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01-06-2006, 06:03 PM
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away....
the Jedi Order has slowly rebuilt after the destruction of it during the Jedi Civil war and The true sith war Jedi are slowly reapearing and there are now sevral Jedi academys located at... Telos... Datooine.... Courascant.... and other places that are so far unknown.
Soon the sith will rise once again but this time destroying the master source of power which will shadow people from the force for 1000 years.

Ok I have a sheet you can fill in and ill title a thread Destruction of the force when people join.

Class:(Padawan , Jedi Counsalor ,jEDI gaURDIAN , jEDI SENTINEL , Solidier , Scout , Scoundrel , Dark aprentice , Dark jedi gaurdian eg:)
Class2:(prestige class Not nessesary)

You may have to charedcters maximum but they have to keep together unless ya kill them or they go away to explore the outer rim.

Name: Alo
Elighnment: Light
Class1:Jedi Sentinel
Class2:Jedi Weapon Master
Weapons: Green L/s
Description: Alo is the master Lightsaber duelest at the Telos academy he is a member of the Jedi academy and Love his aprentice Like a Daughter he was trained by a mestyrious Jedi somewhere past the outer rim. He has silver silky hair and wears Brown duelest robes.

Name: Talim
Class1:Jedi Gaurdian
Class2:(not chosen yet)
Weapons:Single Yellow l/s or dual short purple l/s's
Descriptions: Founbd crying over the body of her dead farther on a old republic flag ship Talim was taken in by Alo when she was 10 he trained her until he deemed her ready to start full trsaining of her chosen class jedi gaurdian. She wears Yellowy Brown Roes and one of her arms are robotic.

02-02-2006, 06:30 PM
Name: Argus
Age: 25
Alignment: Grey
Class: Grey Jedi
Weapon: possesses a singing blade of his people and a bronze single bladed lightsaber
Description: A calm gentle man; a deep thinker. He always strives to find the diplomatic solution and prefers logic. When pressed he becomes a strong bodied fighter and is often considered one of the best known swordsman ever. He strives to defend the Republic, in favor of democracy.

Name: Tatlo
Age: how do you count in pup years? 3 standard years old
Class: None
Alignment: grey
Special Ability: Can hypnotize sentients and creatures alike, a rare gift of his kind
Weapons: sharp teeth, good for biting the pants off annoying padawans
Description: Tatlo is a Kirath Hound that Argus adopted off of the world of Andorra. Orphaned as a pup he travels with Argus like a body guard but always around to get someone out of a tight spot. He is loyal and friendly to those that he senses are his alllies.