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01-10-2006, 05:24 PM
"LucasArts: KOTOR 3, Mercenaries 2
LucasArts' recent silence by no means equals inactivity. On the contrary, Knights of the Old Republic 3, in development with Obsidian Development, is in the early stages of creation for a late 2006 -- most likely a 2007 -- release. The game should feature more seamless interaction between NPCs and the lead character, as well as better, more economic interactions between party members. We predict the combat system will go entirely realtime, as opposed to partially realtime (the way it was in KOTOR 1 and 2), and RPG fans will be able to enjoy more distinct shades of gray recognized by characters instead of the black and white distinctions made in the first two iterations of the series."

Do you want the combat to go realtime?
i think it would spoil the KOTOR saga.

01-10-2006, 05:30 PM
YES I WANT REAL TIME!! along with a Hutt PC 10 members in my group and I want to be able to use lightsabers like guns and guns like lightsabers oh yeah man woot!!

*cough*No way!*cough*

01-10-2006, 05:47 PM
Emphatic no.

Com Raven
01-10-2006, 05:50 PM
While I don't know much about a KotOR 3 myself, I can just advise you to take these predictions with a huge grain of salt. At the beginning of that article, they link back to their 2005 predictions, and contrary to way they claim, those were pretty much off the mark in most cases.

01-10-2006, 05:51 PM
I say the engine isn't as important as the story itself, so as long as there's alignment and NPC interaction, I'm good. Hmmm, maybe it's using the Fable Engine.

Com Raven
01-10-2006, 06:05 PM
No, it is definitely not using the Fable engine.

Darth InSidious
01-10-2006, 06:30 PM
NEVER! Not even for all the latinum on Ferenginar...

Actually, I reconsider that last comment...

01-10-2006, 07:40 PM
Though it is just some prediction from IGN, I think the game being completely real-time is a good idea.

But, they're just predictions. There might not even be a KOTOR3, they might just decide to let people imagine what happens next.

01-10-2006, 07:42 PM
Deja vu. Where did I see this again...

I am not really sure wheter to trust that article or not, since it is a prediction for X-Box. And I don't like things related to consoles in any way. They are garbage if you ask me.

On topic: It depends... On how they make it. It's all right; as long as it doesn't have a strategic and completely turn-based approach.

Com Raven
01-11-2006, 02:13 AM
In fact, if the game is really being done by Obsidian, then it most likely uses the Unreal 3 Engine.

However, remember recent comments by Obsidian's CEO Feargus Urquehardt were he said that they would love to do another KotOR for LucasArts. That he chose to say this makes me think that they are not working on the game; he could have just kept mum about the topic otherwise...

Darth InSidious
01-11-2006, 09:22 AM
...Either that, or they're simply keeping it secret.

Cygnus Q'ol
01-11-2006, 09:38 AM
Why ruin a good thing?

It would completely ruin this particular series. (IMO)

I'm not opposed to that type of game, it's just that many are already devoted to this series and to change it now would potentially ruin it, the players would boycott, and the series would die.

01-11-2006, 09:58 AM
Well depends on how they do it.
Till now Kotor I +II has still the most realistic looking melee combat imo.
Can you tell me another game where a slash is actually parried correctly? definitly not jedi knight, nor enclave.

Jae Onasi
01-11-2006, 09:59 AM
I'd like K3 combat to run pretty much like the first 2, since I'd like to have some continuity between all 3.

Com Raven
01-11-2006, 10:01 AM
Neverwinter Nights has nice-to-look-at melee combat as well.

01-11-2006, 10:37 AM
hm.. but still far from kotor... in neverwinter nights the characters just make one hit and that hit sometimes in parried..
Kotor has far better animations

01-11-2006, 10:40 AM
They "predict"? What the hell does that mean? Are they just guessing?

But I won't judge until I see it...

Com Raven
01-11-2006, 10:47 AM
Yeah well, they guess based on what they heard through the grapevine...

01-11-2006, 10:51 AM
We all should know that "grapevine" well... :xp:

Cygnus Q'ol
01-11-2006, 11:34 AM
Yeah, but where there's smoke...

I actually hope this one is speculation. As much as I crave the next game in the series, I would rather wait and it be done right.

If there are changes made, then I hope at least they keep in mind the previous two and keep it congruent. If I want a totally different game, then I'll go buy a totally different game.

I need Kotor to stay Kotor.

01-11-2006, 12:56 PM
Yes!!! I don't want another button mashing game. The end result...looking at a pile of scrap on the ground...a pile of scrap with a wire cord sticcking out of it.

Com Raven
01-13-2006, 06:33 AM
I don't think they will change things this radically. If you look a recent sequels (Batlefront II, Jedi Academy and The Sith Lords), you will note that LucasArts has been laying it very safe with their big franchises recently. And I think they will keep it that way with KotOR, their second biggest franchise after Battlefront.

01-13-2006, 08:12 AM
En. Oh.

If we eliminate turn-based gameplay, we're going to ruin KotOR's original concept and idea - to create a semi-turn based and semi-realtime game. Going realtime, does have it's advantages though. You'll get smooth, flowing anims. But my opinion still stands.

The Doctor
01-13-2006, 09:52 PM

01-14-2006, 01:11 AM
No. Because if it was changed it wouldn't be KOTOR.

01-14-2006, 12:15 PM
I'll believe it when I see it from a more reliable source.

Keep the combat as is.

Com Raven
01-14-2006, 12:56 PM
Well if you are coming from that angle, then I'd have to say that there is no better source for Xbox info than IGN...

But I still doubt the particular bit about the combat; everything else sounds reasonable to some degree...

Clone L68362
01-14-2006, 05:49 PM
Yeah, what's more reliable than IGN?

Still, these are just "predictions" I doubt it'll go real time, thankfully.

01-18-2006, 06:12 PM
I think most of us turn in our skins at the very mention of FPS for KOTOR's combat system.