View Full Version : New (temporary?) home for XW95 and TIE95 compatibility fix

12-31-2005, 05:16 PM
The file server at LucasFiles.com has been out of commission for the past few days. The X-Wing series files that were hosted there included some popular fixes. I am writing to report these files have found new homes, given below:

The X-Wing 95 and TIE Fighter 95 compatibility fix for Windows 2000 and XP (to allow these games to run with hardware 3D acceleration) can be found on the CRS Morning Star site (http://www.crs-morningstar.net) (visit the "Flight Deck") and at http://www.bluephantom.de/hosted/xwtie95.zip

We hope that the LucasFiles file server will be back up soon. Another post will be made in the X-Wing Alliance forum to address the location of other files.