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06-13-2000, 05:47 PM
Can anybody tell me how to get this damn e-mail system(I mean the ones in the game)show the ones which I made myself.
I have edited the e.mail.txt,
but it wouldn't show in the game itself.
As I am making a campaign at the moment,whith a certain story, I need it to function properly.
To be fair, I don't know if this has got to do something with the fact that I am owning a german version!
Thanks a lot anyway.
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The Dark Lord will rise again

06-14-2000, 01:32 AM
Well, you have to compleate the mission to get the E-mail to show! This may be your problem.

06-18-2000, 07:07 PM
Could the problem be that I already had finished the mission, I mean testplayed it sucsessful for 20 or more times befor I went editing the e-mails?

06-18-2000, 11:20 PM
Probably, if not then i don't know http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/confused.gif