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Vain Naji-Mohr
01-05-2006, 11:45 AM
Hi. My first post and my first try at a fanfiction! :)

Deep in the caverns on the barren world Haith two warriors faught for their lives and for the lives of billions of others.

One was a Jedi known for his wisdom and courage, the other a Sith and wielder of the most destructive forces. Both had information that could change the way of the Galaxy forever.

"Have you not yet growed tiresome of your futile attempts to kill me?" Darth Viron snared while he gazed upon his greatest enemy of all times. If he suceeded in killing him he would be able to control the Galaxy.

"I fear nothing. The Force is with me I feel it. I shall utterly destroy you and with you the Dark Order will plunge into the oblivion" Master Jaikar answered in a calm voice. Deep inside he feared his adversary. He feared death and the pain that would preceed it. He had to kill him or else the Jedi would be lost.

Viron threw himself at Jaikon with his dual-bladed lightsaber. Jaikar defended himself. The Sith took a double swing at the Jedi but Jaikar blocked the first and leaped across the cavern landing some distance behind the Sith.

Viron did not turn around. Jaikar wondered. "Was it a trick? Was he wounded?" the Jedi thought.
"Ahh. I thought I sensed your strength but in reallity it is you fear that stincks" Darth Viron said while turning around towards Jaikar.

Master Jaikar was struck with fear. The Sith Lord leaped across the cavern towards Jaikar with a speed that stunned Jedi. The Sith faught with all the anger and hatred he felt. The swings and hits came faster and faster against the Jedi. The Sith once again made a double swing and it came with lightning speed. Master Jaikar blocked the first but the second came too fast. The Jedi felt a great pain in his arm as it was sliced off. Jaikar was stunned and fell to the ground. The Sith walked towards the wounded Jedi who was twisting in agony. Lord Viron slowly lifted his dual bladed lightsaber while looking Jaikar in his eyes. Viron ended Jaikars life with a stroke.

The End had begun, just as they had forseen.

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good work, man. and welcome to the Forums. keep up the good work. (and dont spam, since 2 of my buddies here got banned :D but seriously, dont)

Vain Naji-Mohr
01-06-2006, 12:28 PM
Chapter II

Lord Viron slowly walked away from the dead Jedi. The most powerful foe so far was defeated.
Viron went through the caves and small paths that went up from the main cave. There upon the mountainside was the Drayngor. It was a small military vessel developed by the Irion TechClan long ago. He bought it a century ago when he began his journy as a mercenary. It was first there, while looking upon his ship he realised that he was wounded. A burn mark from Jaikars saber stretched from the shoulder to his stomach. It had cut through the robes. He went up the ramp at went inside. The ramp went up and the vessel took off. As it did it howled and screamed. The howls of the Drayngor were legendary throughout the Galaxy. It wasn't a tool of the assassin for it was louder than a freighter yet smaller. But he didn't care, he wanted them to be afraid to hear the predator close ind. Most would be terrified when they heard 'The Howler'. That he had learned, was far more effective than hitting them from the shadows.

As he sat in the cargo room meditating images of his past flashed before his dark mind. “I name thee Darth Viron”. He had almost forgotton his masters face but know it came back to him. It was a pale face filled with sorrow yet hatred towards those he opposed. Viron tried once more through his meditation to remember his birthname. He tried harder rampaging through the images and voices in his mind. But the harder he tried the more difficult it became. Suddenly he opened his eyes. He felt the vacume of space infront of him was filled by an object. The Drayngor slowed down. Viron looked through the glass “The Spirit”, a huge battleship eons old slowly approached the Howler.

A large hangar door was opened on the side of the Spirit and the Howler docked. Then the ship tilted a bit and went into a very slow spin while rotating around its own axis. Even to a trained eye it looked like an old wrekage in the endless space still floating away from the blast that destroyed its fleet eons ago. It was a dead ship. If anyone tried to scan it for life the result would come up blank.

Darth Viron walked the long dark and quiet corridors long abandoned. “Shadows and dust” he thought. He came to a dead end, or so it would seem. “Welcome Lord Viron” a male voice whispered in his mind. The wall went aside. A circular room became visible. He walked to the center of the room. The wall behind him slidded back. The entire room was lit by a lightsource high above the floor. Along the circular wall stood countless men wearing black cloaks. “Prophets! I have done as you saw. I have slain the Master who would bring about the greatest Jedi ever!” Viron proclaimed. One of the elder prophets came forth and said “The ways of the Force and fate are mysterious. We have all seen a vision that told of a Jedi that would train The One. But a new vision has come. It tells a different story.” Viron felt anger rise within him. “What do you mean? You said that Master Jaikar would train the apprentice that would become the One. I have slain him. I have broken the line.” The prophet answered “Yes but a new Jedi will take his place! We have seen another vision. A vision that tells us that the One could become a Sith!

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