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11-11-2001, 02:28 PM
What the....
Is this mission difficult or am I a moron? I manage to get 71% of the ships evacuated from the rebel hospital but the mission objective for delivering the bacta remains unresolved...I escape the Imps along with Emon but never finish the mission--Is there a way that I am supposed to take over delivering the Bacta? The Vasudra seems to disappear. I hear them talking to the hospital about reversing the pumps and handing over control of the ship, but I can't find the ship anywhere...Then the IMP's show up, I bust out trying to destroy ties and gunships and all the rest of the damn fleet and like I said, no Emon saying "Let's Go' like it says he will say in the game hints--Just an unresolved mission objective "deliver bacta"--Anyone? Anyone? Behuler? Behuler?

11-13-2001, 08:33 PM
Right kid, get the hospital ships out, then when Emon says Go, Go! You find out what happens afterward.

11-14-2001, 11:42 PM
This one is a toughy...

Mission 6: Rebel Rendezvous: Aid to the Rebellion

* Craft: Corellian YT-2000 Transport
Shield Rating: 320 SBD
Hull Rating : 114 RU

* Mission Objectives:
Deliver Bacta
Rebel Hospital: At least 66% evacuated
CORT Otana: Escape Imperial Ambush
FRS Adrasta: Escape Imperial Ambush

* Bonus Points:
(50) CRV Coen escapes
(50) CRV Raimi escapes
(50) MTRNS Tsore escapes
(50) MTRNS Belit escapes
(50) MTRNS Haumia escapes
(50) MTRNS Jowa escapes
(50) MTRNS Seri escapes
(50) MTRNS Mara escapes
(50) MTRNS Kucedre escapes
(50) MTRNS Walo escapes
(100) CRL Shadow escapes

* Opponents:
Imperial Star Destroyer II (ISD)
2 Lancer Frigates
Imperial TIE-Fighter Squadrons
Imperial TIE-Bomber Squadrons

* Difficulties:
Hitting the 66% mark can pose some difficulties for some players. And dealing with the MIS with Adv Missiles.

* Tips:
it becomes real confusing, becasue you got Fighters going after you, Fighters going after Rebs, Fighters going after Transports,and Bombers going after everything.

here is the list:

T/F Alpha 1 (4) Target: Rebel, Fighter
T/F Alpha 5 (4) Target: YOU!
T/F Alpha 9 (4) Target: Vasudra
T/B Beta 1 (2) Target: Rebel Transports
T/B Beta 3 (2) Target: Rebel Transports
T/B Beta 5 (2) Target: CRL Shadow
T/B Beta 7 (2) Target: CRL Shadow
T/B Beta 9 (2) Target: Rebel Transports
T/B Beta 11 (2) Target: Rebel Transports
T/F Gamma 1 (4) Target: YOU!
T/F Gamma 5 (4) Target: Rebels
T/F Gamaa 9 (4) Target: Vasudra

I dont thin you can stop the Vasudra from being blown up since more ships come out as Imps get blown up, and Rebel ships leave, that go Specifically for the Vasudra.

Primary Targets are Bobmers going after the Rebs, and the fighters going after the Vasudra. Once the VAsudra is blown up, the GUNs will appear. They have advanced Missiels and i suggest you leave the area and leave a trail of chaff so you can survive.

* Mission Souvenir: Imperial TIE Debris

Color: Too bad they cut this from the mission:

Olin: So...is Aeron with you? I was hoping to catch up a little.
Emon: Sorry, Olin, she had other things to attend to. But I'll be happy to tell her you asked about her!
Olin: Uh...thank you, sir. That would be kind of you.