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06-13-2000, 07:02 PM
Just a note to give some people a way to help them selves or to get help adding craft to XWA.
First off "Im not the one to ask"!!! haha
TK421 and Steele are the ones, also Im sure there are others as well.
The biggest problem I have had is not typing the line correct in the Ship TXT. file.
If this is not done correctly the ship will either not fly, not show up, or the game will crash back to desk top.
TK421 made a excellent reply to Ms. Talon's post a while back. I suggest printing that post.
Also go to Steele's site As it has a very very good help section "with pictures to help you along the way. http://www.michaelboewes.de/xwing
Both TK and Steele have excellent sites with cool opts for downloading.
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