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note: This is Part III of my story trilogy. Rescue From Mustafar was Part I, and Triumph of the Republic was Part II.

A long time ago in a galaxy
far, far away....



Two years after the destruction of
HK-47, the galaxy verges on total
chaos. Despite their supposed
destruction more than sixty years
earlier, the Sith have returned and
declared war on the Third Galactic

The Republic has not faced such
losses since the Yuuzhan Vong War,
so the Sith have taken this opportunity
to set up a blockade of deadly
warships around the Galactic
Capital world of Coruscant

In the skies above Coruscant,
two Jedi Masters rush home,
leading a strike force to end the
blockade, and put an end to the
Sith, once and for all....

01-14-2006, 10:03 AM
The Ebon Hawk sped past the fleet of Sith Warships, leading a squadron of D-Wings and Coralskippers behind it, heading for the lead ship. Their work would not go unnoticed, however. Soon, they were under attack by several squadrons of TIE Wraiths, which began picking of D-Wings and Coralskippers one by one. "We're losing ships, fast." Alkonium said to Hethra within the Ebon Hawk. "Take over the controls, I'm going to the gun turrets". Hethra replied. Despite Hethra's skill at the gun turret, the TIE Wraiths kept coming. "Kriffing Sith! Hethra, they hit the engines, the Hawk won't last much longer. We have to get to the escape pods." Alkonium shouted. Hethra got down from the gun turret and into the escape pod Alkonium was in. It launched, and shortly after, the ship whose name had been a legend for more than four thousand years was no more.

01-15-2006, 12:04 PM
"Lord Khilbron, I have good news. The Ebon Hawk has been destroyed." Admiral Tarkin informed Darth Khilbron via hologram. "Well done, Admiral. Prepare to position the fleet for Operation Base Delta Zero." the lemuroid Sith Lord replied. "But master, there's more than a trillion people on Coruscant." Darth Frigidus exclaimed. "Do I detect a hint of defiance in you, Lord Frigidus?" Darth Khilbron asked. "No, of course not. It's just that Coruscant is the political centre of the galaxy. Destroying it will gain us nothing, and make it much more difficult for us to take control of the galaxy." Darth Frigidus answered. "Very well. Are the Dark Jedi ready?" Darth Khilbron asked. "Yes, but I believe they are highly unstable. I doubt they will survive the-" Tarkin's answer was cut off by Lord Khilbron. "That's good enough. Lord Frigidus, lead the Dark Jedi in an attack on the Jedi Temple. Leave no survivors. When you are finished with the Jedi, assassinate the Republic's Chief of State." Khilbron said to his apprentice. "Yes Master."
A Republic escape pod zoomed through the planet-wide city-jungle of Coruscant, carrying two Jedi Masters. "I have a bad feeling about this." Hethra Iazoki said. "Yeah, this is the only time I hope we hit a building." Alkonium Kaltas commented. The escape pod however, did not hit a building, and plunged deep into the Yuuzhan'tar Jungle region of Coruscant.

01-19-2006, 04:50 PM
Alkonium lay unconcious in the escape pod. His mind was filled with visions of his pregnant wife, Blai Secura Kaltas. His vision then zoomed out, to show the Jedi Temple burning to the ground, then to an image of Kaité Naberrie, the current Repubic Chief of State, laying dead in her office, with a lightsaber wound through her chest. He was then woken up by Hethra, who asked."Are you alright?" "I'm fine now. But I sense something terrible is going to happen." Alkonium replied. "Then we have to get back to the Temple." Hethra said to him. As they walked Alkonium noticed Hethra was clutching his face with one hand. "Is something wrong?" He asked his old friend. "I don't know. I think my Vong eye is acting up." Hethra replied. "That would make sense. This jungle was made by the Yuuzhan Vong, so was your eye." Alkonium speculated. "This might help us find our way back to the Temple."
Back at the Jedi Temple, Blai and Ben Skywalker waited in the Council Chamber for word on Alkonium and Hethra. Ben stroked his beard as he spoke with Blai. "At least we know they got off the Ebon Hawk before it was destroyed. And we both know Alkonium well enough to know that he will survive, and I trust Hethra will make it back, especially with that eye of his." He said to the Twi'lek Master. "I know you're right, Master Skywalker. Yes I still fear the worst for Alkonium." Blai replied. "I can understand why you fear for your husband. A few years before I was born, my mother was stricken with a terrible disease, from which everyone else died. My father feared the worst, but she overcame the illness, and about a year later I was born. I know he fears the worst as well, as were he to die, your child would be growing up without a father." Ben told Blai.

01-23-2006, 09:34 PM
"Master Skywalker, a Sith landing craft is moving toward the Temple. I think they are preparing to attack." Kalla Vel, a young Kiffar Jedi told Ben about the approaching threat. "Thank you for telling me this, Kalla. Inform Master Lowbacca, and tell him to prepare to put the Temple into lockdown mode." he replied. The Kiffar then ran back to find her Wookiee Master.
Back in the Yuuzhan'tar Jungle, Alkonium and Hethra were forced to fight off fearsome beasts, even the Voxyn, which looked like a minature Acklay, except much more deadly. Alkonium jumped atop one and began spinning his lightsaber in his mechanical hand to quickly decapitate it. Hethra was able to evade another using his Vong eye to sense its movements, and chopped off six of its eight legs, before plunging his lightsaber into its back.
Darth Frigidus's battalion of Dark Jedi had arrived at the Jedi Temple, only to find the doors locked. Lord Frigidus then held his hand up, causing the main door to vibrate intensely, literally falling apart in the process. The Dark Jedi continued to march onward, beginning their slaughter.

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Good work, I can't wait for the end of this :xp:

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Good work, I can't wait for the end of this :xp:
Thanks. You did read the other two parts of the trilogy, right?

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Lowbacca growled to Kalla, telling her to send a distress call to the Republic military, shortly before being stabbed to death. These Dark Jedi we're unlike anything the Jedi had encountered before. Their lightsabers could be mounted on the wrist, linked together, and modified one the spot to better suit any form of lightsaber combat.
In the Yuuzhan'tar jungle, Alkonium and Hethra felt the attack on the Temple. "Something terrible is happening at the Temple. We're too late." Alkonium said, thinking of his wife.
Ben Skywalker then faced off against the leader of the assault, the green of his lightsaber striking the red of his opponent's. "Master Skywalker, I'm impressed. But, a useless gesture. Even if you kill me, these Dark Jedi will continue to wipe out your Jedi Order." Lord Frigidus said to Ben. Blai then ran in, to see the great Jedi Master being choked by the young Sith Lord. "Master Skywalker, you disappoint me. You send some pregnant woman to save you? Perhaps the Jedi Order isn't as strong as I thought." Darth Fridigus then lowered his hood, revealing his pale, bloodstained face. "You, you're Isomah!" Blai exclaimed. "Isomah is dead, and your husband killed him." Lord Frigidus replied, then choking the Twi'lek as well. Then, the Dark Jedi clones began to die, of what then appeared to be for no known cause, so Lord Fridigus fled, leaving the two Jedi Master unconcious. But the damage had been done.

02-05-2006, 01:53 PM
Alkonium and Hethra arrived at the Jedi Temple, just as a Republic Dropship landed near them, carrying a number of Elite Commandos, as well as Jedi Master Tekli. "Master Kaltas, any idea what happened here?" the leader of the Commandos asked. "No, we got here just before you did. But we know something terrible has happened in here." Alkonium replied. "We should be careful. I sense that this will not be easy for us." Hethra commented, motioning for the group to enter the building.
Inside, they found the corpses of Jedi and Sith alike, spread across the Temple. "There are no wounds in most of the Dark Jedi. Any ideas, Tekli?" Alkonium asked. "I'll take a look." the Chadra-fan replied. Alkonium then went into the Council Chambers, to find the bodies of two of the most important Jedi in his life: his former master, Ben Skywalker, and his pregnant wife, Blai Secura Kaltas. He then checked their vital signs. Thank the Force, he thought. They're alive, but just barely.

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is there going to be anymore?

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Well, this one isn't exactly finished yet, so keep reading.

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Very nice. Loved the other two, and this is just as good. You know, this wouldnt be bad as a movie :o

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"Alkonium, Hethra, you're alive. Wait, where is Padmé? She was with you on Saleucami." Ben asked, now having regained consciousness. "Don't worry, Master Skywalker. Your daughter is safe onboard the Chewbacca, in orbit around Saleucami." Alkonium replied. "But she's your apprentice. She should have come back to Coruscant with you." Ben responded. "If I had brought her back to Coruscant, she would likely have been killed by one of the Voxyn on the surface. Remember when I was your apprentice. There were times when you left me behind to safeguard my life. This is just like that." Alkonium replied. "You're right. It's just that with her mother dead and her brother missing in the Unknown Regions, she's all I have left." Ben said, holding back tears for his dead wife. Master Tekli entered, her analysis of the dead Dark Jedi complete. "Well, I've determined what killed the Dark Jedi: old age." She said to the other Jedi. "How could that be possible? They fought like they were in their prime." Blai commented. "I have a theory: these Dark Jedi are clones whose aging has been substantially accelerated, much like the Republic troops during the Clone Wars, except where it took them ten years to mature, it took these one or two." Hethra suggested. "But where would they come from? Wayland is still under Republic control and ... Kamino, of course. Shortly after HK-47 was destroyed they broke off all ties, as if to vanish completely." Alkonium added. "We must send an attack group there immediately if we want to win this war." "I will go then, to liberate Kamino. But what of the Sith?" Ben replied. "I will find and stop Darth Frigidus. I feel responsible for his fall to the Dark Side, so I should go." Alkonium volunteer. "And I will go to defeat Darth Khilbron." Hethra said, and then the three Masters took off in their T-95 X-Wings.

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Thanks. You did read the other two parts of the trilogy, right?

*ahem* YEAH!

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Lord Frigidus now hid in the Chief of State's office, waiting for Bob Secura, considering the substantially different appearance of the office from when he was there last. The door opened, and Darth Frigidus, expecting to see the Twi'lek, instead saw Kaité Naberrie, the woman he loved. Dark Lord of the Sith he was, he could never kill her. He chose to reveal himself. "Kaité? Why are you here?" He asked her. "I'm the Republic's Chief of State, Komad Secura resigned shortly after the end of the Great Droid War." She told him. "Oh Isomah, what the Sith do to you?" She asked, running her hand across his face. "The Sith? I am the Sith. Jedi Master Kaltas did this to me." He replied. "Alkonium? He told me you tried to kill him on Mygeeto, and only struck in self-defense." She responded. "He's spent the past two years trying to turn you against me, hasn't he?" He asked. "No, I still love you, at least the you who went to Mygeeto and never returned." She said to him. "He may have turned you against me, but I could never harm you." He replied, then leaving in a Sith Shuttle for Korriban.
Alkonium then arrived at the Executive Office Building, just as Darth Frigidus's shuttle departed. He then rushed in, running to Kaité's office. He then, to his surprise, found Kaité alive. "Thank the Force." He said aloud. "Alkonium?" She asked, curious as to why he was there. "Isomah was here, wasn't he?" He asked her. "Yes, how did you know?" She responded. "That's not important. I need to know where he's headed." He told her. "Why?" She inquired. "It's essential to end this war." He replied. "You're going to kill him, aren't you?" She asked, knowing that Isomah was still inside the Sith Lord who planned to kill her. "I hope not. If I can, I will redeem him." He said. "He went to Korriban." She answered. "There's one more thing: I need you to recall 75% of the Republic fleet back here." He asked of her. "And what about the remaining 25?" She asked. "Send it to Kamino."

02-14-2006, 05:24 PM
Lord Frigidus arrived on Korriban, where he immediately opened a channel with Lord Khilbron. "It is done, my master. The Temple has been cleansed." He said to the hologram. "Good. And the Republic's Chief of State, is she dead?" Darth Khilbron replied. "She wasn't on Coruscant, or had gone into hiding." Darth Frigidus lied, knowing his master would not tolerate mercy. "This is unfortunate, but with our hold on Coruscant, they cannot stop us. Go to the tomb of Naga Sadow, and bask in the power of the Dark Side." "Yes Master."
Alkonium veered out from the Executive Office Building, regrouping with Hethra and Ben, before leaving the atmosphere. "My Lord, three Republic X-Wings are attempting to leave the system." Captain Veers said to the Dark Lord. "Tractor them in." He replied. "Sir, two of them have already jumped to lightspeed." He responded. "Very well. Pull the last one in." Lord Khilbron ordered. When the X-Wing landed in the hangar, Hehtra quickly snuck out the second exit before the Sith Troopers could spot him. When the Troops noticed the empty cockpit, he threw his lightsaber, decapitating both of them. He then escaped through the ventilation shaft.

02-17-2006, 11:29 PM
Ben docked at the Chewbacca, in orbit around Saleucami before going to Kamino, knowing that he would need some support from the Republic military in order to liberate the waterworld. When he landed in the hangar, he was greeted by his daughter and the ship's Captain. "Dad! We were just about to return to Coruscant, as Kaité ordered." Padmé said to her father. "No, we're going to Kamino." He replied. "What? I'm under strict orders by the Chief of State to bring this ship back to Triple Zero, and the leader of the Republic outranks the Grand Master of the Jedi Order." The ship's captain replied. "Kaité said that a quarter of the fleet would be sent to Kamino, and we're part of that quarter." Ben explained. "Very well, Master Skywalker. We will go to Kamino."
"My lord, it seems that a Jedi was piloting the X-Wing we pulled in, and he is now roaming the ship." Admiral Tarkin said to Darth Khilbron. "Fine. I will deal with this Jedi scum myself. See to it that nothing goes wrong up here." The Dark Lord replied. Hethra then found himself surrounded by Sith Troops, and realising the result of his mistake before, decided to deactivate his lightsaber. The Sith Troopers split up, and Darth Khilbron revealed himself. "Master Iazoki, you survived." He said. "Darth Khilbron, the Sith are at an end!." Hethra responded. "Your arrogance blinds you, Master Iazoki. You cannot possibly defeat me, and if Lord Frigidus does not survive on Korriban, through his death I shall gain a far more powerful apprentice."
Alkonium veered toward Korriban in his X-Wing, noticing the newly build structures on the Sith Homeworld. "AD Towers? That's new." He said to himself, preparing to land his ship, when the Anti-Aircraft turrets began firing, hitting the engines. He then aimed the ship at a safe trajectory, jumping out just before it hit the ground.

02-19-2006, 08:53 PM
Alkonium sensed Darth Frigidus in one of the Sith Tombs ahead; specifically, the most heavily guarded one. Knowing he could not possibly defeat all of the Sith Troops there, he decide to 'persuade' them to let him through. They then raised their rifles, but Alkonium waved his hand "You will lower your weapons." He said to them. "We will lower our weapons." The leader replied. Alkonium waved his hand again. "You will allow me to enter the tomb." He said. "I will allow you to enter the tomb." The Sith Trooper replied. He then entered the tomb, finding Lord Frigidus. "Master Kaltas, come to finish what you started on Mygeeto?" He said, with a contemptuous emphasis on the Master Kaltas. "I am not going to kill you." Alkonium replied. Darth Frigidus simply responded with "Wish I could say the same.", then drawing his lightsaber, attacking, but only to be blocked by Alkonium's lightning reflexes.
Darth Khilbron activated his lightsaber, a sinister black blade, as opposed to the typical red. Hethra reactivated his lightsaber and moved to strike.
Republic Dropships began landing all across Tipoca City, the Kaminoan Capital. The Republic, aided by the Jedi and the Kaminoan militia, were still no match for the Sith Soldiers and their new clones.

02-24-2006, 07:34 PM
"Sir, Republic ships popping up all through hyperspace!" A Sith helmsman said to Admiral Tarkin. "What?!" He exclaimed, looking out the viewport. As the helmsman said, thousands of Republic Star Destroyers and Yuuzhan Vong Worldships were appearig all over the Coruscant sky, in addition to those coming up from the planet's surface, and from each ship, several squadrons of Republic fighters flew out, and as the Republic moved to attack, so did the Sith, and swarms of TIE Wraiths moved ot from the hangar.
Alkonium blocked another of Darth Frigidus's attacks, and struck at the Sith, only to be blocked again. He then jumped off the wall, struck from the air, and landed in a Soresu-style defensive stance. "Three lightsaber forms at once? You are a bold one, Master Kaltas." Lord Frigidus said, again comtemptuously emphasising on the Master Kaltas. He then struck Alkonium with Force Lightning, and Alkonium absorbed it with his lightsaber.
As Darth Frigidus struck Alkonium with Force Lightning, Darth Khilbron also struck Hethra with Force Lightning, but it was cancelled out by Hethra's Electric Judgement, causing blue and gold lightning to fill the room, striking both of them, forcing them to stop and rest before striking eachother again with their lightsabers.

03-04-2006, 10:57 PM
"Focus your firepower on the Palpatine." Fleet Admiral Falix Val ordered from the bridge of the Anakin, her voice filling the bridge from her two mouths. Then, D-Wings fired heavy missiles at the base of the left command tower of the Sith Warship Executioner, under heavy pursuit from TIE Wraiths.
On Kamino, Republic AT-WP's filled the streets of Tipoca city, routing Sith Forces and allowing the Kaminoans to reclaim their cloning facilities. "Master Skywalker, the Sith Forces are taking to the air." Commander Talbot said to Ben. "Launch the ATT's and AAP's immediately, Commander." Ben replied, giving the signal to the Republic Landing Craft.
"I know there's good in you Isomah, Darth Khilbron hasn't driven it from you fully, old friend." Alkonium said to Darth Frigidus, blocking another of his attacks. "Spare me your self-righteous pity, Master Kaltas. I know you only want to finish what you started on Mygeeto." Darth Frigidus replied, activating his second lightsaber, the viridian bladed one he used as a Jedi. "If I wanted to kill you, I could have easily brought down this entire tomb. There is good in you, if you had been completely consumed by the Dark Side, you would have allowed your Master to destroy Coruscant, you would have assassinated Kaité." Alkonium replied, blocking both of Frigidus' sabers at once, then kicking him in the chest, causing him to drop both lightsabers. He then pulled the viridian one to him with the Force, slashing the red one, and then held that lightsaber and his own to the Sith Lord's neck. "I am an unworthy opponent, and failiure of a Sith Lord. Kill me now." Darth Frigidus replied. Alkonium was about to decapitate him, but he then thought of his unborn child, and his promise to Kaité. "No." He replied, deactivating the lightsabers. "It's not too late for you to return to the Light Side, and rejoin the Jedi, Isomah." "But I led the attack on the Temple. Could I possibly be forgiven?" Isomah said, his eyes now their original blue, instead of the sickly yellow colour of the Sith. "Like the Republic, the Jedi will forgive." Alkonium replied.

Jae Onasi
03-07-2006, 12:41 AM
This is quite the adventure. I had a little trouble following the Vong references because I haven't read those particular EU books. I caught a few spelling/grammar things, but nothing overly distracting.
One of my favorite themes in the SW stories is redemption/love triumphs over evil, and I enjoyed seeing it here, too. Keep it up--I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this next.

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An author is always pleased to know his work is appreciated.

Lama Su, the elderly Prime Minister of Kamino, messaged Ben. "The Sith Army is full retreat. We thank you for your assistance, Master Skywalker. You remind me of your grandfather's friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi, when he was here." He said to the Jedi Master. "You're welcome, Prime Minister. We do what we can." Ben replied.
A Sith Shuttle veered toward the Palpatine, where Hethra and the Mygeetan Sith Lord continued their duel. Alkonium and Isomah stepped out of the shuttle, and moved to where Hethra and Lord Khilbron were fighting.

03-14-2006, 09:38 PM
On the bridge of the Palpatine, Hethra was proven to be an even match for Darth Khilbron, but soon that would change when Alkonium and Isomah entered the room. "Lord Frigidus, I need your help in killing this Jedi scum." Lord Khilbron. Isomah then lowered his hood, revealing that face was no longer pale or bloodstained, and he now wore a Grey Jedi Robe, as opposed to the black robe he wore as Darth Frigidus. "Darth Frigidus is gone, I am Isomah Enu!" He shouted, activating his viridian blade. Alkonium then activated his lightsaber as well, and soon Darth Khilbron was overwhelmed. But with his last bit of energy, he made a final swipe. Isomah parried. His parry did not meet Khilbron's blade. It met his wrists, and then his neck.
The Anakin was now in firing range of the Palpatine, and began its attack. "Admiral Val, this is Jedi Master Hethra Iazoki. We have taken control of the ship. Hold your fire. I repeat, hold your fire!" Hethra said over the comm of the Palpatine to Admiral Val on the Anakin.

03-17-2006, 05:55 PM
Hethra, Alkonium and Isomah arrived back at the Jedi Temple shortly after ending the blockade over the planet. They quickly went to the Medical Chambers, where Blai had gone into labour. Alkonium held his wife's hand. "I'm here." He said. Blai then started groaning, and soon after, she had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Aside from the lekku, they looked human, although clearly part Twi'lek. "Celebrate now, while you still can." Isomah said. "What do you mean by that? The war is over." Blai replied. "No it isn't, and I doubt there's any chance of a peace treaty." Isomah responded. "How can the war not be over? There are no more Sith, the Rule of Two-" Alkonium said, only to be interrupted by Isomah. "There is no Rule of Two, not anymore. Even now, I'm sure Khilbron's other apprentice is plotting his revenge. We're in the Eye of the Storm." Isomah replied.

On Naboo, Kaité Naberrie, Chief of State of the Third Galactic Republic, finally married Isomah Enu, redeemed Jedi Knight and the love of her life.
On Coruscant, Jedi Masters Alkonium Kaltas and Blai Secura Kaltas held their newborn children, Komad and Alkéa, in their arms as they watched the sunset, wary of the growing darkness.

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nice dude total coolness

Diego Varen
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The final part was good, but overall, after reading the three of them, they all seemed quite short and as Jae said in her post, some minor spelling errors, which were in all three parts, but with some editing, that can be improved. I hope you put these in the Archives. It was good seeing how Komad and Alkea were born too.

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