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-----Transmission Recieved-----

hey i know im so bad in grammar and its not really god wrote... yet.... but i will try keep it up.... dont shoot me for it :blast5: :grnlaz:

the idea for this i got in a dream... omg i love those dreams..

i ll make a list about charecters and spieces and sex.. later

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... a girl named Zami Jaster wakes up all sweaty with the same dream like last night and last nightÖ "where she fights Sith assassins with her modified vibroblade (that she keeps hidden for her mum in her locker) the next day shes out going for school she meets her best friend whoís name is massia (a twiílek girl adopted by human parents) as they go to school Zami is very quiet, same dream ? massi asks, zami just nods.
As they get to school itís the first time they gonna talk about what they wanna be when they grow up all the students come with grate ideas where the only thing our two girls wanna be is jedi, and again the whole class laughs out loud when they see

Jana Ussico: Freigther.

Justin Larsen: Tech Engineer.

Zami Jaster: Jedi Sentinel.

Massia Detrimo: Jedi Guardian

Julios Tores: Scientist.

Willub Jare: Soldier. (all but the teacher knows he wanna be a mercenarie)


after 6 years everything workd out Ö

Zami(just over the limit of force sensitiveness)
And massia (very force sensitive) came in at the academy of Light force Users
Raised up on dantooine by Visas Marr

After a a small civil war on the planet Lok Zami and Massia both gets exiled

General: general Grint here here we havea problem jedi knight Massia have tasted the dark force shes on a shuttle back to the academy right now.

Master Visas: Ill send a trusted jedi guardian in her place.

Transmission breaks

Midnight at the light force academy.

Massia why are you in fear, why do you let the dark forces control ur mind

Im not afraid

What is your problem then ? I sense it now Who is it you so afraid to loose who is it you miss so much ? your parents again ?


Who is it! Then? .. .. .. .. .. Zami ?!

Yes master
You know you not sopposed to miss u friends like that why is it only Zami whats gona wrong with you Massia u have grate abilities donít let a stupid friend of yours get in your way to become a master.

Sheís not a stupid friend. I love her.

Iíll have to exile u if you cant control your feelings
Send Zami in here!

Master ?

I wanna talk about ur bad pogress here the last weekÖ

Yes I know Iíve just been a little illÖ

No Zami I know about ur realationship to Massia

What !?!

I have spoken with her.

*Zami Closes her eyes thinking a while and then open again*
Iím getting exiled.

At least u learned something here, Zami.
A shuttle will drop u of on Nar Shadaa where we have a apartment ready u will have to finda job fast and I will give you 20,000 Creds. To pay for the first week.

But master please!?

No its over.
Please follow me to my meditation chamber, and stand still.

Whats happening ?!

Iíll cut you off from the force.

*Zami drops a tear* but master this is all I wanted all my live.

Its to late *she raises her hands and a fin orange lay Startles over Zamis body

*Zami feels the force disappear she feels she have much more but suddenly she acts a faint*.

To be conteniued

maybe its a bit confusing but please dont hate me... first time i write something down like this..

---Transmissions lost---

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