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10-02-2001, 09:27 AM
Hello everybody, I wonder if you could ofer some advice yet again. I've had a root through the other posts, and I'm quite sure no-one has asked for help on this mission before. It's the one where you have to recapture the Azzameen Home base. You are in a B-Wing, and the problem is this: Protecting everything! It is a sheer impossibility to simultaneously defend the Assault Transport, the Otana, and the Andrassa (Emon's ship, looks like Slave I). There are just too many pirate fighters, and I've used all my torps on the Dreadnaut thing at the beginning. Help me!

10-02-2001, 07:40 PM
And another thing, about the single player melee missions: How on Earth do you disable a SSD? I've tried everything, from Ion cannons to Ion pulse warheads, but I can only get the sys down to 33%. Why? WHY???

10-02-2001, 08:41 PM
BATTLE 6: Mission 3: Raid Mercenary Base

* Craft: B-Wing
Shield Rating: 100 SBD
Hull Rating : 60 RU

* Mission Objectives:
Destroy all Mercenary Fighters
ATR Storm: dock
Azzameen Home: must be secured

* Bonus Points:
(200) Inspect SHU Soro-Suul
(800) Destroy 100% of Mercenary Starfighters
(800) Destroy M-CRV Plague

* Opponents:
Mercenary Gun Emplacements
Mercenary Bulk Cruiser
Mercenary Cloakshape Fighters
Mercenary Prey Fighters
Mercenary Authority IRDs
Mercenary Marauder Corvette
Maybe some other thay I may have missed

* Difficulties:
Making sure the Otana doesn't get shot during the docking procedure.

* Tips:
Once you arrive at the base, let your squadron take out the GPLT's, while you take on the fighters together with the X-Wings. Once that is done, let them engage the B/CRS, go and help them if you get the chance (but don't waste all your torpedoes on it). The ATR Storm should arrive right about now, so engage any fighter that poses a threat.

After a while the M-CRV should arrive, let your squadron, except the Otana, attack it. Aeron needs to disarm the bomb on the base, so letting her engage the M-CRV is not such a good idea. After this job is done, engage the remaining fighters.

You must make sure that the Otana does not get hit by enemy fire during the docking procedure. If this happens, it will cancel the docking and start shooting at the base. Since the bomb won't be disarmed, you know you will lose the mission. Restart.

And you cannot disable a SSD using Ion, except for a mission specific event that allows you to (i.e. Battle of endor mission 2)