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This is a Star Wars fanfiction and is in 1st person I hope you enjoy it as i will writing it.
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Chapter 1 -return from the Outer Rim-

The gray came out of hyperspeed thruster burning and the ship on fire it hurtled towards the planet Telos .
Alo had failed the council and himself he went to malachor to save the Jedi who had left with revan instead he came out with a broken Hk-49 droid one hand missing and a ship that was now compleatly doomed. He flinched as he touched his hand he would have to get a robotic one and tried to control the ship to do a safe crash it hurtled towards the Telos academy hangers and instead missed and smashed straight into the snowy plaines which thankfully put out the fighter bu compleatly ruptchered the hull. Alo got up and had to chop through aloa of snow to get out he left the Hk droid and would pick it up later 2 jedi were waiting outside and looked upset that he had not saved any Jedi then they saw his arm and took him into telos as to Repair ship transported the grey to the hangar.
Alo whent straight to the medic bay and let the Medic's do there work they but a jab in him and he felt woozy and slowly drifted off.

"Master Atris will my Master be okay?" A voice echoed through Alo's head.
"yes he should be but I have news that a Jedi has returned from Malachor after leaving us for revan I must leave for Courascant for the Jedi will be exiled." Atris replied she walked out the room and desapeared ALo's eyes fliquered open as he saw Atris leave and he looked at his aprentice and got up.

" Talim how are you?" Alo asked her.
" [Question] the question is master how are you?" A voice suddenly said Alo looked over and saw that the Hk-49 droid he had saved was up and running.
"I got board so I did some moving meditating like you taught me and it seems "I fixed him oh and I am fine." Talim replied smiling.
" Good we must fix the ship so we have transport. " Alo said and started walking out the room and Hk-49 followed Hk stopped and turned round to face Talim.
"[Threat] Try shutting me down again and I will destroy you meat bag" It said and then buzzed and left the room.
Talim was left alone the past 5 days had gone so quickly but she felt some thing was coming she checked her lightsabers were on her belt and left the Medical room and headed for the Hangar.

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