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When the prophercy of the one who will bring ballance to the force was made, so was another. Although It was not deemed To be as important, It was to be a desiding point in how the galaxy will be ruled for thousands of years.

The second prophercy spoke of six nights, three light and three dark. Each will go on a differant journey with the same destination, the knights of Pease, Life and Honour seek the means to free the galaxy from darkness and allow light to shine on all corners of the galaxy. while the knights of War, Death and Betrayal seek the power to control the galaxy under an iron fist.

After the fall of malak and the rise of the Jedi exile, Those who were intrusted to find the Knights, have been given the signs pointing out those they must guide to the planet where they can fulfill there destiny.

There is a forgotten alter, in a forgotten temple, on a forgotten world, with the power to turn light into dark, day into night and life into death. This is where the Knights must go.
O.k this is simple each player takes one of the six knights (in the event we do get more players they can occumpany the knights as friend or guards.) I'll take a char after we atleast have six or its hit the weekend.

Standard rules and standard Char sheet (Name, species, weapons,etc)

The knights are not aware of there destiny when it begins. You do not have to be a jedi to be one of the six but you do need to be an adept.

Peace- ExtreamJedi12
Life- Wildjedi
Honor- RobQel-Droma
War- Alkonium
Death- Steven
Betrayal- DarthLinde

EDIT- People can still join. Someone can take one of my characters, Or just make a character thats a friend of the destinies or somthing similar.

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I think I'll take Death!!

Name:Zarlak Wolfe
Nickname:Darth Muerte* and also known as the Death Dealer
expect he has no face tatoos and grey skin.
History:Once under the banner of the jedi knight, Zarlak is now a ruthless killer and sith lord. He once followed Revan into war against the mandalorians and weirdly enjoyed it. But it wasn't the fact he was serving for the greater good. That civilans were saved. It was the fact he was killing mandalorians. His graving for bloodshed became his downfall and he was killed by his old jedi master. But was resurcted by another sith lord to do his bidding. Zarlak first salutered his master and the four pupils who were being taught by the old man.
However he spared the youngest as an apperentice for the sith lord who brung Zarlak back to life. A month later the sith lord seemed to be pushing Zarlak too much so he introduced the sith lord to the Betrayer (the guy who has the Betrayal destiny). Needless to say that the Betrayer did his/her job well.

*Muerte is death in spanish :)

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Light for me!

(Same as steven)

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Light isn't a destiny. Only Peace,Life and Honor. I thought the same thing to begin with too.

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I'll take the Honor Knight, if thats ok.

01-12-2006, 12:31 AM
Eh, why not? I'll take Life.

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So we've got honour, life, and death. All we need is war, betrayal and Peace... Extream can you please pick a specific Knight if you still wish to join.

01-12-2006, 07:59 PM
OK. Peace.

01-12-2006, 08:01 PM
Great, the noble ones are taken after I find this interesting, but since I have no choice, I'd be much abliged to have the War one.

01-12-2006, 08:36 PM
I guess I'm betrayal?

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((O.k I'll start. I'm going to be two characters, who will lead the lightsiders or darksiders to the forgotten world.))

The Jedi Master Ka'soon remained in hiding after the Exile destroyed the sith Lords, He remained in just to make sure he survived long enougth to perform the task he has been waiting to do since the day he joined the order. The Elderly Twi'lek stood on a large sand dune in the centre of the Deserts of Tatooine. His Glazed over eyes looked out into the stars, he was blind but he could see better than most, He could see the light and dark in people, he could see through the force.

This time he saw three lights in the galaxy brighter than the rest, and three so dark they absorbed the surounding light. This was the day it will begin, the day he must travel to the three lights and lead them to the world lost in Prophecy.
__________________________________________________ ________

The dark knight stood over the corpse of a Padawan learner, The padawan he killed. A sinister grin swept his face, as he took the padawans sabre from his fingers. Quick enougth to grab his sabre, but to slow to use it. The Human who once stood by the side of Malak was now little more than an assasin, He killed for money, He hadn't revealed he was a sith to anyone.

He was lying low for one reason, he had to live, he had no choise. He had to wait for this day. The Day he felt the Darkest people to walk the Galaxy to rise and finally take control of the galaxy in darkness. It Was time...

((You can do what ever you want for now while my characters go and seek you out, You don't all have to be together on the same world.))

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Name: Danni Vale
Nickname: Master Vale (though she's only a Knight)
Age: 28
Destiny: Life
Apperance: Curly dark brown hair, almost black, falling to an inch below her shoulders, 5' 4" tall, slender build, dark brown eyes.
History: When Danni was three, she went to another young girl's birthday party. When the birthday girl's pet was shot and fatally injured, all the guests scattered... all but Danni. She approached the girl, who was cradling her dying pet and crying. Danni, without fully understanding what she was doing, touched the pet and healed the injury, saving the pet's life. After this, Danni was immediately sent away for Jedi training.

Danni Vale's training began when she was four and she never lost her amazing gifts of healing. By ten years of age, she was a frequent visitor to the Jedi Temple's infirmary. There, she amazed the Healers by healing some patients even they could not. It came to the point where, if they ran into something they could not do, they called for Danni.

By 21, Danni was Knighted and was asked to become a Healer full time. She agreed immediately. From time to time, she is sent on missions, usually to places suffering from disease. Though she has a lightsaber, she rarely uses it and is always sad when she is forced to kill someone, even if they are Sith.

"They are misunderstood and they misunderstand," she says. "Consumed by Darkness, they have no choice but to blindly follow orders, orders to kill."


"Master Vale!" one of the Healers called. Danni looked up from the infirmary table she stood at as three other Healers entered the infirmary. Two of them were carrying a young boy. Danni glanced back down at the woman she'd been caring for. Her eyes were open.

"I've lived with my pain for three weeks," the woman told her. "I can live with it for a little while longer."

Danni nodded and moved to see what was wrong with the boy.

"His family lives in a nice two level apartment," one of the Healers explained. "The stairs are behind a half-wall. Tarn was playing tag with his brother. He ran into the half-wall hard enough that he flipped over it and fell."

"Broken spine," Danni murmured. The Healers nodded and Danni looked up. "One of you run a few more scans on Hana over there. I'll take care of Tarn."

The boy's eyes suddenly opened and he started crying. Danni wiped her own eyes and said, "I know it hurts you." She sent soothing feelings through the Force and he calmed down slightly. "Just relax. I'll help you."

Reaching into the Force, she went to work...

An hour later, Danni Vale was definitely more tired than before, but Tarn was up and walking around again. He thanked her politely and his parents thanked her with tears in their eyes. They suspected any other doctor would have simply told them Tarn would be paralyzed for the rest of his life. To them, Jedi Knight Danni Vale was a hero.

Danni just wanted to get back to work. She was polite and happy that she'd been able to help Tarn, but enough was enough.

"I'm glad I could help," she said again. "But I really should return to work." She looked at Tarn. "Be careful around that half-wall."

He promised he would and she returned to where Hana was.

"Your healer friends were able to help a little," Hana said. One of the Healers told Danni what was wrong and Danni nodded.

"That pain will be gone in just a few minutes," she said. And true to her word, five minutes later, Hana thanked Danni and walked out of the infirmary without pain. Danni sighed and leaned heavily on the bed Hana had just left.

"Tired, Master Vale?" one of the Healers asked. Danni nodded.

"Yes," she said. "I guess I am."

"The infirmary is clear for now," the Healer told her. "Why don't you get some rest?"

Danni smiled and nodded. "Yes, I guess I will."

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I'll be back when I'm rested."

The Healers sighed. It would be three hours. A combination of meditation and sleep was all Danni Vale ever took. Three hours at the most and then she'd be back at work, trying to kill herself by exhaustion so that others would live.

Welcome to the life of Danni Vale, Jedi Healer.

((Long, I know, but this is Danni Vale in a nutshell... a very large nutshell :p don't expect all of my posts in this thread to be this long :D ))

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Name: Marcus Aniloe
Species: Human
Age: 30
Destiny: Peace
Weapons: Silver lightsaber, 501st Legion, and HK-59
Appearance: Light Blonde hair, big semi-muscular body, blue eyes, scar across his face, and Jedi Robes.
Homeplanet: Dantooine
Bio: At a young age, Marcus displayed a natural talent for calming fights. When there was a fight between anyone, Marcus was there to cool off the fighters.A Jedi noticed this and offered him a chance to become a Jedi. His parents however, didn't allow him to go so he could focus on his studies. They really wanted him to become Supreme Chancellor. One night, when his parents were asleep, a kinarath snuck into Marcus's room. It struck his face and left a horrible cut on his face. He was going to die, when all of a sudden, a Jedi in a strange mask and dark robes saved him from dying by healing him. But, a scar was left upon his face, disfiguring him. When his parents saw him, they threw him out of the house. He was forced to wander the planet for days, eating Kath Hound meat and drinking and bathing in streams. All seemed hopeless for him. But then, he found the Jedi Enclave. He trained in the ways of the Jedi for many years, using his talents to bring wars and casualties to an end. He was even recommended for Jedi Concil Member. He then left for a political life to bring ends to wars and signings of peace treaties. He soon became Supreme Chancellor and rejoined the Jedi. He is currently on his way to his old home.

01-14-2006, 06:57 PM
Location: Kashyyk

On Kashyyk I was able to currpt a colony of wookiees. There I started a small darkside cult. They built a scantuary where we trained the once noble, peacefull wookiees into evill killing machienes. I had the wookiees build the scantuary around a darkside temple. We have been poistioned there for several months and yet we haven't explored all the temple. The underground passaged are long and the each gate takes alot of slicing or mines to open.

But the middle room, the meditation chamber holds an anormas amount of dark force power that even the ones who are not touched with the force feels it's power. And that's what I used to currpt them. It weakened their residents to the brink of destruction. I turned them to the darkside and regrow there residents. They now are the ultimate killing machienes. Every week I send a large groups, each with a giant flask. This flask must be filled with the blood of animals before they may return. The first three to return shall be rewarded with greater weapons, a feast and a mating slave of their choice.

I have been training my wookiees for months. Teaching them, pushing them to their ultimate goal, destruction of one of the biggest wookiee city on Kashyyk,Kepitenochan. The wookiee civil will soon begin. That means their will be more deaths. I shall be the cause of hundreds of wookiees deaths. And the more deaths at my hands the stronger I become; the closer I get to my ultimate goal.

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An elderly twi'lek, covered in old tattered robes, stepped off the loading ramp of a small transport ship. He was back home, back on the planet he left when him and the other masters went into hiding.

Coruscant the the galactic Capital, The landing pad he stood on was not to far from the temple. He could see it (as well as a blind Jedi could), He saw the life back within its wall. Many lights located in the towers, showed him the jedi truly were back at the rightfull place of their order. Only one light concearned him, the brightest of them all...
__________________________________________________ ______

A ship landed on an old deserted landing pad, The Czerka signs still stood but were covered in blood and decaying. Three Wookies approached the ship and watched the landing ramp lower, No one exited the vessel for many minutes. The wookies proceeded to enter the ship.

The ship was not expected nor did it make any effort to send a communication, and did not reply to those from the wookiee who called the world home. The wookies searched the ship but only found dead bodied scattered around the ship. Many of the dead had limbs hacked off or burns strait through there body. Some had what seemed like Electric burns consuming there body. No-one was left alive, and the perpertrator of the crimes was no where to be seen, he had already the ship...

01-15-2006, 01:18 PM
Marcus Aniloe, the Supreme Chancellor, sighed. For days, the Wookies have been telling of killings of animals by corrupt Wookies. He told then he would deal with the problem after he delt with another problem. He was on a skiff to his parent's house. Marcus had been planning revenge for a long time. He would finally make his parents pay. His Jedi ways got iun the way because Jedi don't get revenge. Marcus decided to not kill them, but humiliate them. When he arrived, he ordered his droid, HK-59, to be ready to blow open the door. He put up the hood on his robe and said "This is the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. Let me in.". The door opened and he saw a woman at the door. "Ah, Supreme Chancellor. Welcome to our home. Please, take a seat." the woman told him. Marcus proceeded inside and took a seat. HK followed. "What brings you to our humble home?" the woman said, trying to impess Marcus. It was her way. She cared more about being the most popular then people. The same as her husband. "A matter of supreme importance. Revenge." Marcus said, throwing off his hood. He activated his lightsaber and put he blade at his mother's throat. "Marcus? You became a Jedi? And Supreme Chancellor" the mother said, confused. "Yes, I became a Jedi." Marcus started. "They took me in when you threw me out. And now look at me. Supreme Chancellor. Aren't you proud? I guess not. You use injections and make-up to make yourself stay beautiful. But now, I'm going to destroy them." Marcus then ran to his mother's room and destroyed all of the things that made her beautiful. "Now, you will become ugly, like me." Marcus stated. "I can always buy more." the mother said. "Those beauty thing were filled with illegal drugs. They are now outlawed." Marcus ststed. Without another word, Marcus left. His mother would be ledt ugly and she would be outcasted from civilized society. Marcus's revenge had been complete. He got on a shuttle and headed to space to fly to Kepitenochan.

01-15-2006, 01:49 PM
((OCC. O.k extreamjedi, I've had some issues with your char sheet from the start as i thought it was to 'extream', At first i just let it go thinking that if you play it correctly it should be fine. But now with this post it makes your character too unbeleivable. A jedi who become supreme chancelor, which isn't suppose to happen as the jedi only interfere with politics when absolutly neccessary. His parents don't seem to notice that their son had become the most powerful person in the galaxy. Then a person who is suppose to be a political leader, goes about taking petty revenge by smashing up a make up kit. A 17 year old student wouldn't act like that let alone a 30 year old who's had training in jedi and political discipline. Now this may just me who has a problem with this, so I'll let everyone else have their opinion on it before i'll ask you to change things. ))

01-15-2006, 02:21 PM
((I also have a problem with EX12's character. The other wookiees have no idea that my wookiee minions are evil and many wookiees hunt so the other wookiees wouldnt think nothing of it. And he's too young to become a Supreme Chancalor. I'd say Palpatine was atleast in his 40's or 50's when he became Chancalor and he was a senator 1st))

I sat, meditating in the cold, dam surrondings of the temples masterbed room. This may seem weird to some but it had plenty of dark force power to replenish my health. My wookiee warriors had allready left and reached Kepitenochan. Most of the city was built with wood so we started off using fire. They should starting to burn the city, we have set up catapults of burning bulders, our archers will be using burning bows and our flame throwers will move in to burn all those suckers on the ground.

I stood up and went outside. It was weird to see the scantuary so quiet and empty. My wookiee knights, the only wookiee's in the cult who can use the force, were getting onto swoops. The wookiee knight master came up to me and growled at me.
"Good. Wait untill the si.." As soon as I said 'signal' a green flare emerged from the tree tops "Go! Go! Go!"
The wookiee knight master jumped on his swoop and with the other wookiees they sped off to the battle.

01-15-2006, 08:40 PM
((Sorry, Extream, but I have to agree with the others. Revenge? That's not the kind of thing a Jedi goes for. Not to mention that you are supposed to be Peace... would Peace continue fighting for revenge? Especially against his own parents? Would not Peace try to mend the relationship? :) ))

A member of the Jedi Council blocked Danni's way as she prepared to leave her room.

"Still trying to kill yourself for the benefit of others?" he asked. She smiled and shook her head.

"Death isn't planned," she answered. "But neither is it a cause for fear."

"There is no death," the Jedi said.

"There is the Force," Danni finished with a nod. "Please excuse me. I must see if anything else has come up."

"I checked just seconds ago," the Jedi told her. "Walk with me for a moment."

Danni hesitated, but then nodded her submission.

"You worry us, Master Vale," the Jedi said. "You work far too hard. We fear you will kill yourself."

"If that's what it takes," Danni murmured. Then, she shook her head. "Master Calon, are you demanding I rest longer?"

"We dare not make demands of you, Master Vale," Calon answered. Then, it hit her that he was calling her 'Master'. None of the Jedi Council members ever did that... ever.

"Master?" she asked. "But I..." Her words trailed off in confusion.

"But you have not trained a student?" he suggested. She nodded and he smiled. "You have done more. Danni Vale, you have trained Master Healers, Knights, and their Padawans. Any Jedi that knows anything about healing owes at least something to you. You pass training to those around you. They pass it to those around them."

"But... Master?" Danni stammered, still unable to form complete sentences.

"You deserve the title," Calon said with a smile. "We'll make it official in just a few minutes. Come. The Council is waiting."

Danni followed him in silence, still unable to trust her voice.

01-17-2006, 04:24 PM
((I've gotten the feeling this thread has died already due to the fact only me and half the other participants are actually active and doing anything, So i'm going to attempt a restart in another thread if things don't liven up after this post as i think we have got some good ideas here.))

Ka'soon walked into the great entrance hall of the Jedi Temple. Many of the jedi in the great building looked at the elderly twi'lek, He looked out of place in his tattered sun and sand damaged robes. The old jedi Walked through the hall and towards the Healers Wing, As he arrived he approaced one of the young healers.

"Do You seek Aid, Master Jedi." The Young padawan Asked.

"No, but i do seek the most talanted healer among you." The Twi'lek Replied in his old rusty voice.

"You must mean Master Vale. She's gone to the council chamber."

Ka'soon bowed and turned away walking off to the council chamber. He walked up the great tower and towards the enterance. As he Approached he Saw the Bright Light, The destiny of life and walked over to it.

"They call you Master, Let you seem so young."

The Dark jedi stomped down on a fallen wookies head, Then lifted up his foot. He stepped back and lifted the wookie by it's neck using the force. "As Much as i like the corruption i fill within you, You shall tell me where your leader is hidding." the Dark jedi shouted, The only reply was a light grow. "If thats the way you want it." The dark jedi said as he pulled out his lightsaber and threw it into the wookies chest.

This was unnecercerry, The Dark jedi knew exactly Where the Destiny of Death was hiding. He just enjoyed to toy with his victems before killing them.

01-17-2006, 04:32 PM
Half an hour later a wookiee warrior came up to me and growled at me 'My lord. We have aquiered those missiles you requested. '. Behind him was a gaint trailer with a pyrid of missiles under a green comflarge sheet. I was impressed. I also liked things that make a big explosion and from what my minions told me these certain made one. 'We will be having a stack like this every week' The wookiee explained to me.

My smile grew bigger and I told him,"I'm going to give one a try" Using the force I removed the green cover and lifted the top on with the force. I then sence the perfect target. I targets a large turret that was giving my wookiees hassel. I then activated the missile and threw it towards my target. It had been a while since I had killed someone without sending my wookiees to do my dirty work. I felt pretty good.. and made me worry about myself. I hadn't killed someone for a some time and I grown acustom to it alot easier than I grew acustom to killing. This cannot be right? I can't feel guilt! I'm the bringer of death!! Death is my destiny! It said so in the bloody prophacy! In my sudden rage I unleased a powerfull dark force power and drained life out of the wookiee who was standing infront of me.

01-17-2006, 04:53 PM
"I am twenty-eight," Danni admitted. Her forhead wrinkled in confusion. "Forgive me, but I don't think we've ever met. My name is Danni Vale."

She extended a hand and went on. "And as for the reference to Master, it has only been in reference to my healing abilities..." Her voice faded... she was still trying to get the fact into her head that she'd been made a Master. "I've just been given the rank of Master today... it was a great surprise."

01-18-2006, 11:29 AM
(((Sorry I didn't show up earlier starmark. Right as I joined this RP I went out of town for 3-4 days, and then was pretty busy yesterday and didn't have time. But here I am now)))

Name: Tyron Kreno
Age: 24
Weapons: Dual blue sabers, small vibro knife, and blaster pistol.
Destiny: Honor
Appearance: Short dark hair, blue eyes, 6'1 tall with an athletic build.
BIO: Tyron was a force-sensitive who was born on Onderon, and seemed to have uncanny abilities and reflexes for a child. When he was only 7, he started having strange dreams and visions while he was in Market Square. Running off toward the swoop race for some reason, he witnessed a large swoop bike crash and fly into the stands. Instinctively, without thinking, he flung the bike away through the force.

The Jedi heard of it from many of the people at the swoop race, and Tyron was taken to the Jedi Temple and trained under Master Takara. His connection to the Force was strong, and his skills with a lightsaber were amazing. He mastered the Shii-Cho form quicker than any other of his fellow Jedi, and went on to other forms.

During a mission to a small outer rim planet, where a band of dark Jedi and Mandalorians were sighted, he was captured and held captive. Breaking free, he was able to destroy the small band single-handedly and was knighted.
__________________________________________________ ______________

Tyron looked off across the Coruscant city, watching the air taxis take passengers to the many skyscrapers dotting the horizon. He had looked at it before, but it was still a sight to see, the capital of the Republic.

His Jedi Senses warned him, but his mind was elsewhere. He was blasted off his feet and went hurtling off across the room, while the droid approached.

"Tyron, you're losing your concentration- you're in the middle of a sparring session, remember?" Master Takara said, his back turned to Tyron and studying a holovid.

"Yeah, I kind of noticed that." Tyron said, rubbing his side. He got up and flipped over the droid's head.

The combat droid watched him as he lept through the air and followed him with his stun blaster. Five shots were fired, all deflected by Tyron's saber. After a Force Push, the droid went flying back as Tyron had done moments ago.

Tyron jumped up in the air again and came down on the droid. Destroying its blaster, he sent a burst of electricity through the droid processors, and as the droid malfunctioned, he sent his blade right through the body of the training droid.

"Well, you seem to have successfully demolished it." Takara said, still deep in the holovid.

"What you need is an upgrade of training enemys; Maybe some HK units, or Mandalorians up for a fight. Maybe you could even get some fallen Jedi in here, I'm sure they'd be a good challenge." Tyron said, using the Force to toss the droid aside.

"Well, I'm heading off toward the archives, Master Takara." He added. "See you later."

The Jedi Master nodded, and Tyron left the room.

01-18-2006, 03:17 PM
"Ummm, You are strong with the force and posess great healing skills." He walked closer to the Young healer. "But have you ever wondered why the force has blessed you and not others."

Kasoon then stood by Danni Vale's side looking out over the cityscape "As powerful you are now you have only begun to discover your abilities."

The Dark Jedi Walked into the Temple on kashyyykk, He walked in to the room the Death destiny was in. "This is pathetic for a Sith, Corrupting primitive creatures to control a primitive world. I came here seeking a great Warrior but i just find you."

01-18-2006, 03:44 PM
"I have no disire to controll this world. Theres no fun in that. I only wish to spark a rebellion that will increase the corruption in the galaxy, and where the coruption lies the dark side shall grow stronger. These wookiees are nothing but test subjects."I told the man. I pulled out my lightsaber but I didnt activate it. I just held it by my side. "Mind telling who the hell you are?"

01-18-2006, 11:32 PM
"I wonder daily," Danni answered quietly. "Every time I provide healing, even for the small things."

01-18-2006, 11:56 PM
Tyron wondered down the great halls of the Temple, taking his time and watching the other Jedi. He really didn't have to go to the Jedi Archives for a specific reason; he was just restless. Nothing to challenge him, no missions to test him as a Jedi.

He had long ago proven that he could take on whatever the training rooms and dueling circles could throw at him. The droids, when set on their highest training level, were ferocious- the Council even had a Military Grade "Ogre" Droid Mk. III. After two tries by Tyron, the huge metal monster had gone down with relative ease.

And as far as lightsaber battles, few could fight well enough to make it a challenging fight. The Jedi Masters were too busy to enter into a duel ring with a Knight just because Tyron wanted another challenge.

Absent-mindedly twirling his saber in the air with no hands, he hurried on through the vast expanse of the Jedi Temple.

01-19-2006, 01:03 PM
"I'm sure you have heard of the prophercy of the one, When that was made another was also forseen, One that spoke of 3 Warriors of the light. That will stop Evil from consuming the galaxy." Ka'soon turns and faces Danni. "You are one of these knights."

The Dark jedi laughed. "I am the one who can show you your pertenial, I am the one who will show you the true extent of the your power, I am the one who will guide you to the place where you can take control of the galaxy and Where you will become a True Dark Lord of the Sith."

01-19-2006, 01:09 PM
"Warriors?" Danni asked. She smiled gently and shook her head. "I'm no warrior."

Then, she thought about it and stared at him, puzzled. "I... I fight death, I suppose, but..."

She found this revalation difficult to fathom. One promotion from Knight to Master was already a shock... but then, to be called one of the fulfillers of a prophecy? It was impossible!

No. Not impossible. Highly unlikely, but still possible. But how would a death fighting Jedi aid in preventing evil from consuming the galaxy? Danni didn't know, but she wouldn't rule the idea out.

"Are you sure of this?" she asked him quietly.

01-19-2006, 01:14 PM
The old twi'lek took down his hood so Danni could clearly see his glazed over eyes. "I see beyond what others do, I see your Potential and your destiny. You are to follow me with the others and fight those who wish to destroy the galaxy and cast the darkest of all shadows over it."

01-19-2006, 01:18 PM
Danni nodded and bowed slightly. "I follow. Lead."

01-22-2006, 03:54 PM
"Then we must go, There is another here." Ka'soon said as he turned and began to walk towards the temple.

Master Kan-Maz
01-29-2006, 05:14 AM
Friend of destiny Death,his job is:Bounty hunter.
Appereance:Yellow skinned big trandoshan.

If I did something wrong,please feel free to say it to me.