View Full Version : .WAV Files Wanted

Ruhan Raeyaz
05-07-2000, 01:35 AM
Greetings gentle beings,

I am about 1 mission away from completing a new 11 mission pirate campaign, and half of them have .wav files. Unfortunately, my sis has moved and a friend from work is no longer available as I have changed jobs.

This leaves me missing some voices, unless I use the tele.
Anyone who is interested in starring in the new campaign who has a microphone please email me.


Please do NOT send .wav files through my email. First tell me if you are interested and we can go from there.

I will be needing a male authoritarian voice (perhaps with a natural British accent), a wookie if someone can manage it http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/wink.gif,maybe a casual young female voice, an old experienced pilot voice, and a young man's (perhaps one that sounds early twenties) voice. If you can make it sound like it is from the radio all the better. I find that using a tape recorder first gives the .wav file a good electronic sound. I will accredit the voice to you when the mission pack is released.