the only neutral land. The four leaders of man spoke for many days, But there was another watching, The sorceress Ensolar. She stood watching from afar until the leaders came to an arrangement of peace, Then she attacked killing the leaders on holy soil.

The Blood that was spilt gave birth to Pure Evil, The God of Darkness. The Dark God created an army of Evil Formed from the undead and great monsters. They attacked the empires of earth, each side suffered great losses and many cities fell under the hand Evil. The once Enemies now stood shoulder to shoulder fighting the darkness.

The Gods of the Element did not stand idle while this happened and granted four weapons enriched with their power to the four greatest warriors from the four empires of man.

The Four Warriors took the weapons of gods and slain the dark Army and went on to battle the God. The Battle raged for an entire night and only the Plains walker warrior survived, Knowing he could not kill the god he sacrificed his life to trap the Dark God in Serrea.
__________________________________________________ _________
One hundred years after the War against Darkness The Empires of Man are at Pease. Serrea was a forbidden land for fear someone would awaken the Dark God, The Great Barrier was built around the area where men still stand keeping watch for any who wish to bring forth the tyranny of Evil…

Soldiers from the four lands were gathered around the fire outside of the great barrier surrounding the forbidden territory. They were drinking and laughing in celebration of the anniversary since the Dark Gods defeat. The men were all united in their cheers, It was one hundred years of peace and prosperity for man.

As the night ran in to the late hours, many a man had passed out from the dragon Ale, It was then three shadowy figures approached the campfire covered by hooded robes they walked over to the men. “Who goes there.” One of the men called as he stood up from the floor. One of the figures slowly removed their hood to reveal a young feminine face with green eyes and long pitch-black hair. “Hey, The entertainment has arrived one man called.” One man called

The Women then pulled the left part of the robe to the side and pulled out a sceptre with a red jewel on top. She raised it pointing at the guard who called out, Bolts of red lightning shot out from the jewel. The guard shook as the bolts consumed him before he fell to the floor dead. “It’s a dark witch. Kill her.” The guard who greeted them shouted. The other two cloaked figures ripped off there cloaks showing them to be Cyclopes, as they pulled out there swords they attacked and killed all the guard before they could get up.

“They are either dead or unconscious. Mistress Ensolar.” One of the Cyclopes said as the bodies of the human lay on the ground.

“Bring one unconscious man from each of the nations. It’s time to awake my Master.” The sorceress ordered her minions.

At the top of a watchtower miles from where the celebration camp was a young Airean stood watch over the barrier. He look over the forbidden land thinking how he drew the short straw getting the watch shift while the celebrations went on. As he looked into Serrea He noticed a glow in the centre. The Glow had never happened before no one was suppose to enter so no one could make a fire. The glow was also to unnatural to be fire which dark reds and blues. Suddenly the glow shot up into the Sky then expanded engulfing the whole area up to the barrier.

The Airean had to cover his eyes as it was so bright and close it could have blinded him. When he finally noticed the light was gone he looked up to the centre and saw nothing but then heard the sound that filled his nightmares the scream of a god… The dark god had risen…

The Airean Rode his horse hard for three days and night without sleeping, eating or drinking until he got to the plain walkers capital city. Exhausted and near death he ran up to the palace and to the Queen. Telling her the news. Word spread quickly and they knew the army of darkness would soon attack.

The Story To Come
We start off In the plains capital, where your characters have been called to go. The characters are going to go on a journey across the lands to find the four weapons of the god. So the Great Warriors can then go and fight the Dark God. We will fight various mythical beasts and undead creatures on this journey.

The Characters (You must pick one of the below, The great warriors must be selected.)
The Elementor Guide- ME
The Great Warrior of Airean-
The Great Warrior of the Dragon Tribes-
The Great Warrior of Aqua-
The Great Warrior of the Plains-
Airean Guard -
Dragon Tribe Guard-
Aqua Guard-
Plains guard-

Character Sheet
Weapons- (Airean- Bows and Spears, Dragon Tribe- Swords and shields, Aqua-Tridents, Plain Walkers- axes and hammers.)
Bio- (as part of the fun of this kind of RP is discovering Character history as we go along just put down the stuff people need to know.)

Position- The Elementor Guide
Name- Ras Sailinor
Sex- Male
Age- 37
Height- 6’2”
Weapons- Small Sword, and shield
Appearance- wares a light black armour, with a metal glove on his right hand, dark hair and brown eyes, A scar across his right eye. Short beard.
Bio- Originally from the dragon tribes he left his village as soon as he reached the age of independence. Exploring all the lands he was chosen to meet the four Great warriors in the Plains capital and lead them to the tombs where the weapons are kept.

I'll start a few days after i have the great warriors

Jedi Atomic
12-30-2005, 01:12 PM
Character Sheet
Position- Airean Great Warrior bodyguard(Airean Guard-take that position)
Name- Aran Nomante'
Sex- Male
Age- 29
Height- 5' 11"
Weapons- Custom carved Bow from the strongest tree; custom spear made from the exact same tree with custom designed mithril tip
Appearance- shaggy hair; not very muscular looking(looks can be deceiving); X-shaped scar on right cheek from a bandit leader
Bio- Little is know about this man but he is very loyal to the Great Warrior of Airean(Whoever that is).