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Here is the sequel to Return of the Exile (http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=154792). It's about Thomas' son, James. :) Enjoy:

James was good at everything. He was handsome, about 6’ 2”, with dirty blonde hair, and a scar that ran across his cheek, making him look even more handsome. He was good at flying. He was good with the Force. And he was especially good with a lightsaber. The only thing that he wasn’t good with was women. They were so complicated. One second they were batting their eyelashes flirtatiously, the next they were slapping you. Even though he was a Jedi padawan, he was eighteen, so of course he liked women. It wasn’t like he was bad with women, they were just complicated. He sighed. This wasn’t the time to think about all of this, he thought.
“James!! Hey James!!” yelled someone. James turned. There was Atton and Visas’ son and daughter coming toward him.
“Hey Jaq. Hey Amanda,” he said as they neared. “How’s it going?”
Jaq sighed. “Apparently Dad and Mom need to leave again.”
James groaned. “That means that my mom needs to leave too.”
They both shook there heads. They lived in their own rooms, but they didn’t like it when there parents left. Amanda punched James on the arm. And in a mocking baby-like tone, she said, “Does little baby-waby need his mommy-wommy?”
James rolled his eyes. “Shut up. You’re only fifteen, you’re the baby.”
Amanda squinted her eyes maliciously. “Let me get this straight. You just called me a baby. Did I hear you correctly?”
James acted as if he was afraid. “Why? Are you gonna hurt me?”
“Damn straight I am!”
“Do it. C’mon do it.”
They stared at each other for a moment. After a few seconds, they burst out laughing. James started walking away. “See you guys later. I’m gonna say good-bye to mom.”
Jaq and Amanda watched him disappear towards the Enclave. “Good, it’s working,” muttered Jaq. He pulled out his comlink. “Ms. Brianna? He’s coming.”
“Great,” Brianna replied, turning off her comlink.
She left her room, leaving the note on her bed.
James walked in a few minutes later. He called, “Mom? Mom, you here?” but got no reply. He walked into her bedroom, and noticed the note. It said:
Hello, James! You are probably expecting a good-bye, and, in order to get one, you must head over to Visas/Atton’s. Expect a happy thing there.


Confused, he started walking towards his friends’ house. He wondered vaguely what was going to happen. He shrugged and jogged the rest of the way. He stepped into the door, and heard his mom yell, “CONGRATULATIONS!!!!” He was still confused when he asked, “What’s the congrats for?”
“Why for this,” she said, presenting him with two boxes. Gesturing with her left arm, she said, “Open this one first.”
James opened the box, and found that it was empty. His eyebrows came closer together when he asked, “It’s empty. I’m confused.”
James heard people laugh in the background. He looked past his mom, and noticed Atton, Jaq, Amanda, his master Kavar, Vandar, and his other best friend, Kyle.
“It’s for your braid.” Brianna sighed.
James sputtered over his next words, “Th- that means that I-I am a Jedi Knight?”
Brianna gave him the next box. Inside was his father’s lightsaber. “I think that your father would have wanted you to have this.”
James smiled. Her last words ringed in his head. Your father would have wanted you to have this. He had never met his father, he had died after his mom had been three months pregnant. But, from the stories his mother had told him, he had been a little reckless, but intoxicating. Apparently, he was a bit like this.
Jaq gave him a hug, and so did Amanda. When she gave him her hug, he felt a twinge near his heart. What was that? he thought. Probably the memory of dad, he thought, and dismissed it.
James began to have that same reaction whenever he was around Amanda. She was just so perfect for him he thought. He had to shake away these feelings. It wasn’t right for a Jedi to love. But his romance side put up a good fight:
She’s your best friend, you can’t like her.
Exactly, she’s my best friend, we already know so much about each other.
She’s your other best friend’s sister!
He would like that, then if we got married, we would be brothers-in-law.
But what if you break up?
We won’t.
But if you do?
We would still be friends.
He was beginning to feel horrible. He always had his mind on it. He started becoming clumsy, losing things more often, and he couldn’t sleep. He was becoming to be insomniac. Brianna started to notice this, and finally ask what was wrong.
After tripping over the entrance to the door, Brianna blurted out, “What the hell is the matter with you?”
James looked at her with hate in his eyes. Then, he broke down. He walked back inside, and fell on the floor, his face in his hands. He sighed. “I’m lost Mom. I’m lost.”
“What’s bothering you?”
James breathed in deeply. “It’s -”
James looked at her confused. “How did you know?”
“Female intuition.”
“Well, she’s so…right.”
Brianna nodded in agreement and understanding. She thought for a moment. “I have an idea.”
“I’m open for anything.”
She whispered something in his ear.
“Can –Can I do that?”
“You’re a Jedi Knight, so yes.”
He thought about it for a minute, and agreed. He got up and gave his mom a hug, and thanked her.
He walked around, until he found Master Dorak, Amanda’s Master.
James smiled. “Master Dorak, just the man I wanted to see.”
“Yes, young James?”
“I know that this is going to sound a little weird, but I was wondering if I could finish Amanda’s training.”
Dorak was surprised. “So soon? You’ve hardly been a Knight for three weeks. And usually, the Masters that begin their padawan’s training, finish it.
“I know that Master, but, I think that it would be good for me. I talked with my mother, and she thought that it would be a good idea as well.”
Dorak pondered the situation. He breathed in, and said, “Very well. I shall leave the ultimate decision up to her. I hope that she agrees.”
James bowed. “Thank you Master.” He hurried off to find Amanda. She was meditating in her room when he found her. He waited patiently for her to finish, and was caught off guard, when she said, with her eyes still closed, “Are you just going to stand there in the door, or are you going to come in?”
James grinned in spite of himself. “I have a serious question to ask you.”
“Is it like, do you want to spar later?”
“No, it’s more like; do you want me or Master Dorak to continue your training?”
At this, Amanda opened her eyes. “Are you serious?”
“I said it was a serious question.”
Amanda barely even hesitated. “Of course, I’ll train with you.”
They both smiled at each other. James said, “Well, we should start training tomorrow. Because I’m such a good master, I allow you to have the rest of the day off.”
“Oh, goody, thanks,” she replied sarcastically.
Amanda lay in bed that night thinking: I can’t believe that I’m going to be trained by James. He is so awesome. And he’s always nice to me. And he’s handsome…he’s perfect…no, I shouldn’t think that…

Although they were best friends, James acted as if he was a normal Master when he was training her. He was rigorous, but he was kind. After three weeks of training her, he decided it was time to test her new skill. They met in the meditation room, as usual, but James said, “No meditating or lectures today. Today, we fight.” He grinned. “Fight, spar, whatever you want to call it.”
Amanda raised her eyebrows. “What if one of us beats each other, or accidentally doesn’t stop, and chops off the other’s head?”
“Were not training with lightsabers, but with Force Pikes.”
She brightened, and said, “Let’s do it then. Just hope that you don’t mind getting beat by a gi- woman.”
James merely nodded and led them out onto the courtyard. “A little background for a second, before we begin. This, he nodded of towards an outdoor room, is where my dad confronted Kreia.”
Amanda groaned. “Can we just get on with it?”
James rolled his eyes. “Alright, alright. Let’s only go with single-bladed, for now.”
They began to fight. Blades whirling, they immersed themselves into the fight. It was soon though, that Amanda, not as good as James with a blade, started to weaken. James recognized this, and started hammering away with powerful attacks. Amanda realized that she had lost, and gave up. She was panting, when she said, “Man, I heard some stories that you were good, and they’re certainly not lying.”
James, barely out of breath, was modest. “No offense, but you’re still pretty amateur. Perhaps later, I shall teach you a few tricks. This is all for today. You may leave.”
As she walked away, she thought, Damn! He can even protect me! He’s better than perfect. I just wish that he felt the same way about me…
James saw her walk away and thought, Damn! She’s getting better. Not many could have parried some of those attacks. I just wish that she felt the same way about me…

The next day James made up his mind. He was going to ask Amanda on a ‘date.’ First, he needed a ship. He walked up to his mom and asked, “Mom, I know this sounds weird, but can I borrow the Ebon Hawk for a while?”
If she was surprised at all, she hid it. “Of course you may.”
As she entered the meditation room, he said, “I’m just wondering, and if you don’t want to come, you don’t have to, but I’m just wondering if you wanted to take a break from all this training, and come to a place that always makes me relaxed.”
Amanda’s eyebrow’s shot up. “Well, sure I’d love to go.”
“Well, great! Just pack a few things, and meet me near the Ebon Hawk in five minutes,” he said, beaming. He walked out of the room and breathed a huge sigh of relief. That was easier than I had thought.
She stepped onto the Ebon Hawk a few minutes later, and dropped her bag on the floor. “So, where are we going?”
“Can’t tell you, it’s a surprise. But, it is a two day trip, but I feel like taking a break, so no lectures or anything.” Looking around, he continued, “Well, you can sleep anywhere, I don’t care.”
She chose Kreia’s old dormitory, and James decided on the cargo hold, like his mother.
The two days of flight were passed with a combination of sparring, meditating, and pazzack.
They landed on Coruscant. When Amanda inquired why they were there, James simply replied with a wave of his hand. James flagged down an air taxi, and before giving the driver instructions, blindfolded Amanda. After a few minutes, they stopped, and Amanda heard James pay the driver. “Soon, you shall see why I brought you here,” he whispered. She felt herself being hoisted on something, and soon felt as if she was on an elevator. After about a minute on the elevator, James lifted her up and into a room.
“Can I take off this blindfold yet?” she asked, impatient.
She could almost see him roll his eyes, when he grunted, “One more second.” She felt herself being hoisted up, and when she took off the blindfold, she was on a balcony, and she was looking at the city, for as long as the eye could see. It was dark, and you could see all the lights on in the separate buildings.
“It’s beautiful…” she whispered.
James smiled. “I had hoped that you would like it. Listen, Amanda, there is something that you should know. I am -”
“You’re not gay are you?” she asked, jokingly.
James laughed for a few seconds, but then said, “I like you Amanda. I really, really like you. If you don’t mind me for being so blunt, I think that you’re perfect.”
Amanda was stunned, but in a good way. “I can’t believe it…”
“I understand. I shouldn’t have said that,” and he began to walk away.
“No, no, no,” she said, catching his arm, “I can’t believe it in a good way. I think that you’re perfect for me too. I mean, you’re almost already a legend with your lightsaber skills, I’ve seen you –” Thomas held a finger to her lips.
“I like you a lot, you like me a lot, let’s just leave it at that,” he said. Her lips looked so inviting. They were so beautiful, just like the rest of her. He leaned forward, and so did she, until their lips met in a passionate kiss. Her hand grabbed his shaggy hair, and pulled it towards her. He drifted his hands from her hips towards her hair. When they broke away, they were both out of breath. “Wow…” Amanda whispered. “We probably shouldn’t have done that…”
“Like I’m gonna tell.” James smiled. “C’mon, let me show you the room.”
Amanda realized that she was in a hotel room. She looked at the inside. It was a spectacular suite, huge, and had a beautiful bed. As she looked around, she realized that there was only one bed. She raised her eyebrows at James. “Only one bed?”
James started laughing. “I noticed that too, but don’t worry, I’ll bunk on the ground.”
“OK. How did you afford such a place?”
“My mom has a few friends that owed her a favor, so I just told them that I’m using the favor. Normally, this room would have cost like 5,000 credits a night, but we get it free for three nights.”
“Nice dig.”
“Dig? Remind me again why I like you.”
“This is why,” she said, and kissed him lightly on the lips.
He nodded. “That’s got to be it. Definitely.”
Amanda smiled. “I’m going to go to bed. ‘Night.”
“Well, then I’m going to...floor?”
Amanda laughed and said, “James, could you…go into another room or something?”
James was puzzled momentarily, until he realized that she needed to change. “Oh, umm, I’ll just go into the kitchen.” He walked into the kitchen and came back a few minutes later, and she wasn’t there. He walked towards the bed, and didn’t see her. He started walking back towards the kitchen, when she popped out. “BOO!!”
“Boy, you got me there,” he said dryly. “Scared the crap out of me.”
“Admit it, I scared you a little.”
James rolled his eyes. “It probably would have been a lot scarier, had I not felt you there. Anyway, good night.” He plopped down on the floor with a blanket, and was asleep within a few minutes.

The next day was as good as their first together. They were amazed at how much they had in common. They poured at their dreams, and were surprised at how alike they were. They got ready for bed, and James gave her a quick goodnight kiss, then fell asleep. But, he awoke a few hours later, the Force telling him something. He lay there, for several minutes, trying to figure out what it meant, when he heard someone in the kitchen. He heard footsteps on the floor. He heard them creak through out the suite, until they stopped at the entryway to the door. James knew that this was no good sign, and so he pretended to be asleep, while using the Force to alert Amanda. Amanda understood; she had been awake as well. James, using the Force to enhance his vision, looked at the thing. He couldn’t quite make it out, but it was tall, and it walked like a human, yet had a strange quality of a droid. James waited for the moment to strike. He saw it moments later when the thing looked the other way. James got up in a flash, and went after it with his lightsaber. The thing raised a blood-red lightsaber with inhuman like reflexes, and went after James’ head, with inhuman like precision. James ducked just in time, and went after the thing’s knees. It parried the attack, and went after James, striking with speed James had never gone against. James knew that eventually the fight would eventually go towards Amanda, and he yelled through gritted teeth, “Amanda, get out of here!! If I can barely hold him, then you will only get yourself killed!!”
She didn’t need to be told twice. She got up from the bed, got her things, and ran out of the suite. “Good luck!!” she cried as she left.
“I’m gonna need it...” he muttered. They were circling each other, looking of the most opportune moment. James, noticing no weakness, decided that this waiting was getting nowhere, and attacked. It blocked all of James’ attacks, a feat that no one had ever held for longer than ten minutes. They went after each other, no blows landing on each other. Their sabers met in a lock, neither giving ground. James grunted, “Who…are you?”
It laughed a terrible laugh. “I happened to no your father. Does that make you feel any better?”
“Just tell me who the hell you are!!”
“I’m the man that killed your father. Darth Rexes, as he called me.”
James gave a little ground. “Your…you’re the killer?”
“Yes. Though at that particular time, I looked better than this. Your father cut me in half, almost. I was sure I was dead, lying there on the floor, inches away from death. When someone came up to me. He set me down on a med-bay, and got to work on me. The only way I could live, he told me, was if I was put into a droid body. I agreed, death is the worse thing that can happen to anyone, and he put me in this shell. Your dad turned me into an abomination, and for that I am going to kill all who were close to him. You and your mother, and maybe Visas and Atton.” He smirked, “And maybe if I’m feeling particularly murderous, their kids.”
James’ eyes widened. This man might kill his mom, his best friend, his girlfriend, some of his good friends, and him. That wouldn’t be good. Unless he stopped him, all that were close to him would perish.
___________________________-_______________ _____________ ____-___
Pfft. Like we didn't see that coming. Uh-oh Teen LOVE!!!!!!!!

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great work, JK.
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I was totally waiting for you to say that becuase last I checked ROTE had more views than MWJMR

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i found a mistake J.K

No, no, no,” she said, catching his arm, “I can’t believe it in a good way. I think that you’re perfect for me too. I mean, you’re almost already a legend with your lightsaber skills, I’ve seen you –” Thomas held a finger to her lips.

you called James Thomas:). Great chapter though can wait to see more

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Dammit!! A few times I had to review my work 'casue I called James Thomas. And Thank you :D

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That was pretty good. Really good this time, I'm not bragging.

He is so awesome.

P.S. One more thing: Don't you think that Amanda is a bit, young for a romance?

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P.S. One more thing: Don't you think that Amanda is a bit, young for a romance?

Yeah, I thought of making her 18 and Thomas James 21, but I like it better this way. Unless of course you want it to be changed :)

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No, no. Don't change it because I said something about it. It's your story. Like I said to RC about his Mace Windu fiction: Never listen to anyone when making your own book. If you listen to anyone, it's not your book anymore.

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No, no, no I was just wondering if all of you wanted me to change it :)

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seriously though, everyone here is better than me. why am i always the loser? :crybaby:
*sigh* 13-year-olds.... When their not horny they're crying...

Its a good story, but getting a little close to pedo-licious, isn't it? J/k. This is interesting, and if its as good as your last one I'll be very happy:).

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*sigh* 13-year-olds.... When their not horny they're crying...

:rofl::rofl: Oh, that's good :D

Its a good story, but getting a little close to pedo-licious, isn't it? J/k. This is interesting, and if its as good as your last one I'll be very happy:).

Well, then your going to be very dissapointed. Aw **** your going to correct that aren't you? Update should be soon :)

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Well, then your going to be very dissapointed. Aw **** your going to correct that aren't you? Update should be soon :)
No. Learn to correct it yourself or you'll die in grade nine.
P.S. I'm working on my next fic right now, I might post the first bit today:).

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That was pretty good. Really good this time, I'm not bragging.

What the Hell?

Great Story, BTW. Excellent work! Keep it up and keep em' coming!


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Thanks, I should be putting up the end of the chapter soon, before I went to bed, I said it all out loud. Yea, I was talking to myself :)

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Added some. Ya know, when I started writing ROTE, I never thought that there would be much romance in it. Who knew?

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^We all know you wanted them to share the bed, but took it out so you won't get banned. :tsk:

So she might get pregnant later on :) S**t.
If she does, it'll be when she's older.

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Nope just maybe like 3rd base or something :rofl: Well, I'm going to make it three years into the future. That way there at least 18-21 :)

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J.K dont make them older, just look at Anakin and Padme, they proved that age is just a number. Im enjoying this fic by the way

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J.K dont make them older, just look at Anakin and Padme, they proved that age is just a number. Im enjoying this fic by the way

Yeah, well they were older (and I believe that Anakin was 18 when they got married). I don't think it's right that a fifteen-year-old should get pregnant. I mean 1.) that's just wrong, and 2.) It's stagitory until she's sixteen. (I love Law and Order SVU...)

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^Thats different. Anakin was 19 and Padme was 20-something. They're both legal. Amanda, however, is pedo-licious.
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^Thats different. Anakin was 19 and Padme was 20-something. They're both legal. Amanda, however, is pedo-licious.

Padme was like 50-something. I mean she was already like 25 when she met Anakin in TPM. Too much age differnce :)

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^actually I read that she was (supposed to be) one of the youngest Queens ever, being about 14 years old. Thats a five year difference.

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^No, you did it yourself. But it is true, she was hot :naughty:


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w00t new chapter!! :fist: (always wanted to do that icon)

Chapter 2

James felt great and horrible at the same time. If he failed, more people than just him would die, but, it felt so great to have a challenge. James felt inspired. He felt a new wave of confidence. He used this new wave of confidence to push his lightsaber, and gained some ground. Rexes became worried. He hadn’t expected it. He had hoped that if he told him that he was his father’s killer, James would feel scared, and defeated. Yet, he seemed better. This isn’t good, he thought.
James broke the lock, and attacked. This time, Rexes had to move swiftly and block it. James went after him. He swiped, continually. Finally, Rexes, recognizing defeat, moved towards the window, destroyed it with a swipe of his blade, and jumped onto the balcony. “Goodbye, until we meet again!!” he yelled, jumping up, and landing on the roof.
“Get back here!!” James yelled. Rexes just waved and walked away. James was fuming. He took a few deep breathes and calmed himself. He went on the elevator and headed down to the lobby. He got off, and Amanda greeted him. “Did you kill him?” she asked.
James laughed grimly. “No. He got away. But, I think I scared him.”
“With your ‘excellent lightsaber skills?’”
“No, with my telekinesis abilities.”
“Shut up.”
“Listen, were going to have to cut this vacation short, mom and the Council should know about Rexes.”
Amanda sighed. “Yes, you’re right.”
“I’m sorry. I really am. I wish that it could go on too. But this is important.”
Amanda angered suddenly. “Why? I mean, yeah, a Sith is important. But, what’s so bad about waiting another day??”
James sighed. “That was the killer of my father.”
Amanda gasped. “Sorry. I really am. I shouldn’t have said that…”
“It’s fine.”
“No, it’s not. I shouldn’t have been mad at you like that.”
“Do you mind if we leave?”
“No, no, no. Let’s go.”
They walked out onto the street, and James flagged down an air-taxi. “Ladies first,” he said with a grin. She shook her head and got into the cab.
“Landing platform 34521,” James read to the driver from a piece of paper.
It took a while to get there. James got out and paid the driver, then walked towards the Ebon Hawk. “Coming?” he called towards Amanda.
She walked over, appearing distracted, and said, “How do you think that Jaq will…react…to us?”
James walked onto the Ebon Hawk, saying, “Well, there’s only one way to find out isn’t there? But, we shouldn’t tell them just yet.”
“Why not?”
James rolled his eyes. “Were Jedi? Remember?”
James set the ship for the Ebon Hawk for Dantoonie. “I’m gonna get some shut-eye,” he said. “On a real bed this time,” he added winking.
It took two days to get there. They decided that they would tell James’ mom first, then the Council.
“You’re sure that it was him?” asked Brianna after hearing the story.
“Yea, I’m pretty sure. He knew too much about us for it not to be him,” answered James. “And, it sounded like he was the apprentice, not the master, like he used to be.”
At this, Brianna sounded much more alert. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah, he said something about how some guy had helped him become a droid,” replied Amanda.
“That’s interesting. Well, you should tell the Jedi Council.” James and Amanda got up to leave, when Brianna said, “Hold on James, I need to talk to you for a second. Go ahead Amanda.”
Once Amanda had left, she asked, “How did it go between you two?”
James smiled. His mother didn’t miss a thing. He quickly explained all that had happened between Amanda and him.
“You’re an awful lot like your father,” she said, once he had finished.
James laughed. “We both have a thing for beautiful women. Well, he had a thing for women.”
Brianna rolled her eyes. “Exactly what he would have said. Well, you better catch up with Amanda.”
He ran, and caught up with Amanda. “What did she want?” she inquired.
“Nothing, nothing,” he evaded.
Once the Council had appeared, they told them everything, though leaving out the part about them.
“And why exactly were you at Coruscant?” Kavar asked.
“Just helping my padawan get some hands on experience,” James lied.
“We should wait,” Dorak commented.
“I agree,” they all chimed in.
So they waited…
3 years later

“Better, you’re getting better. But still not good enough to face someone of my caliber,” James joked, watching Amanda.
“Shut up, you know that I would whip your ass any day,” she retaliated.
“Tsk, tsk, that’s no way to talk to your master.”
“Well, I could.”
“Prove it.”
Amanda raised her eyebrows. She hadn’t sparred him for awhile. “You sure?”
“Of course I am. You can ‘whip my ass any day,’ right?”
“Well, alright,” she said, starting to walk to her room to get her Force Pike.
“No Force Pikes today, were going with actual lightsabers.”
“Well, alright.”
He took out his father’s lightsaber, now his own. Igniting it, he said, “Well, hurry up already.”
She took out her padawan saber. She activated it, the green bade rising. She was suddenly very aware of how tall and big he was.
As if reading her mind, he said, “Size has nothing to do with it. Lightsabers are all but weightless, so what does it matter if I can lift a building with one arm? I’d move a lightsaber just as fast as you could.”
Amanda sighed. “Well, alright.”
“If you say that one more time, I’m not going to train you anymore. Now, no killing.”
He got into a battle stance. She got into hers. They stared at each other for a few seconds, until Amanda took the initiative. She swiped at his left side, which he easily evaded, and went after her head. She ducked, and swiped at his legs. He jumped upwards, and using the Force to go higher, swiped at her from above. She dodged left, but found his blade right in front of her. She spun, and once again found his blade inches from her face. She jumped backwards, and felt something hit her back. Crap, he stabbed me, she thought wildly. She started falling, and the grass broke her fall. She turned over and said, “Did you stab me or something?”
He laughed. “No, just hot you in the back with the hilt. Apparently, my father did that as well. Kinda ironic, since I’m using his saber. Great job kicking my ass by the way.”
“Anyone can get lucky once or twice.”
“Admit it, I beat you.”
“Is there anything else you want master?”
James looked around, and saw no one. “This,” he said, and kissed her.
She smiled. “Alright, you beat me.”
“Well, that’s it for today. See you tomorrow.” He walked back to his room. He started meditating when his mother came in.
“We have some information on Darth Rexes we think,” she said coming into the room.
He didn’t even ask what it was until they started walking. “We think that he had a part in killing someone, on Tatoonie. We think that a padawan that went missing there is related to him.”
“Well, someone saw him be taken, but, naturally, they didn’t get a good look at him. Though, they said the guy looked tall, and was shiny.”
James laughed. “Shiny? Sure we can trust this informant?”
“It’s the best lead we’ve had.”
“Alright, I’ll check it out. Tell Amanda that I won’t be back for a few days.”
“Shouldn’t she come with you?”
“This may just be a wild bantha chase, so why waste the time of two?”
“You’re right. Though, take HK. He might help out. He was bought there, so he knows the terrain, and the native languages.”
“Alright. See ya.” He walked into the Ebon Hawk, with HK in tow.
“Query: Who are you?”
“Your new master. I’m your old master’s son.”
“Query: Are you a ‘Jedi?’
“Yes, why?”
“Statement: Just handy information.”
“Were going to your old home. Tatoonie.”
“Query: Do we have to meat bag? I loathe that place.”
“One, don’t call me meat bag. Two, yes.”
“Statement: Yes, meat- master.”
James smiled. “There we go. We lift off in ten minutes.”
James walked around, making preparations. A couple of minutes from lift-off, he heard a knock. He opened the ramp, and saw Amanda.
“Your mom told me where you’re going.”
“And she also said that I asked that you not come, right?”
“Yes, that was the part I was confused on…Umm…Why shouldn’t I come?”
“Just don’t want to waste two people’s time.”
“I don’t care. I’m coming.”
“No your not.”
“Yes, I am.”
She smiled. “See what control women have over their men?”
He grunted. “Hurry up, we leave in a few.”
She threw up a mock salute. “Yes, sir!”
James set the ship in hyperdrive, and walked into Amanda’s room. “It’s going to be a four day long trip. Tatooine is on the Outer Rim. I’m going to go to bed. ‘Night.” He walked away.
Amanda furrowed her eyebrows, and followed him. She caught up to him, and grabbed his arm. “What’s the matter? Why are you scrunchy?”
James sighed. “This was something that I wanted to do alone. Listen, I’m glad that you’re here, don’t get me wrong, but Rexes killed my dad. I want a little revenge.” He saw the expression on her face, and continued, “No, no, I’m not gonna kill him murderously. Just want to face him one on one.”
Amanda smiled. “Well, if I remember, your mom and dad faced him. Together.”
James shook his head, and laughed. “Alright, it’s a good thing that you came. I’m gonna hit the hay.”
“Not without a kiss.”
“Fine. But only for you,” he said, jokingly, then kissed her. He sat down on his bed. “We’ll continue our training tomorrow.” He lay down and was asleep within minutes.

After four days of training, they touched down on Tatooine. James walked out into the sunshine. “Oh, goody. Sunshine. And hey, more sunshine.” He looked at a note of paper. “This ‘informant’ of ours apparently owns a shop.” He walked with Amanda and AK until he reached the shop. “Here goes nothing,” he muttered, and stepped in.
“Can me help yous?” the shopkeeper asked.
“Umm, yea. You said that you saw somebody that looked like a droid, but was like a human.”
“Me no know what yours talking about.”
“OK, let me try this some else way.” James cleared his throat. “Shiny guy. Tall. Where yous see him?”
“Oh, oh, I knows what you talking about. Why’s didn’t you say that before?”
James shook his head. “Where did you see him?”
“Near that’s house. Yup. Those houses,” the shopkeeper said, pointing to a house on a hill about a kilometer away.
“Let’s go,” James said, walking out of the shop.
Amanda followed, and once out of the shop, muttered, “Did you feel that? Something seemed…wrong with that shopkeeper.”
“Yes, my padawan, I believe that that was actually Rexes.”
Amanda sputtered her next words. “That-that was Rexes? Why didn’t you do something?”
James laughed. “You still have much to learn my very young padawan. I expect that he wanted us to go into that house and inside a trap will kill us very brutally.”
“So what’s our next move?”
“Ummm…let’s fight him.”
“But, he could be expecting that!”
“So, we might go into a shop where a Sith lord is, waiting to chop us into pieces, right?”
“Pretty much.”
“Bring it on.”
James smiled, and pulled out his lightsaber; Amanda followed suit. They walked inside.
“Cans I help you guyses again? I told you alls that I knows.”
“Wow. Still think that we don’t know?” asked James.
“Damn. I thought that you guys might figure it out. Yes, yes, it’s me Rexes.”
“You know Amanda, I didn’t think that he would give up his disguise that easily.”
“Can we just get on with this?”
Rexes pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it, the crimson blade throwing shadows in the room. Amanda and James ignited their sabers, and jumped into action. Amanda swiped to Rexes’ left, and James went after his knees. Rexes’ jumped high, and came down with a thrust towards Amanda. She rolled away; James went after Rexes heart. He batted away James’ saber, and went after his neck. James ducked just in time, and while Amanda went after Rexes knees, James went after his head. He jumped back just in time, and yelled, “Hold on!!!”
James actually lowered his blade, yet kept it ignited. “What?”
“I’m now convinced. I guess it’s time that you see the real me.”
“What are you babbling on about now?”
Rexes took off his hood, and removed his mask. James gasped. It was his father.
__________________________________________________ _______________

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james might tell her that some guy helped him become a droid but he wont be able to explain the way the droid said it.

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EDIT: Wait, I have the answer. James retold the story to his Mom right? Well, Amanda had heard the story too?

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Rexes took off his hood, and removed his mask. James gasped. It was his father.
*Everyone starts to gawk at the sight and wanted to start to fall...*
Wait a minute!
*Everyone looked at him...*
Didn't you state clearly in the last part that Thomas was dead and burried?
*Everyone grabs a lot of clubs and starts to approach him...*
Uh... *Runs away*

P.S. How the heck did he "pull himself together" after he was cut in half?

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excellent twist, JK. i never saw that coming. but one question. is james dad bad or good?

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P.S. How the heck did he "pull himself together" after he was cut in half?

:rofl: he was never buried. I'll explain more in the next update about all of this crap...

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Here's the next chapter :)

Chapter 3

“Dad?” James whispered.
“Good, you know what I look like,” he replied, nonchalantly.
“But Rexes killed you!”
“He got close, I’ll give him that much.”
“But, when they went into your room, you weren’t there, only your clothes were.”
“Yes, well, I took them off and just sort of…hopped out the window. I must say, that is not easy when you’ve just been stabbed.”
“So, you were just running around naked?”
“HEY!! I had my underwear.”
“Then why put on this suit, and act like Rexes?”
“Well, I was sure that if you guys – all Jedi really – didn’t meet a worthy opponent, you would grow arrogant. You might even try to act in a tyranny matter.”
“But Jedi don’t do that!”
“After seeing what happened to Bao-Dur, I wasn’t so sure. Your mother completely agreed with my idea.”
“Mom knew about this??”
“Well, she knew what I felt like better than anyone else. So, she just sort of assumed it was me. And, later, she was doing a normal mission, and, as she puts it ‘just noticed me in the crowd.’”
“So this was all just a set up?”
“No, no, only I am. I had to go deep undercover, but I found a master. He always feared that I might betray him, or he was always this paranoid; but I never met him. Contacted me on a special radio.”
“Well, this is some weird stuff going on.”
“You know, I never expected you to take this so well.”
“Well, it just seems to me that if I found out that my father was a Sith lord, and was alive, I’d be just a tad bit surprised.”
“Well, it fits. So it must be true.”
“We’ve been babbling, and yet, you still haven’t introduced me to this very young gentlewoman.”
James turned to face Amanda, and said to her, “My apologies.”
She smiled. “You just found out your father is alive. No need to apologize.”
James turned back to his father. “This is Amanda, Atton and Visas’ other child.”
Thomas shook her hand, and said to her, “You’re fortunate to have them as parents.”
She bowed her head. “Thank you.”
“How’s Jaq?”
“Here and there.”
James was pondering his next question as he asked it. “What’s your next move?”
Thomas was thrown off by this question. “What do you mean?”
“Well, are you going to go back to the Jedi or what exactly?”
Thomas thought about it. He wanted to help catch the Sith. And, really his part was done. His ‘master’ wasn’t going to reveal anymore about himself (he assumed it was a man), so he should go back to the Jedi. And he missed Brianna so much. Finally he answered, “Yes, I shall go back to the Jedi. I wonder what Master Vandar will say when he sees me…”
“Oh…I don’t know how to break this to you, but Vandar died four years ago.”
“Wow, that sucks.”
James laughed.
I can speak into your mind. Don’t say anything. I know who my Sith master is.
James flicked just a little look towards his father, telling him to continue.
You’re not going to want to hear this. But it’s…
James made not reaction. He was crushed inside. He couldn’t believe it.
I’m sorry.
James only blinked twice. Then said, “Let’s go back to the ship.” He gestured to Amanda to stay with him. “I need to talk to you.”
“I think I know who the Sith lord is.”
“Oh?” she said excitedly.
He hugged her. “It’s mom.”
“I’m so sorry.”
He pulled out his lightsaber and stabbed her. He growled, “And you.”
She grunted. “…What?”
“You’re a Sith.”
She coughed blood. “How did you know?”
“I have my ways.”
“Damn Jedi…”
He shook his head. “I loved you. I really did.”
“I loved you too. But I loathe Jedi.” She laughed grimly. “Goodbye.”
“Goodbye,” he whispered. And he stabbed her in her heart.
He walked back to the ship. He made no reaction when he saw his dad. He just started up the ship.
“You should get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow.”
James just laughed grimly. “Yeah.”
They slept the whole ride there. As they touched down, Thomas asked, “Ready?”
“Let’s kick the tires and light the fires.”
They walked into Brianna’s room. “Thomas…is that you?” she whispered.
“Cut the bull. We know what you’ve been doing,” he replied harshly. They both took out their lightsabers and ignited them.
She appeared to not understand, then she realized that that façade as done with. She took out her lightsaber and ignited it. “Time to die.” She attacked; going after James’ legs. He jumped and slashed at her head. She blocked it easily.
It was an easy fight for Thomas and James. The only one who could challenge either of them was…the other one. James saw a fault in her attacks, and chopped off her arm.
She screamed. James and Thomas pointed their lightsabers at her throat. “You have lost,” James said calmly, acting as if it was a morning spar.
“Damn you Jedi, DAMN YOU!” she screamed.
Thomas got inches away from her ear and said, “You’ll find that we are quite pesky. Goodbye my love.” And then decapitated her.
“Love’s a bas*ard sometimes isn’t it?” James said, looking at her lifeless mother.
“It has its pros and cons. C’mon, let’s go.”
“Where there is evil.”
“Nice cliché dad, nice cliché.”
Thomas laughed. “Dad? I never thought that I’d hear that.”
“Neither did I.”
__________________________________________________ __-____________

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P.S. I put 'is' in there when it should be 'are' on purpose.

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EDIT: Oh yeah, I'm hard at work at my next fic. It won't have anything to do with Thomas/James. Maybe some other time I'll start working on that series again. Should have the first chapter posted today/tomorrow.

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