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05-17-2000, 07:33 PM
How do i capture images in X-Wing Alliance?


05-17-2000, 08:19 PM
You can only do so when you have the 2.02 patch, to take snapshots of the Concourse (or final mission scores) you need to press < ctrl >+O

To take shots during flight, you press < ctrl >-< Print_Screen >

Now if you want to take shots during a replay, you need to use a program like Hyper-snap.

In all cases of using the XWA cature method there will be a file called frontscreen#.BMP or Flightscreen#.bmp that will be created in tyou XWA directory

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05-17-2000, 08:40 PM

but you forgot to explain how to take snapshots inflight. Or is it the same as taking snap in concourse?


05-17-2000, 08:49 PM
Actually the +O didn't work. I think you missed a key or something.


05-17-2000, 10:39 PM
sorry, the UBB thought it was HTML tags...

Concourse is (ctrl)+O

in flight is (ctrl) + (print screen)

05-18-2000, 06:14 AM
Oh ok, thanks!


05-18-2000, 11:20 AM
I think it's Alt-o for the concourse, and Ctrl-printscreen for in-flight.

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