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06-05-2000, 11:34 PM
Why me... I edited all 3 .txt files in teh main XWA dir, and the spacecraft0.lst file. I redid the xwing allinace.exe file CORRECTLY with BHE. still, there's a problem. anyway, i tried to see which file was the problem. one by one i mixed the origional file with the edited one. Every file gets me into the game and works properly EXCEPT the SHIPLIST.TXT file! every time i edit the origional file, save it, and load up the game, I get to the 1st cut scene and then I'm back in Windows. HELP!!! please why won't this file be nice and work for me!!!

06-06-2000, 03:56 AM
I cant believe the problems people are having with this. Roccer I made some basic instructions in my post in Ms.Talon's thread, I covered everything I do to add ships manually, they might help. I didn't leave a thing out and I've never had trouble with adding ships, only trouble getting my custom-made ships to work (thats something completely different).

Ok Roccer, what is the data you are putting in SHIPTLIST.TXT, it should look something like this, except for the MambaII part (the ship name) and the !Species_184! part (the slot id) if you're using a different slot

!SPECIES_184!MambaII,Fighter,Flyable,Known,Skirmis h, 253,77 ,259,83 ,501,453,519,482

This will set the new ship to appear in the Fighter list in the Simulator, be usable in Skirmish and be a flyable ship. The numbers on the end I have no Idea about, I just make them line up with the other numbers in the list.

The problem with the 1st cutscene I dont understand, do you mean you can play that far or are you trying to view it from the Option menu? The Cutscene has nothing to do with adding ships, problem with your XWA install? You are using v2.02 right?

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06-06-2000, 09:44 PM
oh the joys of changing a computer game!
TK421, let's see If I can now help you help me better. Yes, I'm running the 2.2 version of XWA. I typed in the species stats CORRECTLY. Ive quadruple checked. I also set the correct numbers after the words. they seem to tell how the ship responds to different actions in the game. (I.E.getting hit, its power and so on....)
anyway, what I mean by the cut scene is this, after all is said and done, I boot up the game. Like usual the opening cut scene begins, showing teh Lucas arts symbol, totally games and so on, you know the drill. The WHOLE thing plays through. once it ends, the screne flickers and then BOOM, back to Windows. same thiung if I hit the ESC or any other key to bybass the cut-scene. here's the kicker, on my old computer I was able to add ships with ease! no probs. no, I've only got one ship to work SOMEHOW. but that's an entirely different story for another time!

06-08-2000, 02:34 AM
Hey Roccer,...Also try thisa site..and go to help section..http://www.michaelboewes.de/xwing
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06-08-2000, 07:58 AM
Hmm are you using a non english version. Other versins use
different names for important files e.g. editing the shiplist.txt
does nothing if you have the german version.