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05-04-2000, 12:41 PM
The Wing Commander Engine Source Code Release Project (WCESCRP) is still collecting names for our petition to Origin, in which we will ask them to release the source code for the WC series. In order for Origin to take our petition seriously, we need a lot of names for our e-mail, to show that we have the support of space-sim the community. What we need from you is your name (first + last) and e-mail address.

The Project has been doing very well lately, gaining almost a hundred signatures in little more than a week. We now have 259 names. But we still need more... a lot more. If you haven't yet sent us your name, then we would really like you to take a few seconds to do so now. Remember, if we get that source code, there isn't much that couldn't be done. There's a lot of talented space-sim fans out there, and if they could use the source code then... well, the possibilities are quite endless.

Please send your names either to me (PopsiclePete@angelfire.com) or to Jumper (jumper@wcescrp.cjb.net). Alternatively, you can fill out our online form over at wcescrp.cjb.net (where you can also find out more about the Project in general). And be sure to tell others to send their names too. Just another two hundred signatures or so, and we'll be ready to send the petition to Origin!


05-04-2000, 05:51 PM
Already sent my E-mail, I'll get a few friends to

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