12-31-2005, 09:34 AM


This is an invitation for all SWBF 2 clans to participate on a Star Wars Battlefront 2 tournament called Conquest Week. As the name implies Conquest Week is week long event for SWBF 2 with matches conducted in Conquest mode.

If you never came across Ecliptical Realms before, we have been the leading tournament host for Star Wars Battlefront I events and now the tradition continues to SWBF II. Since October of 2004 we organized Battleweek events for SWBF I something that continues up to nowadays. With the realease of SWBFII, Ecliptical Realms was one of the first websites to launch a tournament for the new game.

Conquest Week One was scheduled about a month ago, with 15 clans participating for top honours and more than 500 matches played within the course of one week. We continued SWBF2 events with two more sucessfull events - Jedi Wars (heroes vs villains) and Space Week (space maps only).

Our next event is Conquest Week 2 that is scheduled to take place January 6, 2006 so please take the time to visit www.eclipticalrealms.com , browse around and please feel free to sign up your team for the event.

Ecliptical Realms has helped many clans develop not only their skill but also increase their numbers, by offering not only a competitive but also a consistent event where everyone can benefit from.

We hope to hear from you soon.