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05-04-2000, 10:05 PM
Well finally i've decided to post this upcoming project here.

Sector battles:
The plan.
We've probably all played most of the Star Wars games. We've conducted fleets through space to wage wars on planets, we've jumped in the cockpit and blown up other spacecraft. We've run through bases blowing the crap out of people with huge lazers, and now we've order around ground troops in land based scenarios...but it leaves you wanting...MORE!

Wouldn't you want to combine all of those into a real war? A war with real people in real battles with real stakes? That is the loosely termed "sector wars" project. Sector wars is to be a way of combining all the most popular Star Wars games into the ultimate battle. A battle for space supremacy.

CLANS will face off against each other, trying to claim and hold sectors of space. Commanders will direct their fleets and ships from sector to sector, star system to star system, and finally to planets, which are the main goals.

Planets will be used for gathering resources, recruits, etc. Shipyards in your main sectors will produce new ships to cover the ones you've lost.

Clan will wage wars in planetary systems, to capture "sub sectors". Once a clan has captured all the "sub sectors" they will capture the whole sector. The purpose of the game is to try and capture all the sectors, and hold them! A difficult process.

What is needed? A team of developers. This project will work alot like a ladder, but yet differently as well. The degree of complexity and automation depends on the developers who volunteer for the project.

We need people for PHP coding, and perhaps CGI. We need to be able to store information on sectors, and ladder like information about how the clans are doing. As a clan wins a ladder it will claim the subsector. Now we'd like to be able to keep track of things like starship production, starship movement, and more.

If your interested contact chriscorbin@powersurfr.com with your idea's and services.