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In dark and desperate times, the standards of a warrior
must be raised to the highest degree. The JEDI ORDER knows
this, and even though it hopes not to exclude anyone of promise
from its ranks, not everyone can rise to the great challenges set
forth by noble Masters VROOK, VANDAR, and DORAK.

A young Padawan named TYSY finds herself in such a situation.
She is an apprentice of MASTER VROOK, and the further that she
tries to progress in her training, the more this young Force-user
seems to fall behind. She is strong in the Force--stronger than
some of her age--but she still lacks finesse with a lightsaber, and
the masterful mind control that a Jedi needs to conquer passion.

MASTER VROOK prepares to confront her. Even though he sees subpar
performance in Tysy, he fears that turning her away may be a mistake...


"Excuse me. Tysy! I must speak with you."

Master Lamar Vrook turned to one of his most vulnerable Padawans.

"Yes, Master?" she asked, bowing humbly before the Jedi Consular.

"I--" Vrook didn't quite know how to say this. He had failed others
before, claiming that they were not skilled enough to become Jedi
Knights, but rarely had he had to say such words to such a girl,
one whom he cared for as a student and a friend. Tysy may have
been emotional, but she was one of the people that Vrook wanted
to push extra hard, to make sure that she succeeded. These days,
the Jedi Order needed all the Knights it could get. However...

"There is something I must tell you," Vrook said firmly. "I cannot
train you as my Padawan anymore. There is another, a man whose
strength in the Force cannot be equaled. Masters Vandar, Dorak and
I wish to teach him, and unfortunately, there are no Padawan vacancies
left in our Enclave. Will you humbly step down and let us train him?"

"Aren't I good enough?" asked Tysy, feeling sad. "Enough for you?
Enough for the Jedi? If I've failed you, please tell me the truth."

"You have failed," said Master Vrook, yearning to bite his tongue.
"Your lightsaber skills are very weak, and they are below our standards
of combat. Your command of the Force is strong, but I'm afraid that
your control and discipline need to be worked on. This man is whom
we need, the only one who has a remote chance of stopping the Sith.
Tysy...I'm not saying you're a bad student. You work hard, but I'm
afraid that the Jedi Order cannot accept you as a new Knight."

Tysy swallowed hard. She was trying to fight back tears. This had
been her dream ever since she was a Youngling, and found to be
sensitive to the Force.

"What will happen to me now?" she asked. Was her face turning red?

"I should think you'll find a place on Telos, where we'll send you."

"Hard labor?" Tysy couldn't believe her ears. "Farming work? I'm so
ashamed by my performance! Please don't make it any harder than it is!"

"I--" Vrook was taken aback. As Tysy shut her eyes and fled the
Enclave, vowing to let no one see her cry, Vrook shook his bald head.
If only I could tell her about Revan, he thought to himself.
If only she were strong, and I would not be so weak. He sighed.


That night, on the outskirts of the Enclave on Dantooine, Tysy
made an entreaty. One may think that praying to the Force was
a silly idea, but it was the only thing the broken-hearted young
Padawan could think to do. She had lost her chance, the open
door to the dream she'd had since girlhood. Only the Force could help.

"Make me powerful," she implored. "Make me strong." Her voice
was barely above a whisper. "Please. Not as strong as my Master,
for I never want to fail anyone again. I'm sorry for my poor performance
in my lessons, yes. I want to improve, to conquer, to make sure
that I'm worthy for next time. Please, let me...I wish I could..."

She paused. She'd make a vow to the Force that would change her life.

"In exchange for this power, let my last name be forever Dvukh, or
'two', the second one in line. Even though I'll be powerful, let me increase
my new Master's power by twohundredfold! I'll have no reason to betray,
for only when I serve can we both claim victory. If I ever betray a Master,
then let me be exiled to katorzhniye raboty, hard labor, where
Vrook says I belong. If you grant me this, O Force, I am yours, and
you may do with me as you wish. Let me live or die, just make me strong!"


The Force granted this boon to Tysy, and it would hold her fast to it.

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How did I find myself in these sorts of situations? I'm ment to be the good guy but these blasted jedi have me locked up in there prison like some sort of crinimal. They haven't even bothered to tell me why! I can only wait till the republic pulls some strings so i can get out of this blasted place!

As a Jedi gaurd walked passed I slammed my hands on the force field to get his attention and shouted out "Hey! Mind telling me why I'm in here!? Ouch" Forgetting the force-field was electric, I burnt my hands slamming on them.

The gaurd just looked at me for a spilt second, and without a word he walked away "Get back you Sith Spit!"

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A young woman poured some water in a glass in her kitchen. She took it along with her own glass to her living room. In the living room on chair, sat a man in normal farmer robes. He looked at the woman as she offered him a glass.
"Thank you." he said, taking the glass and slowly drinking it, thinking about something else.
"Well." the woman began, a bit unsure of what to say. "I see that you are back Ryan. I haven't seen you in a long time."
Ryan looked at her and smiled, he remembers when they were children that they liked to play together.
"I am back now, aren't I?" he said smiling "How was life to you Gina?"
Gina sighed and looked around.
"Not so well like you see. The crops haven't been growing so well." she said.
Ryan noticed that the house wasn't exatcly at it's best, but it was nicer compared to where Ryan lived.
"What happened to our parents?" he asked looking at her.
She sighed, Ryan imediatley realised.
"I am sorry, Gina."
"Yours didn't really survive now didn't they?" she said with a few tears in her eyes.
Ryan lowered his head to look at the glass, but he was acctuely trying to remember his parents. Alan and Rita Pano, two farmers.
"Ryan, why didn't you come back to Dantooine? We could have made a fortune together."
Ryan looked at her with sadness and guilt. Indeed he could have returned but he didn't.
"I was in exile. I couldn't come back." he explained.
"You couldn't return to the Order. But you could have returned here." she said holding his hand, tightly a bit because he left.
"I did many things that I wasn't proud of during the war." he said with sadness and guilt. "And I am sorry for not being there for you."
"No." she began "You were always there for me. But you were never there for yourself."
Ryan lowered his head in shame. All he did was make mistakes in his life.
"Could I enter the Enclave?" asked Ryan.
"Are you serious?" she asked with suspicion. "They will arrest you the second you enter it."
"That's what I am inteding to do." he replied.
"Why?" she asked.
"I want to see how it looks like." he replied.
"That's a long shot just to see how something looks like." she said as a remark, Ryan started to get up.
"I'll be back." he said holding her shoulder. "I promise."
"Be careful." she said holding his hand.
He then smiled and held her hand for a while. Then he let it go and left. He exited the house onto the great plains of hay. He walked towards the Enclave. He then went beihnd it where a small entrance was. He remembers that hole, it was the same hole he used often to visit his parents or go on a date. He laid down and went through the hole. He was in the ventilation system and he looked at how many Padawans walked along the corridors, talking about their lives. He then saaw that underneath him, there was no one and he didn't hear anyone. He thought that it was a good moment to jump out and go to his quarters. He removed the panel slowly and carefully, afraid that he might warn someone. Then he went thoguth and jumped. He started running, but suddenly someone yelled:
"Don't move!"
He closed his eyes, he made a mistake. He turned around slowly and worried. Those were two Padawans: a man and a woman. The man had a yellow sabre and the woman had a purple sabre. They were pointing tehir sabre towards him. He put his hands in the air.
"What are you doing here?" asked the woman.
"You will arrest me no matter what the reason is. So I guess I am off to the prison."
The man pushed him and said:
Ryan moved slowly with his hands in the air, he was embarrased at how he made a fool of himself. The next thing he knew he was in prison.
At least they didn't recognise me he thought with a little relief. He looked at the other cell and saw that there was another man there. Ryan lowered his head and started to sleep.

((steven are you on Dantooine?))

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I sat there, looking at my red, numb hands. Luckly the burn wasnt that serious and didnt go any tissue damage. I saw the jedi gaurd bring in another man and put him into the cell acorss. When the gaurd left I leaned foward and said to the man "Hey! What did you do to get thrown in this ses-pit?"

01-07-2006, 03:05 PM
Just as the other man, the one called Ryan Pano on Dantooine, was
about to reply, both prisoners heard footsteps--heavy, decisive ones.

"How are you?" asked an uncharitable voice. "I hope you're finding your
accommodations comfortable." Master Vrook furrowed an eyebrow. His
look was stern, unforgiving, the look of a judge. He stepped forward.

"You," he said to the first prisoner. "I would call you 'Sith spit', but that
would be unbecoming of a Jedi Master. You do know why you're here, don't
you?" The man in the Force cage remained silent, and Vrook sighed. "It
would be better if you answered me, but since you will not, I'll move on."

This time, he turned to Ryan Pano. "It seems to me like I know your face,"
he said matter-of-factly, "but not your name. So long ago, were you a Padawan,
one of ours? You are strong in the Force, but a danger--wounds surround you."

It made Master Vrook very angry, and bitterly disappointed, to know that
he did not know everything about the two men that the Order held captive.

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I noticed that this new character getting angry. And I have no idea why, I decided to point this out. "Tut tut ut. I thought you jedi's aren't ment to get angry. Ah yah! I know who you are! Your that strict jedi nobody likes.. the name will come to me in a second" I tabbed my foot on the floor while I was think, I usually did that while I was thinking. "Vandar! No wait, thats the short green dude. Vrook! The way you act dosen't really resemble a jedi. You mind me of a sith captain that I once killed"

01-07-2006, 03:31 PM
Vrook's eyes grew dark. "You will stay silent, prisoner. As for the Sith
captain you killed, I congratulate you on your service, but it seems
you have lapsed into the smuggling and criminal ways that you had
formerly abandoned." He rubbed his chin, deep in thought. "Or have
I made a mistake? You are the leader of the Black Contraband gang,
are you not?" Vrook hoped and prayed to the Force that he was right.

01-07-2006, 03:41 PM
"Your right. I'm also involved with serial killings, kidnapping and I deal drugs to your little jedi children when they've had enoug with your tight @$$" I said sarcasticlly "Hell no! I haven't even heard of a Black Contraband! It's accuatly Black Crisis but I'll let you off on that one. I'm part of the gang but I'm no leader. Close though" I lied. I didn't want this guy to know a thing about me. I was kind of lucky I was given training to resist force mind reading methords by my employers.

01-07-2006, 03:50 PM
Vrook's face twisted into a snarl. "Don't toy with me," he said. "I could
have you sit in that Force cage for the rest of this year if I wanted, or
even for two years. However, since I am one of the Jedi, I will not. This
'Black Crisis' gang is not one with which I'm familiar; I'll have to do some
research into it. However, you are still under suspicion as a smuggler, and
as far as I'm concerned, the illegal weapons in your satchel prove it so."

The Master stepped back, but then turned his head. "Tysy? Padawan?
Why are you here?" He noticed that his former apprentice had returned.

"I've come to ask for a second chance. To beg." She bowed her head.
"The Force is strong with me now, and I promise I will undertake whatever
challenges that you have in store for me. Please, Master. I wish to serve,
and to protect the galaxy!" Her liquid blue eyes were full of pleading, of hope.

Master Vrook folded his arms. "I'm sorry, but you've had that chance before.
I know the Force flows within your veins with an uncommon strength, but
we've already enlisted the man that I spoke of yesterday into our program.
There is no room for you." He sighed. "I suggest you depart, especially since
this is the area of holding cells. These prisoners are dangerous, or could be
if they manage to deactivate these Force fields. Again, I'm sorry, Tysy."

The girl stared for a moment, wide-eyed, but then nodded. She glanced
at the two men. What had they done to anger the Jedi, she wondered?

01-07-2006, 04:31 PM
"Come on Vrook you b******. You can see she has a hell of potentional. I can see it and I I'm not a 'all powerfull jedi' like yourself. And you know if she can't join you she'll just go to the sith. They alwase expect more meat for the grinder. Now Vrook, why would I escape when my employers could just as easily free me. But if there is a weakness, I'd love to know."

01-07-2006, 05:08 PM
Vrook turned to the prisoner again. "If your employers could just as easily
free you, then why aren't they here right now?" He scoffed. "As for Tysy,
she does have potential, but not everyone can meet the standards of
the Jedi Order. Why would she join the Sith? Surely not out of simple
revenge, because Tysy knows the Sith would expect her to kill people.
This Padawan loathes such an idea, except in self-defense."

He put his hand on his left hip, and hung on to the wall with his right.

"Would you care to tell me why you're concerned about anyone but yourself?
I thought mercenaries were that way." One could see the mocking glint in his eyes.

01-07-2006, 05:42 PM
"When did I say I was a mercinary? Thats right I didn't you just assumed I was a mercinary. Now master jedi. I surpose I should tell you who I am. My names Zarlak Wolfe. I'm a commando working for the republic. The senate sent me here to take care of that mandalorian raider problem you seem to be doing nothing about!" I lost my father during the mandalorian war so just the though of mandaloiran made me angry and slightly depressed.

01-07-2006, 05:59 PM
Vrook stepped back, clearly shocked. "You're a soldier for the Republic?
Then I--I apologize, sir! I mistakenly assumed you were the leader of
a criminal gang that has been robbing and harassing the peaceful citizens of
Dantooine, the Black Contraband! Just a moment. Let me release you."

The Jedi Master flipped a switch, and Zarlak Wolfe's Force Cage vanished.

"You must understand--we're under a great deal of stress here, what
with Darth Malak and his Sith making plans for all of us. Did you hear
what he did to Taris? Vaporized, wiped off the map, and we knew
nothing of the attack! I'm ashamed, and very angry, and you can
imagine what emotions like those do to a man." Vrook looked weary.

Before he continued, however, he turned to the other man, Ryan Pano.

"I remember you now," he said. "You were exiled from the Jedi Order.
Pano was your name, wasn't it? Ryan Pano. I said that if you ever
returned to the Enclave, you would be arrested and put in prison.
Well, now you are, and if you are who I think you are, then you
deserve your fate." He turned and exited, motioning Zarlak to follow.

"Sir," he began, "in order to regain your trust, I shall tell you of the great
man whom our Enclave has decided to train in order to try and stop Malak.
He is Darth Revan, the Dark Lord of the Sith, although Malak has damaged
his mind. Revan does not remember anything--who he is, or what his life
has been--so we Jedi have decided to make him a Padawan, one of ours.
That is why I had to fail Tysy--do you understand? This is a Sith Lord!"

01-07-2006, 06:32 PM
"Revan!? This is interesting.." It was a big surprise to hear Revan, the cause the the sith civil war, was still alive, living a new life. "I understand but what will happen to her? She has good poitentional and could aid both of our faction. What if I take her back to coruscant with me?"

My mood had changed from what it was earlier. My concern was for the girl. I knew if she has forced to leave whatever happened to her wouldn't be enjoyable. Or maybe it was because I knew who she was.

01-07-2006, 06:34 PM
"You always think that it is all the way you think, Vrook. But I can tell that all you've ever brought was halt in progress because of that." began Ryan with disrespect towards Vrook, but still polite.
"You are dangerous Vrook. Whoever promoted you, must have been someone who can only hope for you to improve. But he or she fooled him or herself. You believe that you are good enough for everything, but no one is good enough for anything."
"The worst thing is that when someone isn't good enough at just one thing, that you have the right to throw away their work, no matter if it was their lifes work."
Ryan looked at Tysy with sorrow and then turned to Vrook.
"I see that she is a Jedi Consular. And she might not be good with a sabre. Why Vrook? Did you forget that you are a Consular yourself and that you are pretty bad with a light sabre yourself?" asked Ryan with disrespect.
"Just you continue like that, your time is nearing it's end Vrook. In the end, you will have to pay." said Ryan like he was making a promise that he will fulfill it as the last goal he will ever make..

01-07-2006, 08:29 PM
Vrook heard Ryan Pano, the Jedi Exile, shouting from his Force Cage.
He told Zarlak, "Please excuse me for a moment. I must attend to
my other prisoner." He bowed and then returned to the holding cells.

"Exile," he began, trying to control his temper as all good Jedi must.
"You say that I will be the one to pay for my actions, for expelling
Tysy. However, I did that for two good reasons. One, because the
girl did not meet our standards of Jedi combat excellence. Two--"

Here he strode forcefully up to Ryan Pano's Force cage and knelt down.

"I expelled her in order to make room for my new Padawan, or should
I say our new Padawan, since Dorak and Vandar and I are cooperating
to train him. He is your old Master, Darth Revan, during the Mandalorian
Wars! I know that you're surprised, Exile, but he has lost his memory.
Darth Malak, his former apprentice, has destroyed his mind through
the power of the Dark Side. We intend to rebuild it, we Jedi, and
hopefully Revan will rejoin us as one of our finest knights to date."

He stood up. "However, I won't let you meet him. If you tell him that
he is Revan, he will most assuredly turn back to the Dark Side. We
have not told him the truth. Doing so will be suicide for the Order.
If you promise not to tell Darth Revan of his true identity, I will
let you go. There's no good reason to keep you locked up here,
as we are sending you back to your exile." He released the cage.

After doing so, he and Ryan met Zarlak again, and Master Vrook said,
"If you can find her, you may. I give you permission to take her back
to Coruscant, and you may train her as you like. However, if she
is not to be found, that is no great loss, as Revan is our gain."

01-07-2006, 08:36 PM
Meanwhile, Tysy, her heart broken for the second time, had fled
into a broken and run-down farmhouse she had heard about. It had
been turned into a makeshift cantina, a dive called the Spiked Slime.

Tysy coughed as the smells of herbal smoke and liquor filled her lungs.
"One juma juice, T8-9," she told the droid bartender, trying to hide
her red eyes even though she knew robots didn't sense feelings well.
"And make it extra strong. Please." She coughed again and sat down.

Even though juma juice was a tasty stimulant, meant to give one
an intense burst of energy quickly, Tysy took small sips. She didn't
want to get too 'hyped' too fast, especially in a seedy place like this.
Bar fights were common, even in bars upon usually-placid Dantooine.

"I hope this helps me forget," she said, "or at least turn to something else!"

01-07-2006, 08:54 PM
"I didn't say that you will pay for Tysy only, I said that you will pay overall." whispered Ryan to Vrook in a disrpesectful manner, kneeling down. Ryan paused for a second and then asked:
"What do you mean that you want to train Revan? Didn't you always say that it was a mistak to train him? Why would you do it again? The only thing he is good for, considering that he lost his memory, is either leadership or-"
Ryan looked at Vrook in shock.
"You want to use him. You want to dig out his artifact of power."
Vrook shushed him a bit.
"Not so loud." warned Vrook.
"So you give a chance to him, the man that began all this mess and killed millions. And I, who fought and saved millions, am exiled?" Ryan depoleyed a rethorical question. "You are a worm, Vrook. A manipulative coward who can't do anything right."
"Now that I think of it." began Ryan "I am glad that I was exiled. Choosing to serve under you was one of the worst mistakes of my life."
"And Malachor doesn't count?" asked Vrook with despise.
Ryan frowned with hate and disrespect:
"Pulling your arguments from someone elses mistakes. I was expecting better."
Vrook got up and started talking to Zarlak:
"Now, we can make sure that you-"
As Vrook talked, Ryan was still kneeling down, looking at Vrook with disprespect and despise. He wanted to bring justice to this world more than anything. And he was going to do it right now, right then.

((Can I control Revan also?))

01-07-2006, 09:19 PM
"A little young yet to be here, aren't you Tysy?" Crystal asked quietly, taking a seat next to the younger girl. As she sat, she frowned.

"I haven't seen much of you lately," she went on. "Come now, Tysy. Tell me why you've been hiding."

01-07-2006, 09:36 PM
(OOC: Yes, you may control Revan as well.)

Tysy smiled a half-sad smile at her more experienced friend, and then
she sighed. "I've--I've failed the Jedi Order. Master Vrook says that I
don't meet the combat standards that he and Vandar and Dorak have
set forth, and so I can't become a Jedi Knight." She took another sip
of her juma juice. "Even though he's right, I can't believe he failed me!"

Realizing what she'd just said, Tysy gave a short laugh. "Hmph! More like
I failed him. Crystal, do you know this has been my dream since I was seven?
It's a hard one to realize, but it's even harder to give up." She looked at
Crystal sadly. "Was he right? Did I let the Jedi down, or did he let me down?"

01-08-2006, 12:45 AM
"Neither one," Crystal answered with a smile. "Come Tysy, I'll teach you what I know." She smirked. "Given the fact that I'm a telepath among Jedi, I should be able to offer you helpful teachings based on what I've subconsciously gathered from them."

"And you needn't worry about the Council's approval," she added with a smile. "The Jedi Council does not control me, nor does it have the right to tell me what to do. Remember, Tysy, I am no Jedi. Merely a Force-stupid telepath with telekinetic abilities."

She laughed and stood. "But come away, Tysy. This is no place for either of us."

01-08-2006, 05:56 AM
A man then came in screeming "MANDALORIANS RAIDERS ARE HERE!!" The man went flue foward with the sound of a riffile being fired. A split second later several mandalorians entered the cantina and becan shooting everything that moves.

((Now you can get captured and Zarlak will come and rescue you or you can kill them))

I had gotten quiet bored and I needed to complete my mission so that those blasted mandalorians didn't do any more damage. "Just tell me where you put my weapons and equipment. The more time I waist in this ses-pit the more damage the mandalorians do to the people who YOU are ment to protect"

01-08-2006, 06:57 AM
((Do we have to follow the KOTOR 1 story?))

Ryan was still kneeling, trying to think what will he do. Suddenly the shields became disabled and he got up and walked out of the cage. Vrook looked at Ryan and pulled his green lightsabre at him.
"I am warning you, Exile. One more step and you are dead."
Ryan looked at the green sabre with despise. He was threatened before, he was threatened most of time and he was threatened now. Not anymore.
"You know Vrook." began Ryan "I am sick of the things that I recieved in my life."
"And I am going to make sure that no one ever brings injustice again!" said Ryan grabbing his two hands and knocking the lightsabre out of his hand. Vrook tried to use the Force, but Ryan punched Vrook with his right hand in the torso. Vrook made several steps back and Ryan approached him. Before Vrook could react, Ryan kicked him with his right leg in the torso; Ryan then ducked andjumped knocking down Vrook. Vrook was unconciouss. Ryan then turned to Zarlak:
"I have a sugestion for you. We can cooperate and try to fight these Mandalorians to defend the Enclave. Then we will grab a ship and try to get out of here."

01-08-2006, 07:27 AM
"Sure. I could use a hand.I allready have a shuttle here in the landing pads" I dont know why I did this but I bent down and injected him with a sleeping poition and pulled him into a force-cage. I got out and activated the force cage "The poition will keep him asleep for 12 hours and I'm guessing it'll take him another half an hour to get out So we dont have much time to kill their leader"

01-08-2006, 03:02 PM
((If you would, that would be great. I meant for Tysy's story to parallel the
KOTOR I events. Thank you, Vlad! :) By the way, are the Mandalorian raiders
in the Enclave, as I suspect they are, or at the Spiked Slime with Crystal
and Tysy?))

01-08-2006, 03:17 PM
((There in the Spiked Slime. You can either kill them or be captured or just escape without doing jack s***))

01-08-2006, 03:52 PM
((All right then, here I come with Revan))

Dereck was in the Main Chamber when the alarm went off. He wore a Light Battle Armour. Dereck listened to the alarm, thinking of helping defend the Enclave and the population of Dantooine.
"This looks like a good opprotunity to prove yourself." said Dorak.
"What do I have to do?" asked Dereck.
"Take the Ebon Hawk crew members and defend the Enclave. That way you will prove that you are worthy enough of joining the Jedi Order." said Vandar.
"I will do my best." said Dereck.
Dereck pulled out his heavy blaster in his right hand and exited the chamber, Bastila followed him. Outside the chamber was Carth who was waiting for them.
"What is going on?" asked Carth surprised as soon as they approached him.
"Mandalorians are attacking the Enclave. We are required to defend it." replied Bastila quickly.
"Let's go and take the rest of the crew to fight." sugested Carth.
They all ran to the Ebon Hawk and gathered the crew. Each of them equiped a ranged weapon except Bastila. They ran towards the Hall Ways of the Enclave. When they got there, the Mandalorians have breached the wall and were shooting anything they saw. The Mandalorians who had heavy reapeating blasters saw the Ebon Hawk crew. One yelled:
"Shoot them!"
The Mandalorians started to shoot with everything they got. The Ebon Hawk crew ducked behind a wall which was in fact the debris of the Enlcave roof. They all exchanged fire with the Mandalorian raiding force. Dereck shot two of them, Carth shot their leader and another two and Canderous killed 4 of them.
The Mandalorians equiped their swords and rushed towards the Ebon Hawk crew. Dereck and the rest of the team drew out their swords, while Bastila equiped a lightsabre. Dereck drew his sword up, blocking and slashing downwards killing a Mandalorian. Misson stabbed one and tripped one down. Bastila cut a Mandalorians head off and kicked one Mandalorian behind her. Carth slashed left and right killing three of them and Canderous stabbed through two of them. The rest of the Mandalorians in that part were starting to retreat.
"It's working." said Carth while equiping a blaster along the rest of them to shoot the raiding group.

"All right, then." said Ryan approaching the door "Meet me in ten minutes in the hangar." Ryan tapped with the panel and the door opened. Ryan exited the door and he saw that there was shooting everywhere. Ryan saw a group of people shoot at the Mandalorians. He turned around and started to walk normally, hoping that they won't see him. He watched them as he went on, trying to be cautious. Suddenly he bumped into a male and a female Jedi that were running to assist the Ebon Hawk crew.
"You?!" yelled the female Jedi. The male Jedi pulled out his light sabre and pointed it towards Ryan.
"You are under arres-" Ryan knocked out both of them with his right fist.

Dereck and the Ebon Hawk crew stopped shooting and turned around. They saw Ryan return his fist to his body. Ryan looked at the group of people who were ready to arrest him.
"Who is he?" asked Mission.
"He is a prisoner. Get him!" said Bastila.
Ryan turned and started to run. Dereck pointed a his blaster towards him.
"Freeze!" yelled Luke.
Ryan just turned, frowned and ran behind the corner. The Ebon Hawk crew started to run to catch up with Ryan. Ryan ran for minutes, trying to avoid the falling debris and the Jedi that were still chasing him. He then turned to the left. He saw a group of Mandalorians entering through the wall. He approached one of them and said:
"Hello. I've never seen you before. What is that on your armour." he pointed towards the center of the Mandalorians armour. The Mandalorian looked down and Ryan punched the Mandalorian with his right hand. The other Mandalorians targeted Ryan. Ryan jumped towards one and knocked the blaster rifle out of his hand with his right leg. As soon as Ryan landed, he hit the Mandalorian with his right elbow. Then he punched one to the left with his left and right fist constantly; Ryan finished the Mandalorian off with a hard slap with his left hand that slashed through the air. Ryan then turned counter clockwise and kicked the incoming Mandalorian. The Mandalorians were lying unconciouss. Then out of the corner, Republic soldiers, Jedi and the Ebon Hawk crew came out.
"There he is! Get him!" yelled a soldier.
Ryan started running down the hall way again. Dereck followed, thinking of just arresting him and to rehabilitate him peacefully.

01-08-2006, 04:17 PM
"Ack! Mandalorians!" Tysy cried, gritting her teeth in hot fury.
Lately, they had been the bane of Dantooine's existence, and
she wasn't about to be taken prisoner by these thugs. Rumor
had it that the Mandalorians fought for the honor and glory
of battle, not the bloodlust of ordinary mercenaries, but it
seemed as if these Mandalorians had never heard of honor.

She and Crystal yanked their lightsabers out of their belt hilts
and began fighting. Mandalorian armor was strong, but the
pure energy of two whirling saber blades was far stronger.
Master Vrook had indeed been right--Tysy's combat skills
were clumsy and awkward--but she kept the attackers
at bay with her proficient use of Slow. This was the
predecessor to Stasis, and her Force Push wasn't
half-bad, either. Would they both survive the fight?

Yes, indeed! The Mandalorians weren't exactly friends of
the other patrons in the Spiked Slime Cantina, and everyone
did their part to ensure their foes got what they deserved--death.

"That was close!" Tysy choked once all the fighting seemed to
be over. The cantina was a mess--overturned tables and chairs,
spilled mugs of space liquor, and sticky, soggy food lying all over
the floor. However, no one seemed to be seriously hurt, and to
Tysy, that was all that mattered. She turned to Crystal.

"What's our next step, Crystal?" she asked. "By the way--did you feel
any...stronger or faster...when you were with me, when we fought?"

01-08-2006, 04:38 PM
"Our next step is to see how the Enclave held up under this..." Crystal answered. Then, her mind registered what Tysy had asked.

"Stronger or faster?" she asked, slightly surprised. "N-no, I didn't." Seeing what she took as disappointment on Tysy's face, she wrapped an arm around the younger girl's shoulders and went on. "But if it had anything to do with the Force, I wouldn't have. I'm Force-stupid, remember?" She smiled cheerfully. "Just a telepath, telekinetic for Force knows what reason."

As an afterthought and more to herself, she added the words, "Gost lpoxt!" yet another sample of the strange language she spoke that noone else could understand or assign a name to. With that, she guided Tysy out of the Spiked Slime and back toward the Enclave.

01-08-2006, 05:11 PM
While the fighting started I rushed to the jedi armour. In there I searched for any weapon I could make any use of. I took from the armour

several lightsabers, my commando training taught me how to use them,
two blasters
a vibroblade
a shot gun
and several grenades
and a few bands witch may seem strangh but you'll see why later

I then fitted myself with some medium armour that was in there. I then went outside and began to shoot with the two blasters. I saw a mandalorian boat pulled up next to the broken bridge. A squad of mandalorians jumped on the muddy garden infront of the enclave. I got behind the derbis of a large droid and opened fire on them. Once I had ran out of ammo I pulled out the shot-gun and a vibroblade. I sprinted for the boat. By then there were only two mandalorians left and the driver of the boat. I rolled foward as the mandalorian shot there mandalorian riffiles in my direction. I dodged the shots and then I finished my roll I shot both of the mandalorians with my shot-gun killing them both.
I the jumped on the boat, stabbe the driver in the black of the head with the vibroblade. I pulled it out and dipped the blade in the water to remove some the the blood. I pulled out a grenades, activated it and dropped it on the floor of the boat. I jumped to the other side of the lake where jedi's and mandalorians were melee combating.

01-08-2006, 05:59 PM
Tysy looked askance at Crystal, hearing her strange words, but she decided
not to ask her about them. If Crystal wanted to tell her what she had said,
then she would, but for now there were more pressing matters at hand.

She and her older mentor dashed out of the smoldering cave of debris
that was once the Spiked Slime Cantina, and they fled toward the Enclave.

Many more Mandalorians had been slaughtered there as well, Tysy saw,
but for the life of her, she couldn't understand why they all had been
attacked. Were these Mandalorians in league with the Sith? That was
the only reason that the failed Padawan could come up with in regards
to their assault. Or perhaps they were just common criminals, and thugs.

Nevertheless, the first person Tysy saw that she recognized was short
and green, and he carried a Consular's lightsaber. "Master Vandar!" she cried.

"Under attack our Enclave has been," Vandar said matter-of-factly, "but
the least of our worries, these Mandalorians are. Tysy, do you know why
Master Vrook failed you? It was not simply because weak with a lightsaber,
you were. The man who is taking your place is no ordinary Padawan, my child."

"Who is he?" asked Tysy, looking at Crystal with eyes that said, "Uh-oh..."

"A Sith Lord, he was. Revan is his name. Masters Vrook and Dorak and I
are re-training him in the ways of the Light. Destroyed his mind, his old
apprentice has, and now Revan's mission is to try and stop Darth Malak.
He paused, putting a tiny hand in Tysy's. "Revan is the only one who has
a remote chance of striking down his former student. Save the galaxy,
he can, and you can help. A mission I have for you, failed Padawan."

"What is it?" asked Tysy, almost breathless. "Why are you sending me on
a mission when Master Vrook says I cannot be a part of the Jedi Order?"

"Know of this, Vrook does not. See the truth, Vrook does not. Great
potential have you, and the Force runs much stronger within your veins.
Made a vow, you have, and the Force will hold you tightly to it. I want
you to go to Korriban, along with your--" and here he furrowed his brow
at Crystal--"companion. A ship I have for you, a humble courier's vessel.
Holocrons there are on Korriban, and I want you to find as many as you
can. Especially, one that holds the secrets of how the Sith Code began."

"What is this Holocron called?" asked Tysy. "Does it have a special name?"

"Know that, I do not," said Vandar, "but these Holocrons may hold the key
to helping Revan destroy the Sith. You must go now, before too much time
elapses. May the Force be with you, and if you succeed, make you a Knight,
I will!" Vandar gazed proudly at Tysy, who stood there, utterly shell-shocked!

"T-thank you," she stammered, "but who will be my Master on this mission?"

"Trust your feelings, Padawan," said Vandar, "and the Force will guide you
to the one whose power you will increase by two hundred percent..."

Tysy blinked. Vandar knew much more about her vow than she'd thought possible...

01-08-2006, 07:10 PM
Ryan ran for a long time down the long corridor. The Republic guards, The Jedi and the Ebon Hawk crew tirelessly haunted him. Suddenly Ryan took a desperate turn to the exit. The officer that ran along with the guards was panting madly, but he managed to yell:
"Stop... STOP HIM!"

Ryan ran along and he managed to jump before the door closed. He fell to the ground, several passers looked at him with surprise.
Inside the chasers got to the door. The officer turned to the droid that controlled the door:
"Open this door, now!" he commanded with rage.
"I cannot sir. The blast doors only open with the override codes." replied the droid.
"I could have bypassed it if it was a computer, but in this case, I am not experienced." said Mission sadly.
"I'll try." said Dereck and he approacehd the door. He tampered with the controls to try to open the door.

Outside Ryan got up. Several passers were shocked at how Ryan jumped through the door. He got up imediatley and started running.
"Out of my way!" he said pushing a passer.
The blast door opened and the chasers stepped out. Bastila turned to the pushed passer and asked him in a hurry:
"Have you seen a man in a hurry?"
The passer replied in an alien language. He didn't seem to be so pleased or happy, then he pointed towards the way Ryan ran.
"All right. Let's divide." began Bastila stopping at one point. "Capitan you take the left turn. You two take the right. Canderous, Dereck and Mission take the forward one. And I and Carth will take the back part. Got it?"
They all nodded and started going to the directions they were just given.

Ryan ran like mad, he was not going to allow to be thrown into jail yet again. He rushed towards the large door in the distance. It was the hangar in front of which was a crossroad. He rushed as fast as he could. But in the distance, Vandar was there with two Padawans. The door was closing and by the time Ryan got there, they were closed. Ryan imediatley wanted to start running, but as soon as he turned the chasers arrived.
"Don't move scumbag!" yelled the officer that came from the right. The Jedi came from the left. Canderous, Dereck and Mission came from the back and Bastila and Carth from the back. They all pointed their guns and lightsabres towards him.
"You ar under arrest in the name of the Jedi Order." said Bastila, holding her stance.
Ryan coldly narrowed his eyes and put his hands slowly, with hasitation his hands in the air.
Dereck looked at Ryan and said calmly:
"Whatever your crime is, you will be put on a fair trial. You have the right to defend yourself."
"Like it would make any difference." said angirly Ryan looking back at Dereck.
Ryan tried to look away from Dereck, but he then looked at Dereck longer in shock. It was Revan, Ryan recognised him.
"It would." began Dereck, not paying attention to Ryan's shocked way of looking "Acording to the inter-galactic law, you are required to be put on trial after you escape prison."
"And did you wonder, why was I put to prison?" asked Ryan "Does it have something to do with my past? Maybe even with yours?"
The last sentense caused Bastila to widen her eyes and get ready to attack, Vandar watched calmly. Dereck looked at Ryan confused and asked:
"I don't know what are you talking about."
Vrook was right. His memory really is dead. thought Ryan in sadness.
"And why should I trust the court? They will condem me because they are bribed." said Ryan with despise.
"Jedi will be the judges." said Dereck "Not normal judges."
"Exatcly my point." said quietly Ryan.
"But the worst thing is." began Bastila and Ryan turned to her, his hands were still above his head "That by making this... incident. You have made your problems worse. If you had studied the Jedi Code, maybe you could have done better." she finished like she wanted to make a remark. Ryan looked at her with a charming smile and said:
"You think?"
The charming smile turned into a cold one and he said:
"We'll se about that."
He then turned around and punched the 18 year old Padawan, making her fall unconciouss. He then grabbed faster, than they could react the younger Padawan by the neck. He was behind her and they couldn't do anything.
"I am sorry that it had to end this way." he began calmly but he then continued with rage "But I am sick and tired of you people trying to put me in prison at any opprotunity you get."
Canderous and Bastila wanted to attack, but as Bastila withdrew immediatley, Canderous followed.
"Unless you people let me go. I will choke her and kill this Padawan here as well."
Ryan was bleffing, he would never harm or touch a human being and he regretted for doing this right now. The strange thing was that Vandar didn't stop him. Ryan didn't understand this one bit, why would he trust him.
But what was even more stranger, was that Dereck remained silent. Everyone else was convinced that he would no doubt do it. But still Dereck remained silent and, to Ryan's surprise, Bastila did also.

Ryan didn't know what to do. All he could count on was that Zarlak arrives so that he could leave Dantooine. And avoid any chance of retruning again.

01-08-2006, 07:23 PM
((Vladimir-Vlada, are you referring to Tysy and Crystal in that last part? ))

01-08-2006, 07:25 PM
((You can do whatever you want. Crystal is unconciouss [she can wake up], while Tysy is being held by the throat))

01-08-2006, 07:37 PM
Crystal opened her eyes and looked up at the stranger that had attempted to knock her out (yeah, that's right, you didn't really knock her out... but you did knock her over).

"You top og a civzh," she murmured, lapsing again into her language. She stood slowly to make sure he knew she wasn't going to try anything that might be considered foolish and turned to face the others. "Well this is a lovely mess, isn't it?"

Turning to Ryan, she said, "I'm not liking this much. First, I'm no Jedi, Padawan or otherwise. Second, that's my friend you're holding there. I don't like people who hold and threaten my friends..." She tilted her head to one side. "Even if your thoughts tell me you'd not actually do anything to her."

She took a step toward him. "If you don't want to be here, why did you come in the first place?"

((Crystal is a telepath, not through the Force. She's sensing your thoughts right out of your mind... it's why, even if you have Force barriers there, she can still read your mind.))

01-08-2006, 08:08 PM
Ryan heard Crystal ask him the question and he replied by thinking:
I came here... To remember what it once was, to have a home, to have parents and a future. I did make mistakes in my life, but I thought that those who condemed me are long gone.

I was born on Dantooine. I just wanted to go home. But acctuely, I was looking for an assignment. I didn't find any... And I wanted to make peace with my past and continue my path. I didn't find anything that would help me bring back the life I had, and I lost all connection to what I had.

But it doesn't matter anymore. Because I don't need the Jedi Order. And I have an assignment I mean to accomplish. thought Ryan looking at Dereck.

01-08-2006, 08:08 PM
Tysy, her body trembling, was extremely grateful that Crystal was trying
to protect her. If she had been Crystal, with Crystal's powers, Tysy was
not so sure that she would still have been able to do the same. She sensed
that the man holding her was no mere criminal, but someone who had
angered the Jedi Order enough for them to want his imprisonment. A
fugitive Dark Jedi, perhaps, or one who had been banished previously...

"I--" Tysy began. "If you let me go, sir, and you promise not to kill me,
then I will be your apprentice for as long as you wish it. I'm not a true
Padawan--Master Vrook has told me that I've failed him--but if you
would find me useful, I will accept your training. Just--don't--choke me,
and do what you seem so willing, and yet so unwilling, to do."

She waited with baited breath. The man still held her by the throat,
but Tysy felt less afraid. Unless he truly was a Dark Jedi, he might
listen to her. She knew the Sith, or at least the ones under Darth
Malak, rarely took prisoners. Would her captor accept her offer?

She heard Master Vandar say, "Think on this, you should, Exile."

01-08-2006, 09:22 PM
Ryan stood their, desperate and tense. He only held the hand now tightly barely touching Tysy's neck. He didn't know what to do. If he agrees to her offer, he will be to blame if something goes wrong; but if he chokes her, he will be a real criminal then. He then realised that there was only one choice, even thought he didn't like it.
Ryan let go Tysy and pushe her lightly. He closed his eyes and and he shaking in desperation raised his hands.

"I surrender." he whispered.
Then, suddenly, Vrook appeared, holding his neck and being followed by a medical droid.
"I am telling you I am fine. Now will you just-"
Vrook then saw Ryan. Vrook looked at Ryan with despise:
"You are looking at a pretty long sentense, old friend. I think that that should teach you a lesson."
"I can assure you that he will." said the officer coming up to ryan and tying his hands "Assault on a Jedi Padawan. Escaping from prison. Attempted assasination of a member of the High Jedi Council..." while the officer spoke, Ryan remained silent and when the officer tied Ryan he told Ryan: "You are facing a life sentense on Kessel, my friend. Come."
"Wait." someone spoke and the officer and Ryan turned around. Dereck stepped out.
"I will take him to the hangar to make sure he boards the prison vessel." said Dereck calmly, thinking about the situation in his head.
"Here you go." said the officer and told him where the hangar was.
Dereck started to lead Ryan, holding a gun pointed in Ryan's back. Ryan could only think about how he failed in his life miserably, his mood completely degraded. As Dereck lead Ryan to the hangar he started to reconsider everything that had happened. Dereck saw that Ryan didn't really behave like a Dark Jedi or Sith Soldier; it was like Ryan was desperate and tired of hiding, of guilt and prisons. Dereck felt sorry for Ryan and he also realised that instead of taking Tysy's offer, he decided to surrender; sacrifisng his freedom for the sake of the good, correcting a mistake.

They reached a hidden corner of the hangar. Ryan awaited for the ramp to open. Dereck untied Ryan and pushed him lightly and saying: "Go."
Ryan turned in surprise, Revan just released him.
"Why are you letting me go?" asked Ryan sadly.
"Because I believe that you are not a criminal." replied Dereck convinced in it.
"But I am a danger to the Galaxy." said Ryan.
"No, you are not." replied Dereck calmly.
"And what if I prove you wrong?" asked Ryan.
"That will be up to you, not me." replied Dereck.
"The Republic and the Jedi won't forgive you if they find out." said Ryan.
"They are not always right." replied Dereck. "Now go. I hope that you will do waht you think is right."

Dereck withdrawed and left. Ryan stood there not moving in surprise. For years everyone condemed him, didn't trust him, hate him and not forgive him for his mistakes. But now, Revan did. To Revan it seemed like a small act of kindness, to Ryan it seemed like a blessing. Then Ryan decided to start helping. He wanted to help the entire Galaxy and Revan, but first, the girl.

Ryan thought calmly: I wish to help her
Then take the Litium Ridge, to travel to Korriban. She will go there, and you can wait for another companion Vandar sent a message to Ryan, like an order.
I will do my best thought Ryan.

Ryan looked around a to look for a ship called "Lithium Ridge". He found that it was a small ship the size of a small house. He ducked near it to hide and he sent a message to Zarlak across the communicator:
"Meet me at the far North West corner of the hangar. We have a ship."
And Ryan decided to wait.

01-08-2006, 09:53 PM
((Will Tysy and the Exile, Ryan, be aboard the same ship?))

((Will edit this post))

01-09-2006, 11:35 AM
"Really?" Replied Zarlak. "Okay, this battle here is over." He said as he looked across the field, seeing jedi and mandalorian bodies everywhere. Thankfully there where only two or three jedi corpse. Zarlak turned and jogged to the hanger and went to the North West corner and looked for Ryan

01-09-2006, 07:49 PM
((Well they can, but I was thinking that they didn't know about that, at first))
((I wrote this post like Tysy and Crystal are already on the ship))

Ryan saw Zarlak enter the hangar and start searching. He got up and called Zarlaks name. Zarlak didn't hear him so Ryan had to whistle lightly. Ryan, uncomfotablly, whisteled and Zarlak ran to Ryan.
"There you are. Let's try and get aboard this ship." said Ryan to Zarlak.
Ryan stepped to the open ramp and he entered, Zarlak followed. Ryan looked around slowly and walked like he was sneaking. Suddenly, Ryan heard footsteps. Ryan panicked a little and told to Zarlak:
"Quick! Hide!"
Ryan and Zarlak ran into the Cargo bay that was left of them. They hid behind some crates and watched who the crew member was. It was Tysy, she was walking down the hallway. When she disappeared out of view, Ryan got up and sugested:
"Let's get out before it's too-"
Before Ryan could finish, the ramp closed and the ship started to fly. Ryan crouched again as Tysy returned. Ryan frowned with unpleasantness and said to Zarlak:
"Great. Now we have to hide until we get to Korriban. And the worst part is we will have to buy a ship... from Czerka."
Zarlak shrugged and continued crouching.

01-09-2006, 08:31 PM
Korriban. Even the name sent shivers down Tysy's spine. Master Vandar
had indeed sent her on a mission, an extremely dangerous one. How was
she supposed to find the tiny, glowing red Sith Holocrons in the midst of
this vast, barren planet? Even worse, how was she supposed to survive
any onslaughts by the Sith? Crystal would help, but who were a failed
Jedi Padawan and a telekinetic, telepathic rogue against the Dark Jedi?

An uneventful landing. So far, so good. Crystal and Tysy disembarked,
feeling the hot, desert wind blast against their faces. Tysy had once
completed a lesson on a Padawan training computer about the three
death-giving world types. One of them had been "desert", the second
"volcanic", and the third, Korriban's type, was clearly "barren." Other
than the heavy presence of the Dark Side, Tysy could not see, hear,
or feel any signs of life nearby. Other than Crystal, of course!

"Where should we look first?" asked Tysy, gesturing toward an outcropping
of rocks. "Maybe there's a cave over yonder. Want to check it out?"

01-09-2006, 08:46 PM
Crystal smiled thoughtfully and then shook her head. "No. Some sort of creature is resting over there... I don't think it'd be terribly happy if we disturbed it." She stared thoughtfully at the outcropping. "Then again, perhaps I could mentally persuade it to leave us alone."

After a few more seconds, she nodded. "Yes, we'll look over there."

01-09-2006, 09:11 PM
Tysy nodded, and she and Crystal snuck over to the outcropping.
Both girls crept as cautiously as they dared, just in case there was
some creature that would not be pleased if its lair were disturbed.

As it turned out...

"A drexl nest!" whispered Tysy. It appeared to be deserted,
for the pit behind the rock outcropping was littered with large
eggshells. "Amazing!" She'd never seen one before, for drexls
were rumored to be the winged serpents of the Dark Side.
Within that nest lay a glowing cube, and Tysy thought it
was much too convenient--or maybe a gift from the Force--
that the cube was there. She picked up the Holocron and
put it to her ear. Crystal leaned in closer to peer at it as well.


Passssion. The cube hissed, and then it glowed a soft red.

"Peace is a lie. There is only passion." A man spoke, youngish-sounding.

"Why is this true? I once believed the opposite, when I was a Jedi. My
Masters taught me that peace was the goal, that only through controlling
one's emotions could one achieve true balance, and unity with the Force.
I was not to use my powers as a weapon, nor as a tool to manipulate others.
I was only to use them to serve, and to protect those weaker than myself.

"I wanted peace, and strove to achieve it. However, the love of life that
I felt within me, and the anger I felt at injustice, constantly threatened it.
Why was I supposed to turn the other side of my face to a blow, when the
Sith were murdering hundreds of thousands? I found no peace, only questions
and sorrows and fears, when I thought about this tenet of the Jedi Code.

"Through passion, I gain strength. If anger and fear and sorrow were what
consumed me, what plagued my thoughts night after night, then why could
I not turn them to my advantage? Once, I did, and the relief I felt was almost
palpable. I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. At last,
I realized that the Jedi Code, noble though it was, had flaws and weaknesses...

"Through strength, I gain power. This much was obvious to me, or it
should have been from the very start. The Jedi draw their strength
either from their Code, which is flawed, or their inner serenity, which
can be broken. Even the Masters are not droids, who have no feelings.
What strength can be drawn from abasing oneself, groveling before one's
enemies instead of striking them down? Instead, I draw my strength from
fighting, from battle, from wounding and killing the foes I have sworn to kill...

"Through power, I gain victory. Someday, I will. Victory will be mine, when
I claim the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith. Only the strongest will rule in
our only true Order, and I will be the strongest. Malak shall not defeat me,
and neither will he use me to his own advantage. I am stronger than he is,
and he knows it. I have more power, and by the Dark Side, I will not lose it!

"Through victory, my chains are broken. What are my chains? The chains
of sleepless nights, the chains of conventional morality, the chains of protecting
ingrates who do not give me one word of thanks for the wounds that I take
upon myself, or the sacrifices that I make day by day. The chains of weakness.

"The Force will free me. Even though I am Revan, without the Force, I am nothing."


The Holocron fell silent. Tysy let it fall into her palm, her mouth agape.

01-09-2006, 09:53 PM
Even though Tysy didn't notice it, Ryan followed the two young Jedi into the cave; informing Zarlak earlier.Stealthy as he was, Ryan hid above on a small plateau on the cealing. Ryanrd the holocron as it spoke; it was... dreadful to Ryan, that such a great man begins a crusade of darkness, because people didn't want to say thanks to him.

Ryan didn't require to be thanked, the smile on peoples faces was enough for him. Ryan then turned down and watched as Tysy and Crystal silently gazed at the holocron on the ground.

01-10-2006, 12:57 AM
"Well that was... educational," Crystal murmured, finally breaking the silence. Her eyes never left the holocron. "Ozh gost, you top og a Tivzh..."

She shook her head slowly. "The fall of Revan... something I'd heard of, but never wanted to... hear."

01-10-2006, 09:52 AM
Tysy didn't speak for the full space of five minutes. This was the testimony
of the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, contained in a tiny glowing artifact that
Master Vandar would find priceless. How chilling it all was, how revealing, and
most importantly...how logical it seemed to Tysy. She had learned that only
Sith deal in absolutes, but here was Revan exposing the flaws of the Jedi Code.

Not that Tysy believed Revan yet. She only wanted to take the Holocron
back to the Enclave, to see if this was the treasure Vandar was looking for.

"I never believed that I'd hear it," rasped Tysy, "but now that I have, I feel...
soiled. Corrupted. Let's get this back to Master Vandar before someone sees us."

The two boarded their courier's vessel quickly and sped off into hyperspace.
Unbeknownst to them, Ryan Pano, the Jedi Exile, was following. Tysy considered
it very fortunate that no Sith had been wandering about the area--otherwise they
both might have been assassinated. "The Force has been good to us," she told
Crystal, "and thank you for coming along on this mission! Hopefully, this is the
special Holocron that Vandar wants to see, and that seeing it will help save the
galaxy from Darth Malak and the Sith." Darth Malak--had he been Sith from the
start, or had he fallen to the Dark Side as Revan had? Tysy was quite curious.

So was Master Vandar, once the two girls had returned to the Enclave.

"A Holocron you've found...but only one?" Master Vandar raised his eyebrow.

"I know it's only one," replied Tysy apologetically, "but I think you'll find it's
an important one. The speaker on the Holocron is none other than Darth Revan!"

"Revan?!" Even a Jedi Master of his caliber had trouble hiding his surprise, and
hidden shock. Vandar had not expected the girls to find this Holocron, but
perhaps another, a more ancient one, detailing the origins of the Sith Code.
He listened to the cube with taut muscles, his face tensing at each word.
Once Revan had finished speaking, Vandar clenched the Holocron tightly.

He closed his eyes and spoke. "Destroy this Holocron...we must."

"But, why, Master?" asked Tysy. "Now we know at least part of why Revan
fell to the Dark Side! With this clue, perhaps we could find him. Where he is,
there might be Darth Malak! Please, Master. Don't destroy this artifact, this
treasure we have found. Unless it is a fake, in which case, do destroy it."

"A forgery it is not," replied Vandar, "but it must be dismantled. Dangerous
it is for young, sensitive ears, and I am sorry that you both had to hear it."

Vandar crunched the cube within his fist, and it crumpled like a piece of paper.

Tysy's heart raced, and it felt like it was about to explode. What?! Why?!

01-10-2006, 11:31 AM
On the way sneaking onto the jedi's ship Zarlak tripped over a rock,Ryan had not noticed untill he had entered the ship and looked behind. Zarlak picked himself up and continued running to the ship but it was too wait. When he was only 7 footsteps away the ship lifted off.
"Dammit" Said Zarlak as he watched his way off this god forsaken planet but worst of all in the distance he saw a sand storm heading straight in his direction.

01-10-2006, 11:32 AM
Vandar turned around in grief and started to walk towards the Council chambers. Ryan was above on the celing, staying hidden. Ryan knew that the holocron was the key to proving that Ryan was right, that something had to be done to stop the Mandalorians. He wasn't going to let Vandar destroy Ryans only chance of living without guilt.
He jumped from above and grabbed the holocron out of Vandars hand while flying right left of him. Ryan rolled and got up quickly. Vandar looked at Ryan in surprise.

"Exile... We cannot leave that artifact at will. If more Jedi saw it, it will only make them understand it wrongly and they would fall to the Dark Side." said Vandar, trying to convince the Exile to give him the holocron.
Ryan narrowed his eyes at Vandar and said:
"Why are you so afraid of this? Revan figured it out. He saw the flaws in the Jedi Order. And you forsake it?" Ryan said as a remark.
"You must understand that we cannot afford to lose anymore allies now." began Vandar "Everyone is submitting to the teachings of the Sith."
"Even me, isn't it?" Ryan cut Vandar off.
"No, that is not what I meant to say."
"This holocron can prove that it was Master Vrooks fault that Revan became the Lord of Darkness. This is my chance to prove that I did the right thing by defending people." said desperatley Ryan.
"But Padawans won't see it as you do. It is not even the way you see it, Exile." explained Vandar.
"Why do you keep calling me Exile?" asked desperatley Ryan "I have a name! My name is Ryan!"
"That holocron is dangerous, Ryan." said Vandar a little worried "The Sith would do anything to get it. They would use it to draw others to the Dark Side."
"But if Vrook stays, even more of them will join the Sith!" exclaimed Ryan.
"That is a problem, not solved by holocrons, but by words." explained calmly Vandar.
"All I ever used were words, but all I got from him was prison."
Vrook showed up and saw the holocron Ryan held in his hand.
"Give me that." ordered Vrook, but Ryan looked at him with despise.
"No." replied Ryan putting the holocron in his pocket and started running.
Vrook looked at the two girls and said:
"What are you waiting for? Get him!"


The Ebon Hawk landed on Tatooine, the sandy planet of the Galaxy. The crew walked out with Dereck at it's rear. They all stopped.
"Well here we are." began Carth "Tatooine. How are we going to find a Star Map here?"
"We could grab some rumours in the cantina." sugested Mission.
"We need equipment." said Canderous.
"And food." added Juhani.
"All right, let's get under way." sugested Bastila. They all nodded and started to walk, Bastila stood in her spot. Dereck started to walk. Dereck walked past Bastila when she turned to him and said:
"Did you give him a weapon?"
Dereck stood and looked at Bastila shocked.
"What do you mean?" he asked trying to stay calm.
"You released him, didn't you?" asked Bastila calmly. Dereck closed his eyes and nodded in sadness.
"Did I do the right thing?" asked Dereck sadly.
"It depends on how you see it." began Bastila "He was a prisoner. A stranger who you didn't know, who threatened to kill a person, but you released him. Why?"
Dereck paused for several moments and replied:
"If he was a criminal, he wouldn't surrender." explained Dereck.
"I just hope that your optimism won't be your end." said Bastila "The path of a Jedi is a way where you are required to forget things against your will. Your path is exeptinally hard, because you have to know for yourself when to do the right thing."
Dereck nodded.
"I understand." he replied.
They continued walking with the group.

01-10-2006, 01:25 PM
It was very often I was worried but I had heard how painfull a sandstorm could be, the sands hit you faster and harder than laser bolts, then they fill your lung with sand so along with the pain the sand did to your skin you also also sufficated on the stuff. I began to run across the open,rocky barren surface of Korriban. But I was having no luck, not matter how fast I ran, the sand storm crept closer and closer while I lose more energy.

However, my luck began to change when I saw what looked like a settlement in the distance. My hopes sunk when I got up on a hill and saw how far away the settlement accutly. I quickly caught my breath and continued running. In a few minutes the sandstorm would sollow me up whole.

01-10-2006, 02:55 PM
((I have to apologise to wildjedi since there will be a bit character control here))
((Will edit if wildjedi disagrees))

Ryan ran out of the Enclave, panting madly. He rushed out of the gardens, passing between the small flower beds that existed there. He then saw behind him a young Jedi Padawan, it was Crystal. Ryan frowned and continued running. Since Ryan was fairly faster than many people that were his build or anything, Crystal found it really hard to gain on him. But regretablly, Crystal started to gain on Ryan. He didn't know what to do, he didn't have a plan. Suddenly he remembered that there was a entrance to a Kinrath cave. He jumped over several natrual walls to lose Crystal's tail. He turned left and right until he got to a turning where he knew that there was a entrance.

But when he got there, it was a dead end.
"Damn it!" he swore since the tunnel was burried while he was gone.
Ryan then turned and saw Crystal behind him, he was trapped.
"Are you going to arrest me now?" he asked putting on his charming smile.
Crystal started to approach him. Suddenly Ryan saw a dark figure with a red light in his hand jump towards Crystal.
"Get down!" yelled Ryan jumping towards Crystal and pushing her down before the dark figure could catch her. Ryan got up and saw behind himself four Dark Jedi, wielding red lightsabres. Ryan looked at them with caution to see what they want. A Sith Master appeared on the top of the entrance to the cave, he handed out his empty hand and said:
"The holocron."

Ryan coldly responded:
"Why should I give it to you?"
"We can offer you freedom." replied the Sith Master.
"All I ever recieved from you was being hated because I am a Force User; and it was all because you existed." said with despise Ryan.
"We won't condem you."
"But I will condem you."
"Then we shall take you by force." said the Sith pulling out his dual lightsaber "Attack students!"

The Dark Jedi jumped towards Ryan and Crystal. On Ryans mind were two goals: To stop the Sith from taking the holocron and to save Crystal. A Dark Jedi attempted to cut Ryan in half but Ryan kicked him with his right leg in the torso, making the Dark Jedi fly and hit the wall. Then two Dark Jedi attacked him but Ryan crouched, turning and slipping one while knocking out the other one with his left hand. But then someone hit Ryan in the back of the head and he collapsed, unconciouss.

Ryan woke up in a cage, outside the Sith were dueling with some slaves, a couple of dragon statues were there. Next to Ryans cage was Crystal, unconciouss as well, she was in a cage also. Ryan had to think of a way out, if not for himself, then for this Padawan, Tysy and maybe Zarlak... or perhaps even Revan, because the holocron can be used to turn him to the Dark Side again.

Jedi Atomic
01-12-2006, 09:08 PM
(I guess I could make a story before Darrick and Tara meet. And can you accept this before my character goes to chapter II? I would like at least 1!! post in this thread.)


Darrick walked across the fields of Dantooine waited for the unevitable. He noticed not a living souls as he made his way towards the enclave maybe stir up a little trouble.

Once he came into view of the enclave he noticed a jedi girl walking about, so Darrick decided to confront her.(which is Tara)

(g2g for now update this post later and hopefully ForceFightsWMe12 will post soon.)

01-12-2006, 09:26 PM
Sure! Go ahead! My 50-post rule was a total pile of crap anyway! :D

Jedi Atomic
01-23-2006, 06:18 PM
Tara pushed away from Darrick and walked into the enclave, leaving Darrick. Darrick wondered over to Khoonda and walked in. "Who are you? And what do you want?" a young lady said as Darrick walked up to the receptionist.
"I'm here for some questions about a Jedi girl."
"Well we don't have you set for an appointment, so you must leave."
"Well....can I get an.....appointment?" he said holding his anger, trying to be kind.
"I'm not sur......Wait here's an open spot, for tomorrow about a half hour open! How long would this meeting last?"
"Um.....about 10 minutes. Not even."
"Ok tomorrow 25 minutes after noon."
"Ok. Th.....thank you." he said again trying to be polite."