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Z-95 Marauder
05-29-2000, 08:27 PM
I request that somebody make a XWA opt of the XvT Dreadnaught. I love that ship. The shape and the looks. PLZ, I want this done, I tried to do it in the past but i cant do hardpoints and textures.

05-30-2000, 03:02 PM
I don't think you'll find anyone that want to make a ship that already excists.
But i have an idea, not sure if it would work but you can copy the Dreadnaught from XVT to the XWA's directory (/flightmodels) and then change the XWA's dreadnaught to XVTs. I think that should work but i'm not sure how the texture will look like.


05-30-2000, 04:05 PM
The Dreadnaught is on my to do list please have some patience. As for doing existing models the XWAUP project is redoing allmost all game models.

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06-09-2000, 09:32 PM
Does anyone know Z-95 Marauder?
He emailed me to do the XvT Dreadnaught OPT, calling himself "MAD man" and saying it was for a shipset (I have done several OPTs for shipsets) only a few days after his post here.
So I did it for him, then earlier this week I found this post, which causes me to be suspicous of his intentions.

I emailed him, asking him to explain why he told me he needed it for a shipset when this thread seems to infer he just wanted it because it is a cool ship. He has not replied.

So if anyone knows if Z-95 Marauder does do missions (he told me he does missions) and if he is working on a shipset, then I guess I was wrong about him.
But to me it seems like he was untruthful.

I didn't want to bring this here, but I don't like being lied to, especially since I took the time to do the work. And now I'd like some answers.