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Tomad Berea
12-29-2005, 02:38 PM
Hi, I am Tomad Berea.

I am a reasonably good player, with a top kills of 76 in a 20 min match and I am also a rather good pilot, I am good with fast ships like Interceptors.

I am looking for a clan with over 5 members and that has clan training and a forum/website.

Regards, Tomad Berea

Lord Techno
03-11-2006, 02:58 PM
Join [TU] we are a new clan that plans to be tatical and organized visit us here http://s15.invisionfree.com/TUclan/index.php?

07-09-2006, 01:17 PM
Imperal Ground Forces

In the past, armies have been known to fold up and quit because the men didn't know what they were fighting for, or why, and therefore lacked the will to fight. But IGF does not have that weakness. Each one of us was a volunteer to begin with, each for some reason or other--some good, some bad. But now, we fight because we're the Imperial Ground Forces with esprit de corps. We're Imperial Soldiers, the best unprintable outfit in the whole expurgated galaxy; we climb into our transports because the Empire tells us it's time to do so, and we fight when we get down there because that is what Imperial Soldiers do.

IGF is one of the oldest clans out there. It has been supporting Star Wars games for 7 years now. We are a global clan that has people from America, Germany, Candada, England, and everywhere in between. We are hosted by a clan hosting website called DJO and we are one of the first clans on there. We have 100 members who are all very active. Currently, we suppor the games SWBF2 for PC and Jedi Academy for PC. We are a very strong clan, and although we dont require tryouts, we have some of the best players in the game that i have seen. Also, we offer optional training for those who want it.

What IGF has to offer:
-weeklong events that run every week(so there is always an event)
-Bi-weekly or Monthly Wars with other clubs(RGF and RIS, we recently won)
-Friendly and helpful members
-optional training in anything you want
-Active members
-Military structure
-Easy to use website and forums(we call them comlinks)
-2 SWBF2 servers, 1 JA server

Why you should join IGF:
6 monthes ago, I was a clan jumper. I was searching for the clan that was the easiest to understand strucuraly and easiest to use in the forums. After about 2 months, i found that clan. That clan was IGF. IGF has by far the easiest to use structure page, and i have been to a bunch of clans: TAW, Axis, FA, MUI, DW, BURN. What makes it easy to understand is the military structure, we actually use real military ranks and structure. Also, our forums are by far the easiest to use also. This is because they are listed easily, but also because every reply that you get to a post, is emailed to u. This makes it so much easier because then you dont have to check all your posts for replies.

IGF website: http://www.darkjedi.org/club/IGF/
IGF Structure Page: http://www.darkjedi.org/club/IGF/structure/
IGF Forums(Comlinks): http://www.darkjedi.org/club/IGF/comlinks/clubcl.php
SWBF2 Servers:

My email: jtoups121@gmail.com
XFire: jtoups
In-Game Name: [IGF]JT121

Join the Empire Today!

07-29-2006, 10:46 AM
how about u join wedges commandos
we support battlefront 2 and we will have more games too come soon we are not fully organized but we are a clan who will be kind and respect u.
our rules are
No force push, pull, or choke
Keep Language PG-13
Participate with the clan on a weekly basis, if you cannot show up, post on our forums OR ELSE.
No whining
Once again....PARTICIPATE
I cannot stress to say how important it is to particpate and stay active, that is our number one rule.
Have Fun!