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01-02-2006, 08:03 PM
To answer many peoples questions I decided to create this little sticky here for everyone to read.

Mods are right now in the developmental stage, meaning that modders are basically making concept art or models for the mods. Right now the mods are being planned, but the actual development will take place after EaW and the modding tools for EaW are created.

Modders are also using the information released by the Developers to plan features for their mods by using the special features of EaW.

If you have any questions related to this topic just post 'em here and we will be glad to answer :).

Unstuck since game is released - DM

01-02-2006, 09:58 PM
Just a suggestion but you may want to add how we're are using the information we know about the game to think up ideas that we're going to impliment and how we could actually make those ideas work.

01-03-2006, 10:06 PM
A thing I wonder, and this id from experience with Rebellion, is the poly count gonna be an issue? The mods they have here are excelant. I'm not used to a RTS space game this good.(I'm Old School)

01-03-2006, 10:51 PM
Jugger can tell you more about this... but I do know the devs said they couldnt release the poly count yet as it changes every so often. Sometimes daily they said. Now I dont know if that is true but poly count will be an issue.

01-03-2006, 10:54 PM
I really can't say anything about poly cout. I'm using wild assumptions coupled with my own ideas of what the poly count might be. And i looked at the screenshots alot.

What i meant was that from the FAQs and stuff we're using that info to figure out what we can do. like the Galaxy Gun LoW has. I've come up with a solution that has a 99% chance of working. Thats just using info I've read.

01-04-2006, 06:20 AM
Alright, cool.

Jedi Faithful
02-02-2006, 09:29 AM
how most i insert my mods

02-02-2006, 10:22 AM
JF: Could you rephrase that? It's a confusing sentence and you give very little information.

Jugger: It could be with your SSD, but you'll have to wait until the game ships for an official count, it looks.

Modding: It is possible to start doing the actual full game modding from the demo files. You can even write the code from scratch if you know what to include for units/factions.

Jedi Faithful
02-02-2006, 10:35 AM
my mods don't work how can i make them work???

Jedi Faithful
02-02-2006, 10:39 AM
i have downloaded mods and there is now change in my game
why? how do i make tem work in my game? i whant to juse them

02-02-2006, 10:44 AM
You need to extract the mod's xml folder to your empireatwar folder/gamedata/data
and then simple start a new game.

Jedi Faithful
02-03-2006, 10:07 AM
i have done that don't work same game same options why?? sorry for my Englisch i have no more options what can i do?? empire at war demo/ gamedata/ data

02-03-2006, 10:43 AM
are they in the EAWdemo/gamedata/data/xml folder?
And all the options should remain the same until you start a game.

Jedi Faithful
02-03-2006, 11:41 AM
yes only 1 is working now i dont't now how i can make them ale work most i delete somting??
thanks for helping me

02-03-2006, 12:57 PM
What and where can I get the .meg extracter that will work for this computer, the one that we have on the forums does not work for my computer?

Jedi Faithful
02-05-2006, 11:01 AM
some mods are working now how can i make them all work i like to play more planets how is that possible??

02-05-2006, 12:07 PM
What and where can I get the .meg extracter that will work for this computer, the one that we have on the forums does not work for my computer?
Try this link, Darth_Extras it has .meg extractors. Please note you may need to update your microsoft framework to get it to work.

Tools and Tutorials (http://pff.swrebellion.com/index.php?topic=2090.0)

some mods are working now how can i make them all work i like to play more planets how is that possible??
Jedi Faithful, it really depends how computer savvy you are. I would suggest looking at the tutorials. The steps involved in activating a planet are too numorous for me to type up. Though it involves the CAMPAINS_SINGLEPLAYER.xml file and the PLANETS.xml file. Try messing around with them, but you would have to get all planets to have the same land and space map, and then in the campaigns single player file you would have to add the planets to be in the campaign.

Jedi Faithful
02-05-2006, 12:19 PM
thx i have begon from zero

02-19-2006, 11:31 AM
I'm wanting to do some limited moding to the game but I can't find an extractor for the .meg files that will work the the updated retail version. I can find plenty of them for the Demo but not retail anyone know where there is one???

Bob Lion54
02-19-2006, 12:03 PM
Try here- http://www.technical-difficulties.com/hacks/eaw/

Thats were I got it from. I'm not sure if thats the only one though.

And welcome to the forums! Have fun and enjoy your stay!

02-20-2006, 07:34 PM
Basically, I'm making a unique unit for this game similar to Piett's ISD, but an Interdictor. I figured out how to edit the uniqueunits.xml file to do this and am using the existing ships as a guide, but I need to do a couple things.

I. I need new tooltips, which I assume are inside that master text file in the "text" folder. It's a .dat file however, so it's not clear how to get into it. My meg extractor indicates that this .dat file is actually an archive of some sort, but it's unable to open it. Does anyone know how to get this thing opened?

II. I also need a custom icon for the ship, and I intend to simply use a modified Interdictor icon. However, I need to get at those tga files and I haven't found them anywhere. Does anyone know where the unit icon tga files are located?

EDIT: Yeah, it won't work at all. I tried copying Piett's entry and altering some stuff, and I don't have any luck. Does anyone know how to add a unique ship unit? Icons and the like don't matter, so long as it's an Interdictor.

02-23-2006, 02:17 PM
I think that the maps are much to small. Space-Maps and also the planetary maps are not big enough to allow me good and great fights.
How can I make a map which has much more space for big battles?
Is there a tool avaiable?

02-23-2006, 02:36 PM
Not yet. A map editor is supposed to be released at some point but it may very well not allow for larger battles.

02-23-2006, 05:09 PM
That sounds bad to me. I think that much people are a little bit "angry" about the small maps. So in other tools for mapping like Worldbuilder you can set your size.
Even if your computer is not strong enough to handle such data you have a problem. But if your computer gives you more then enough power you can handle that. But here is one little problem: On the hull of the DVD you can see the minimal requirements. But there is no notice for the system with the best result. If I have the minimum requirements, this might be ok, but what do I need for maximum details and graphic?
And when is a tool comming out for mapping and modding? There is no specific date in this thread!