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The Doctor
12-27-2005, 02:33 PM
I've had an idea for a novel for a while, but never really got into writing it. So, I decided to make it an RP here. It's a fantasy story, based in a fictional universe with technology equivelant to the middle ages. It is similar to the Magic: The Gathering stories in that their are five countries in the world, one representing each colour in Magic's pentagon of colours (white, blue, black, red, and green). Here is the basic history:

For countless millenia, the five nations of the world, Yeltra (white), Oceanis (blue), Fildonia (black), Dorthol (red), and Mirtala (green), lived in peace with each other. They built a wealthy civilization based on peace, harmony, and cooperation, which they called Cyrimia. Each nation worshipped the same five Gods, the Gods of Light (Manel), Water (Parotus), Night (Marlav), Fire (Ferth), and Earth (Klinta). Each nation was home to a temple of one of the Gods. Yeltra home of the Temple of Light, Oceanis home of the Temple of Water, Fildonia the home of the Temple of Night, Dorthol home of the Temple of Fire, and Mirtala home of the Temple of Earth.

In Fildonia the master of the Temple of Night, Dalthec, began to spread the beief that the people of Night, guardians of the temple, were destined to rule the planet alone, and that the peoples of Yeltra, Oceanis, Dorthol, and Mirtala were to be their slaves. Using the power of the Temple of Night, Dalthec created an army of the dead, the souls that were led to the afterlife by the God of Night, Marlav.

Dalthec's army spread across the planet, destroying all who opposed them. The civilization of Cyrimia crumbled as the other four nations fell victim to the oppression of Fildonia, thus giving birth to the Fidonian Empire, and the age of Eternal Night. Dalthec ruled the Empire with an iron fist, somehow living far longer than any man could possibly live. It was said that he was the incarnation of Marlav, the God of Night.

The Age of Eternal Night lasted for three thousand years, the Fildonian Empire ruling unopposed. The other four nations no longer existed, all of them consumed by the Dark Empire. Until, in what was the nation of Yeltra, a man named Katon Hiltary rose up to fight against the Empire. He joined the former nations of Cyrimia under the ancient falg, and led an army of 100,000 warriors against the Fildonian Army. The battle ended when Hiltary buried his sword in the heart of Dalthec. With the emperor destroyed and ihs power broken, the army of the dead was destroyed, and the followers of Dalthec banished to the swamps of Marlav, the hind end of Fildonia.

Now, almost 20 000 years later, the people of Marlav have returned under the banner of Dalthec. A mysterious being known as Darl Kat ((pronounced Darl Cot)) leads the army against New Cyrimia. Cyrimia is now one nation, led by the descendants of Hiltary from the capital city of Hiltarius, in what was once Yeltra. The Cyrimian army fights valiantly, but they are evenly matched against this new threat.

Characters from either side are welcome. The character Darl Kat may be selected, though that player must PM me first (it will give away a major plot point if I tell you why, so just trust me, OK?). NONE OF THE GODS ARE PLAYABLE CHARACTERS! Here is a sample character sheet:

Name: John/Jane Doe
Gender: Male/Female
Age: Anything below the age of 100.
Side: Marlavian, Cyrimian, or neutral*
Weapons: Rubber Chicken and a Spring
Clothing/Armour: None
Appearence: Just like GW
Background: Amnesia

*Your character may be neutral in the beginning, but they must join a side at some point farely close to the beginning.


My character:
Name: Amol Kotay
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Side: Neutral
Weapons: Long Sword
Clothing: Simple Clothing.
Appearence: about 6'0 with blonde hair.
Background: When he was at the age of 12, Amol Kotay's village was attacked by the Marlavian army and destroyed. He was the only survivor. Dragging himself out of the wreckage of his home, he managed to evade the Marlavian soldiers and escape into the forest that used to be Mirtala. He has lived in Exile since then, never staying put for long. He has become something like a freelance mercenary, though he refuses to take assasination jobs.