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Star Wars
The Geonosian War

A year or so after the clone wars ended a lone Geonosian
named Gizor Delso was half way through constructing a new droid army.
501st orders were to terminate Gizor Delso and destroy the droid army.
There mission was a success and Gizor was destroyed.

However 100 years later his grandson Jagger Delso, leader of the
Geonosians, has discovered one of his grand fathers hidden factorys.
The factorywas in working conditon, expect no power, and filled
with powerfull super battle droids. He pursaded the other Geonosians
to give him enough power supply to repower the factory and use the
droids to attack the new republic.

For 18 years the republic and Geonosian Federation have fought
vergerisly against each other. With one main goal, to wipe the
other from igistents(sp). The republic being aided by the Jedi Order
and the Geonosian federation being aided by a dark jedi cult, the
war will soon be at it's most crital point, now the Chief of State was
fanished,without a trace...

This my second fan-fic and will propberly be better because I got writers block at the start of the story.


The main character is Steven Solidus. He is a jedi knight that is known for his heroitcs during the war. The jedi leaders often send him to the most dangerous mission with his old master, Jacen Gunner. He is causian male with blond hair and blue eyes

The second main character is Zarlak Wolfe. He is a republic mercinary who specialices in space and sea missions. He is can make allmost any object into a deadly weapon but he prefers to use a shot-gun and a chain gun.

The third main character is Niomi Wolfe. She is a citzen in Coruscant who is married with to Zarlak's step-brother Curtis and has currently one child with Curits called Brian. She shows the civillan point of view of the war.

General Grievous II is the main villian of the story. This Grievous is alot more deadly than the first because his armour is lightsaber proof, he is faster, more advance equipment and he can use the force. Only one man has fought him and lived to tell the tale; Zarlak Wolfe.


I hope you guys enjoy this.

Diego Varen
01-15-2006, 01:57 PM
This sounds good. I say you should start writing right away. At the moment I am writing Jorran Corral - The Chronicles Of A Jedi and it is going well, compared to my first Fan Fic Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic: The Mandalorian Wars. If you start writing, I'll read it if you read mine. Jorran Corral - The Chronicles Of A Jedi.

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Chapter One--Battle of Naboo Space

While the duration of the battle took place on Naboo's serface an important part was fought quite far away from the place in space. A huge droid cruiser was battling it's way through a massive republic blockade. After hours of fight the republic commandos were dispatched to fight their way in and place a extremely powerful bomb in the droid control super-computer that would disable all droids working inside the ship.

"You'd think with all the great technology those Geonsian they wouldn't need a droid control super-computer." The lead commando Zarlak Wolfe said to his two team mates as they sat in the cramped dropship.

"I know. I'm beginning to think this plan is only half baked,"said Jerald, the demolitions expert in the team. If there was something that needed to be blown up he'd know what to do "Not to menchion they still haven't given us any plans to the ship or any back-up plans."

"Well you gotta cut the republic commanders a little slack. Their having enough trouble keeping the droids out of the city. If it wasn't for the gungans and their shield technology there would be no theed left!" commented Butch. He's the slicer, he can hack into any console of any sort no matter what security features. He's also the type of guy who looks on the bright side of things.

"If we don't capture the cruiser...."Zarlak said but had to stop half way through. He didn't really know what would happen if they didnt stop the bomb. For all he knew this ship was just an ordinary cruiser with strong hull plating. "I have no idea what will happen. Butch, the commander still owes you his life right?"

"Nope"Replied the fellow commando "We're even now. He told me what was on that ship."

"Your feel like sharing Butch.. Have I ever menchoned your the best hacker I've worked with" said Jerald, pretending to suck-up to the republic hacker.

"I know Jerald. I am. And I do. You guys have heard about the death star they built about 100 years ago?" Asked Butch, the others nodded " Well the federation has built artillery or something to match it's weapon. And as you guessed it the republic wants it so they can complete their ultimate goal..."

Butch's sentence was cut off by Jerlad who said"The destruction of Geonosis..."

And Jerald's sentence was cut off by Zarlaks who said in a low drone voice "..and the termination of the Grievous Project" Being the lone survivor of General Grievous' murdering rampage on republic troops, Zarlak saw first hand the pain, death and destruction that laided in his path. Zarlak even had to suffer watching his team mate being ripped, limb from limb by the sinister droid beast.

Diego Varen
01-20-2006, 06:46 PM
This looks good so far. When you have the time, start writing Chapter 2.

01-25-2006, 02:39 PM
Chapter 1-Battle of Naboo Space
Part II-Lift off

The commando set back in their seats as they felt the rummbling their ship as it lifted off. Zarlak had never liked the feeling of the droid-ship leaving the command ship. Several minutes a probe had been launched above the battle so it could get a satilite images of the battle between the several republic destroyers against the one Federation ship. The republic had granted the comando's permission to view the battle via datapads, each one of the three man viewed the battle in horor and amazment.

Five republic destroy-class ships were firing all they had at the enemy ship, and bombers were dropping bombs endlessy but nothing seemed to even dent the ship. It all made all the commandos pretty worried.

"If the ships outside is that well defended think about how well the inside is defended!" said Jerlad, it wasnt like him to worry about a mission because he knew there was a chnace he could come back alive. But just seeing what damage the ship could take from the outside made him dought there was a chance they could even get in.

"I would rather not think about it"Replied Zarlak, trying to clam down his demolition expert. Butch didnt help.

"He's right! They may have one of those Super chain-gun droidekas!"

"Butch! Those plans and prototypes were destoryed! You youself made sure of that!" replied Zarlak, now trying to clam down both of his commandos "You know as well as I do these Geonosians are complete idiots. If it wasn't for their Neimoidian slaves and allies they wouldn't have half the weapons and technoigly. And we also know that the slaves design ships with a flaw so that we could gain the upper hand and kill their captors..."

"This might not! The geonosians may have picked up the weakness and defended it! I dought we'll be even able to get in!" Butch cut in. He was proven wrong a seconds when the ship rummbled and the piolt shouted to the commandos in the back.
"We're in. The hanger seems to be desserted.... Not a singel droid. No wait we've triggered the alarm. Quick grap your guns and get out of there!"

Diego Varen
01-25-2006, 03:01 PM
Quite short Chapter. Several spelling mistakes and the first sentence didn't make sense. Keep this up.

Please check out, Jorran Corral - The Chronicles Of A Jedi.

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are you going to finish it

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dought it. Lazyness. Come to think of it I haven't seem updated my most recent fanfic. Gotta do that sometime

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