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05-07-2000, 02:29 PM
I got XWA and updated to v. 2.02 and downloaded Visual Basic and BinHexEdit and downloaded all the modules for v. 2.02. I loaded everything and opened the module up and when I change one of the laser types on a ship for instance it doesn't seem to do anything.... I save what I changed... Am I supposed to make a patch... and if so what do i do with the patch? Can somebody give me a STEP by STEP explanation of how to do this. I am really confused..........

05-07-2000, 04:00 PM
Hmmm, most accurate data is found in the OPT file itself and sometimes changing the values in BHE can have an unexpected result. While playing "Boba Fett's Legacy" I changed SLAVE-I's standard GreenLaser to TurboGreenLaser (This IS Boba's ship afterall and is not stock standard) in BHE and instead of getting 2 TurboGL's I got 1 GL, go figure?.

I'm no expert but some things you could check
1) Are the Weapon Racks for Laser1 enabled or simply set to Opt Defaut 0. I found that sometimes forcibly telling XWA that Laser1 is on Racks A B C made it put the new laser type on those Racks.

2) Are you using the right weapon code. ie. TurboRL and RL look the same, but have different stats (power/speed).

Try the BHE Homepage for help, or perhaps the Code Alliance, but they mainly to ACE_DXF help I think. The best help will probably come from those little bits of info that show up when you go to change something in BHE.

Hope this was SOME help Quaffabeer,

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Rogue 13
05-07-2000, 04:44 PM
I've tried changing laser types with binhex, doesn't work. what i do is use Opt Explorer open the opt from flightmodels, edit the harpoints (with the edit harpoints function,the pen in Panel) to be what i want and then use binhex to change them to the same thing i edited them to.
You can get OPt explorer at www.code-alliance.com (http://www.code-alliance.com)

05-07-2000, 04:54 PM
Look at Darksabers homepage,there is a ´MXvTEd´ editing help for add and edit new ships !! (weapons too)

Steele Aerospace (http://www.michaelboewes.de/xwing) - I have a good feeling about this page ;)