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01-08-2006, 12:36 PM
First FanFic and it is a work in progress =) enjoy..thought this would be fun.

Shadow of Destiny
Of course you all know the story. Reven, former Lord of the Sith, betrayed by his apprentice, striped of his memory by the council, and then unleashed once more into the galaxy to forge a new destiny. Of course you know that storyÖ.but what of me. I doubt you know who I am.

My name is of little concern, but if you require a label for me, I suppose you can call me the watcher. The Jedi council uses me to gather information from around the galaxy that may aid them in their goals to maintain peace. During the threat of the Mandalorians, I was sent to the outer rim in an attempt to discover why the Mandalorians had begun to wage such a blood thirsty war upon the rim worlds. My efforts were in vain however as I never gained the information the council seemed to desire. Due to my failure in my duty, the council did not feel they could yet sanction a counter-offensive against the Mandalorians, which lead the countless more deaths along the rim worlds. Reven, along with his best friend Malak, decided to ignore the councilís judgment and lead the Republic against the Mandalorians. Had I only obtained the information the council needed, perhaps the war would not have cost so many lives.

I had the honor of training with Reven before the war. He was so dutiful. Reven would never bring harm to anyone. He trained me to listen to the living force and become one with my feelings. I must admit, of all the Jedi I have ever known, there were only two that I sought to resemble, Reven and KailÖwho was later exiled by the council for following Reven to war. I would not be the Jedi I am today without their guidance.

You may be wondering where I fit in to all this. Well I decided long ago that my loyalties lay with the council. No matter how much I revered Reven or Kail, I could not forsake the council at the galaxies time of need. After Reven had been betrayed by Malak is when my story truly starts. I felt I was responsible for Revenís fall. Had I only obtained that information, well I would not fail again.

Revenís memory was completely torn away by the council. It was the councilís hope that he uncover the secret behind the Sith fleet Malak seemed to control. Of course no choice is that simple. I requested that I shadow Reven and report his dealings to the council. I am one of the best Jedi spies in the Republic, not Reven, not the Sith, no one could track me while I watched Reven.

My mission was to track, watch, and if needs be, protect or destroy Reven at all costs. I was never prepared, however, to deal with what was to come.

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