View Full Version : Request: Samurai Champloo

01-15-2006, 10:41 PM
Hey, im a huge Champloo/ Shinichiro Watanabe fan and i would very much appreciate it if someone were to make either Jin or Mugen, 2 of the main characters in the show. And i would also love it if someone were to make Mugen's sword. Im not requesting all of these at once because i know first-hand that modelers go through quite a bit of hardship to do this stuff, im basically requesting either one of what i've listed.

This is Jin:

This is Mugen: http://gamecenter.globo.com/GameCenter2/foto/0,,3766606,00.jpg

This is Mugen's Sword: http://www.spookhouse.net/angelynx/comics/mugens_sword.jpg