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Diego Varen
01-17-2006, 04:41 PM
I was just wondering, What Is Your Favourite/Least Favourite Planet In KOTOR/KOTORII: TSL?

My favourite(s) would be Korriban, because of all the Sith and Taris, because it is intresting with all the stuff you do there (Although I don't like the Lower/Undercity).
My least favourite would be Mannan, because of the Selkath and they have something against you and I think they work with the Sith.

My favourite would be Nar Shaddaa, because I found it relaxing, even though you were being hunted down.
My least favourite(s) would be Dantooine and Korriban (Although they did have that Secret Tomb) because they weren't as good as KOTOR, Peragus, because it was so tedious and Malachor VI, because I don't know about you, but I found the Planet quite scary. More scarier than the Star Forge.

Jae Onasi
01-18-2006, 12:20 AM
Favorite in Kotor: Tie between Taris and Dantooine--there's a lot of things to do on Taris, but I also like the Jedi stuff.
Least: Manaan.

Favorite in TSL: Telos (because there's so multiple places to go), with Nar Shadaa a very close second
Least: Peragus. It was a bit tedious running around in undies for so long. :)

01-18-2006, 02:39 AM

Favorite: KORRIBAN! It's totally wicked! It's especially funny when you go there last and say to everyone "I am Darth Revan! Bow down to me!". :dev10:

Least: Manaan... Complete boredom... The way the Selkath talk is just plain annoying. And the oh-so-slow walking underwater is a pain too...


Favorite: Onderon. I liked the whole political situation going on there and being able to choose the side I wanted to be on. Telos is nice too, pretty much for the same reason as Jae Onasi.

Least: Dantooine. I'm just sick of that place. Can't they come up with new planets? Please?

Diego Varen
01-18-2006, 02:46 AM
Oh yeah, Onderon was good too, because of the Civil War and I thought it was like Tatooine from Episode 1, cause you had to do stuff while your Ship was being fixed.

01-18-2006, 07:05 AM

Favorite: Korriban, because you can do som many evil things :dev10:
least: Mannan!!! It so boring, when i play i just ran throgh it and dont care of a lot of the side quest, the only good with the planet is the Genoherdans.

Kotor TSL:

Favorite: Onderon/Dxun, i like it a lot.
Least: Korriban and Malachor, you can't do a thing on theses 2 planet, except the hidden tomb on korriban. It just kill kill kill. No people to talk to. And that is kind of sad because Koriban was my favorite in Kotor 1.

01-18-2006, 10:00 AM
Most Favorite: Taris, close second Korriban.
Least Favorite: Manaan... the Selkath, Oh the Selkath...

Most Favorite: Dxun/Onderon, second is Nar Shadaa.
Least Favorite: Korriban, one big waste of time, XP glitch in Tomb only saving grace.

01-18-2006, 11:21 AM
Most Favorite- Dantonnie becoming a jedi and its peacefully
Least Favorite-Manaan its really big

Most Favorite-Onderon when the civil wars happing its GREAT
Least Favorite-Telos its boring mostly and all the loading

01-20-2006, 12:53 AM
Most Favourite: Dantooine (you learn a great part of the story) and Korriban (double-cross two sith masters)
Least Favourite: Mannan (it takes too long to finish, and Sunry's quest is boring)

Most Favourite: Dantooine (i just like that place :p) and Onderon (interesting murder investigation and the whole "taking the palace" quest is very well done)
Least Favourite: Malacor V (there's nothing to do, but run 'n slash - TSLRP might change that)

Emperor Devon
01-20-2006, 02:57 AM

Favorite planet: Korriban. The tombs, the quests, the NPCs... It was all very well done. My next favorite is Taris, by only a bit.

Least favorite: Manaan. While I don't hate Manaan, I just think the other planets are funner. Manaan was a fairly fun planet to go to, but it would've been better if Bioware scrapped Manaan instead Sleheyron, which could've been one of the funnest planets in the game.


Favorite planet: Korriban. Yes, Korriban. And for TSL. You heard me right. I thought the confrontation with Sion was one of the highest points of the game, along with Ludo Kreshh's tomb. My only complaint was that it was too small. Following Korriban, only by a hair, is Malachor. That planet was awesome.

Least favorite: Peragus. Just a lot of running around and destroying mining droids in a boring little facility. The part on the Harbinger and the escape from Peragus was good, but I did not like just running around killing droids for over half and hour.

Aurora Merlow
01-20-2006, 08:37 AM

Favourite: Kashyyyk (liked the shadowlands) or Taris (heaps to do)

Least favourite: The unkown world if i had to chose because i must admit i kinda liked them all. It was just a bit pointless because the SF was right there

Kotor 2

Favourite: Nar Shadda (it and Onderon were the only planets that had a bit of life)

Least favourite: Korriban was just pointless but Malachor and paragus were boring as well

01-20-2006, 12:15 PM

Favorite: Korriban, it's different than any other in the game.
Least favorire: Taris, kinda boring, plus, you're not a jadi there.


Favorite: Korriban again, it's spooky and unfortunately too small, but soooo cool.
Least favorite: Nar Shadaa, somehow it always gives me headaches...

01-20-2006, 01:04 PM
In kotor I : i kinda liked all plantes but really AWESOME were:
+Korriban if it is your last planet: i really like to gain prestige all the
funny dialogues, the cool fighting and the "Iam revan... " dialog
choices... and Yuthura Ban, Uther Wyn those 2 were great.

+Taris : A real nice economy, political situation, nice quests nice
cutscences, The duel against all the other duelers

+The starforge: yehaa i can kill so many dark jedi

-Manaan: A bit boring compared to other planets, that selkath dialog s are annoying
-Dantoine, yes dantoine: i dont know but i didn t really like dantoine except that solve the murder quest

In Kotor II:
+Peragus: Great! why dont u ppl like it? it is the only thrilling scene in the game and IMO all the events that happen and have happened are very realistic.
+Onderon: that civil war is nice and the quest and escpecilly the Cantina with its music is great

-Dantoine: Like in Kotor I
-Korriban: Except Ludo Kresh's tomb
-Malachor: unfinished and boring

Edit: sry for double post i pressed enter to make space oh well..
Edit: okok

Diego Varen
01-20-2006, 01:11 PM
Vaelastraz, how come you don't say what Planets you don't like? And why post:

In kotor I : i kinda liked all plantes but really AWESOME were:
+Korriban if it is your last planet: i really like to gain prestige all the
funny dialogues, the cool fighting and the "Iam revan... " dialog
choices... and Yuthura Ban, Uther Wyn those 2

It would be nice to know what you don't like about KOTOR/KOTORII: TSL. Everyone has their opinions on games. That is a reason why I started this Thread.

heaps to do

01-20-2006, 02:13 PM

favorite planet: had to be korriban! i mean theirs loads to do, like checkin out all the tombs (i still cant figure how to get past the obolisk on that bridge to get to the sword! its frustrating!)

least favorite planet: mannan, its boring and too big, and the walkin underwater was just boring,boring,BORING!

kotor 2:tsl:

favorite planet: onderon definatly, especially with the civil war woa what a fight that was!

least favorite planet: korriban, its jus fighting, no shops an no one to talk to and ermmmm this is stupid but were the hell is that secret tomb?!

01-20-2006, 02:32 PM
Favorite:Taris and Korriban
Least Favorite: Manaan: I loved the design, but there was little to do.

KotoR II:
Favorite: Dxun/Onderon (particularly because it was quite easy, and it was funny just running through all the Sith like a Jedi juggernault.)
Least Favorite: Dantooine, it just seemed a bit too bleak. Peragus, like most everyone else I thought it a bit too tedious.

01-20-2006, 02:54 PM
Most Favorite: Taris, close second Korriban.
Least Favorite: Manaan... the Selkath, Oh the Selkath...

I totally agree. Taris was the most extended planet with lots of things to do, varied quests, good npc interaction and a good balance between searching/combat. Korriban was very close second for me, especially when done after the Leviathan.

As for Manaan...I prefer my fish fried or grilled...but it wasn't a bad planet: I think I enjoyed it more than most of the Kotor 2 planets.

In TSL, I think my favorite was Dxun/Onderon. I liked the environment on Dxun though it was a bit too linear. Nar Shadaa could have been my favorite but it felt a bit "lifeless" to me.

My least favorites inTSL would be Korriban and Malachor: too little interaction to my taste. Apart hack n' slash, there wasn't much to do there.

01-20-2006, 05:12 PM
KotOR: My favorite was Kashyyyk, followed by Taris. My least favorite was Manaan. I hate the selkath, I hate how they talk, I hate everything about them.

TSL: My favorite planet was probably Dantooine. Though I liked Dxun/Onderon a lot as well. My least favorite was definitely Korriban, nothing to do there.

Aurora Merlow
01-21-2006, 03:16 AM
It would be nice to know what you don't like about KOTOR/KOTORII: TSL. Everyone has their opinions on games. That is a reason why I started this Thread.

Sorry Pottsie but i'm not quite sure if your asking me for more of an explanation or telling Vaelastraz to explain like i have???

01-21-2006, 06:42 AM
Favorite: After re-playing a couple of times, I now have to say it's Dantooine. It's the "turning point" for me in gameplay. You get your lightsaber, you meet the Council and train to be a Jedi (or Dark Jedi ;) ), you uncover (or start rather) the mystery of the Star Forge.. and it just builds up & sets the mood for the rest of the game.. you finally get a "goal" and it's up to you to get'er done. I still love that "rush" when you depart Dantooine (the EH cutscene leaving the planet).. knowing that there's much more to be uncovered.. makes me grin every time :D

Least Favorite: Manaan, frankly I can't think of any different reason than what's already been said.. however Darth333's Manaan Doors Mod has saved my sanity several times.. hehehe (preemo Mod in IMO :worship: )

Favorite: Dxun/Jungle, there's just so much you can do. And even before you get to the "main" area (Mandalorian Camp) there is much to be explored, discovering and fighting the creatures.. and just the ambient scenery. I especially love it when I arrive on Dxun and it starts to rain.. man it just sets the mood perfectly :D Then when you finally arrive to the Camp, there's even more that needs to be done.. and of course the capper.. Mass Slaughter of Dark Jedi :devsmoke:

Least Favorite: Korriban, I was sooo dissapointed with what was done with this planet. It had so much more potential considering how much I enjoyed this planet in KotOR. A big let down for me. :(

01-21-2006, 08:22 AM
Taris or korriban - reasons a lot of ls/ds points plenty of stuff to do pity taris got destroyed

Onderon or Nar Shadaa the fact that you could start a riot always give me a giddy thrill

worst planets
Manaan- if could kill every selkath it wouldnt be enough

Telos - waste of time in my books

01-22-2006, 01:59 PM

Favorite: KORRIBAN! It's totally wicked! It's especially funny when you go there last and say to everyone "I am Darth Revan! Bow down to me!". :dev10:

Least: Manaan... Complete boredom... The way the Selkath talk is just plain annoying. And the oh-so-slow walking underwater is a pain too...

I'd like to add the Leviathan to my list of favorite In KotOR. I always look forward to get to that part everytime I play the game. Having to break out of prison, fight Saul and then confront Malak... Every second of it is pure enjoyment!

01-28-2006, 06:00 AM
I'll probably sound like a broken record with some of these.

Favorite: Korriban
Least: Manaan

Favorite: Dxun/Onderon
Least: Malachore V (outside academy)

I did spice up Malachore V inside the academy with just about everybody coming after you with lightsabers when I edited the Sith Assassins to do so.

01-31-2006, 04:47 PM

(I have a tie here...)
Favorite: Korriban, this place rocked. All the things to do, temples to raid, ect. Also, going here last is the best.

Kashyyyk is my other favorite. Why? 'Cause of Jolee of course. Jolee rocked, but the planet also had it's fun times.

Least: Manaan, do I even have to explain.


Favorite: Nar Shadda hands down. This place is great because you can get all your party members (Bao-Dur, Handmaiden, Mira, and Atton) to become Jedi. There are so much you can do and enough places to influence them enough.

Least: Korriban, this planet was a let down. I was great in the first game, but it sucked in TSL. Complete let down.

01-31-2006, 10:34 PM
In KOTOR I i really liked tatooine, and the unknown planet was a close second. I hated all those stupid rahkgouls on Taris, and those stupid selkath on Manaan.

KOTOR II, Dxun, Onderon and Nar Shadaa were cool. I found those damned storm beasts on Malachor too hard to kill, especially if you miss them all as the exile, and the new version of dantooine really sucked.

Diego Varen
02-01-2006, 01:40 AM
Hey Maverick5770, welcome to LucasForums.

02-01-2006, 01:48 AM
KOTOR 1: My favorite would probably have to be Korriban. Least favorite is hard, I'd have to say maybe Manaan, or maybe even Taris (blasphemy, I know).

TSL: Favorite would be Onderon/Dxun, although if M4-78 wasn't cut, and was paired with Korriban, I would say without a doubt it would be that. But since it was left by itself, Korriban was just a tad too short and rather empty.

Least favorite would be Peragus, without a doubt. Not that I didn't like it, but it was such a huge part with all the different modules that I got tired of killing all those wimpy droids and running back and forth without any kind of interaction with other people.

Diego Varen
02-01-2006, 01:54 AM
Least favorite would be Peragus, without a doubt. Not that I didn't like it, but it was such a huge part with all the different modules that I got tired of killing all those wimpy droids and running back and forth without any kind of interaction with other people.

Yeah and don't forget the fact you walk around half naked for the beginning of the game.

02-01-2006, 05:42 AM
Manaan with no competition, the only planet I didn't look forward to being forced to visit when playing KotOR:

Huge, sterile-feeling areas with annoying, self-righteous Lawful Stupid inhabitants...

Sith at their best Schoolyard Bully and least Scheming Mastermind selves...

The Republic at their most stupid, "Hey, let's alienate our allies" selves...

Railroad plots at their worst...

Those slooooooooow underwater sequences where you have to crawl around at snails pace in that bulky suit (that illogically blocks force power usage so you can't even Speed yourself).

Just a planet full of little annoyances that added together make you feel like you want to be done and leave the place as soon as you are able. The only somewhat interesting part of that planet was (unless I forgot something) the Sunry Trial, since it outlines how well Black/White Jedi morality would clash with reality. :)

02-01-2006, 07:26 AM

My favourite planets in K1 have to be..Taris and Korriban.
Although I wish Taris was bigger and not blown the hell up.


My favourite planets in TSL are...Onderon and Dxun.
Although like Taris I wished it was far bigger.

Least favourite

Korriban (TSL) besause you can't go into any of the ruins or stuff, although it did have that secret tomb which was cool and I really wanted to go to Dreshdae.

Peragus, bescause it was simply boring for me.

Dantooine (TSL) i dunno, I liked it but found it also a bit boring.

Nar Shadaa, was cool because it was fairly big, but it could've more stuff to do.

that's all I can think of @ the mo

:) :) :guitar2

Jeremia Skywalk
02-01-2006, 09:28 AM
Favorite- I would have to go with Star Forge, altho it wasn't realy a planet, but that place was epic.

Worst- I enjoyed all the planets in kotor, but if i have to choose i would choose Taris lower/undercity. It was kinda boring, ya kno?

The Sith Lords-

Favorite- Nar Shadda definetly. It had so much stuff to do, and even despite all the glitches it is great.

Peragus- I just hate that piece of rock, and were happy, when found out it blew to hell.

Malachor V- I think it was made to delay my meeting with Treya. Storm beasts are 1hit killable (with enlightment, high strenght and level.) But they still bore the crap out of me.

02-01-2006, 10:53 AM
i LOVED the star forge, taris and korriban, lots of quests and in the SF lots of sith ta kill. :D
i HATE kashyyyk, it just drags on and on without any point. and i got bugged with the stupid wookiee-groaning too.

Point Man
02-02-2006, 01:13 PM
Favorite = Taris because of all the interaction with others and the variety of things to do. Though the story is pretty linear, it still does not feel like you are being forced to go where the writers say you have to go.
Least favorite = Manaan--'nuff said.

Favorite = Dxun/Onderon. I like the variety of things to do, especially using other party members to go through the Tomb, and the rain is a nice touch.
Least favorite = Peragus. The oh-so-obvious story behind the sabotage and the feeling of "So, why am I here, and what am I doing?..."

02-02-2006, 04:49 PM
Favorite Planets:

KOTOR 1: Korriban. I loved the tombs and all the side quests on that planet.
KOTOR 2: Dxun. It was great finding Canderous. It took me several game plays to realize that Mandalore WAS Canderous! LOL

Least Favorite Planets:
KOTOR 1: Manaan. The water world was boring. Taris was long and tedious but Manaan was boring.
KOTOR 2: Korriban. Boring compared to the first game.

Diego Varen
02-03-2006, 01:44 AM
It took me several game plays to realize that Mandalore WAS Canderous! LOL

Me too.

02-06-2006, 02:04 PM
It took me several game plays to realize that Mandalore WAS Canderous! LOL

Me too.

How is that possible? I recognized Canderous' voice immediately, I can't believe you two didn't.

02-06-2006, 02:21 PM
Back on topic!


Favourite planets:
Taris - Its Upper City reminds me of Coruscant.
Manaan - Never before seen in either the movies, or computer games. I don't understand why nobody likes this planet, it's great!
Rakatan Homeworld - Another completely new planet, which is why I like it.

Less favourite (I won't say least because they are good):
Tattoine - Looks great, but I've seen it one too many times.
Korriban - Also looks great, but those tombs should have been bigger.
Kashyyyk - Even though KoTOR gives us a first glimpse upon Kashyyyk, the planet itself wasn't too interesting to me.

KoTOR 2:

Favourite planets:
Onderon/Dxun - Never before seen, both look good.
Nar Shadaa - Interesting, but the appearance could have been better.

Less Favourite (same as above):
Dantooine - It looked a lot better in KoTOR 1, this time the textures were a little blurry.
Korriban - It was better in KoTOR 1.
Citadel Station - for a huge space station its interior could have been made more interesting.

Least Favourite:
Peragus - It was too boring (almost no one to talk to, it was too long), the textures were blurry (even at high visual details), the idea was good though.

Diego Varen
02-06-2006, 03:12 PM
How is that possible? I recognized Canderous' voice immediately, I can't believe you two didn't.

Yeah, but I didn't bother looking in the TSL Manual to see if Canderous' voice was the same as Mandalore. In both games, he is voiced by John Cygan. This is going off-topic, so don't bother talking about Canderous/Mandalore unless you want to start a thread on him.

02-06-2006, 03:35 PM
How is that possible? I recognized Canderous' voice immediately, I can't believe you two didn't.

Easy. I played TSL first and played it several weeks before playing the first game. I didn't play the game in order until a few months later.

02-06-2006, 05:58 PM
That I can understand.

02-07-2006, 04:14 PM
My list:

Favourite planets in KOTOR 1:
Tatooine: Easy. It is great.
Manaan: I loved this planet. I really don't know why nobody likes it.
Korriban: Intruiging... Although the tombs could have been bigger.
Yavin IV Station: Too bad you couldn't visit Yavin IV itself.
Taris: Well developed.

Least favourite planets in KOTOR 1:
None... I guess I like all of them.

Favourite planets in KOTOR 2:
Nar Shadaa: Loved it. Big cities are great.
Onderon/Dxun: Great. Just great.
Telos: Not bad... It could have used more variety though.

Least favourite planets in KOTOR 2:
Korriban: They threw out many things. But it was still good.
Peragus: There is nothing interesting to do.

Point Man
02-07-2006, 11:34 PM
Peragus: There is nothing interesting to do.

Bravo! That is the best explanation of Peragus I have seen.
*Item Recieved--100 kewl points* :doo1:

Non-false Jedi
02-20-2006, 05:11 PM
Yeah. Peragus for me. EVERYBODY IS DEAD.

How can we enjoy role playing a jedi, when the only people to talk to are and annoying old woman, and odd-ball scoundrel and murderous (although somewhat amsuing) droid.
It did provide an errie atmophere of mystery but i find it incredibly tedious to fight through all the droids and talk to hardly anyone.

Its a lonely place.

The Distorted
02-21-2006, 12:29 AM

+ Easily Korriban first, the atmosphere and the awe that the sith lord tombs' created was great, for starters, and all the things you had to do in them were uniquely suprising too (e.g. I don't know why, but I love that puzzle in Naga Sadow's tomb for his poison sword), as were all the "prestige" requirements. The various ways in which you could deal with your competition was also great. The multiple outcomes for the two sith lords was awesome too - you could plot in so many different ways.
I love how in most of the outcomes, you're forced to fight your way through the whole academy to leave it as well. It's especially sweet if you're playing dark-side and killed both Yuthura and Uthar too (even more so if you took them on honourably with no poisonings, and simultaneously = you feel like a true sith lord/god!).
It was just so open-ended, and each decision you made felt truly significant (if not always on a grand scale, then to you personally, in your "alignment")
+ Second would have to be Tatooine: loved it. Greatest highlight/reward for me, was finding out the Tusken Raiders' history - just awesome. I just liked it all, AND: it's where you get HK-47. :D
Plus, there are always the jawas ;)
+ Manaan: Yep. Truely. I found it to be a NICE change of pace, from the rest of the planets. I liked the exploration of the ideas/issues/principles presented within (and the moral dilema of the Sunry case), and the focus on law and control and how you talked your way out of things, without being able to fall back on action if it didn't go your way, for example. And, I actually respected the Selkath as a whole for their neutrality, and you really did get some from one side of the fence, some from the opposite, some inbetween, and some even as true observers as well (i.e. specifically, the judges spring to mind).
+ Rakatan world: Awesome scenery, just awesome. Who doesn't like a nice beach, eh? I liked finding out about their race, and the massive history they have also. Just awesome.
- Kashyyyk: Have to say, this place really quite dissapointed me on my first play through [god - that feels like years ago now...oh no wait - it was ;) ], I was expecting so much more in terms of the scenery, especially in regards to the shadowlands - I mean, where you actually were was so much less interesting (on the paths) then what the distance held in view. I really wanted to feel like I was "in the wild", and lost, isolated etc. but it still felt too "synthetic" in where you were treading for my tastes (I wanted hills, and lots of trees to run around dammit!). Some of the tasks seemed a little deja vu too, e.g. hunting down troublesome Mandalorians, till their captain reveals himself anyone?
Plus, there was also this factor:
"I did it all for the wookies..."
"The wookies?"
"- The wookies."
"I hate you old man..."


The "grand" feeling of Taris, and the many varied things you could do there was also great.


+ The Prologue (Ebon Hawk): GREAT way to open a game man - EXCEEDINGLY atmospheric. Talk about jumping in the deep end - gets you right in the action, and consequently the world/game straight away. Very mysterious and intriguing.
+ Dxun/Onderon (particularly Dxun): Great atmosphere - and the Mandalorians not presented as scum, but honourable for a change! How it should be. The jungle was cool (no expectations this time around, and it felt like Kashyyyk should have, or similar), but what made it so atmospheric was the nature of the tasks you had to perform within it, I liked the way it was all centred around the concept of proving yourself as to be a true warrior (inside the camp as well). The Freedon Nadd tomb raid was awesome too (I actually preferred it to the Onderon political war, personally).
But that said, only slightly, cos the Onderon war was very epic and dramatic, especially how it starts, and ends. Onderon on the whole was interesting too, with its unique (IMO) scenery, and the tasks were interesting too (Onderon is so much better done DS IMO).
- Peragus: After that great prologue, then...then this!? It drags, and drags and drags, even on first playthrough. It wouldn't hurt so much, if it were bigger and that was why it was so long, but all the back-tracking...man - tedious. My brain was always so much further ahead then the game would let me physically progress...I knew what was coming round every turn, and what to do about it, but I was still always several turnings behind in reality...just frustrating. Oh - to blow it up intentionally...
- Bao-Dur "1st meeting" part of Telos: Unfinished, unpolished part in the underground base was overlong and wearying. Outside was a bit better, but just alot of fighting from A to B, really.
- Malachor V: So much potential wasted - had the chance to be so grandly dark and epic, but fell way short because of the tedium-inducing fights, for the obvious sake of acting as time-filler...
-/+ Dantooine: This place really dragged on, on first playthrough, but the several games I've played since haven't been half as bad as I remembered, I think it's cos I played it directly after Telos, and was still disillusioned somewhat (and Peragus was still grating on my mind, despite the fact that I had blown it up). But yeah - the lower-levels of the Enclave (whatever they're called, where you meet the Disciple) are still just plain crap, IMO. VERY boring. I'm a fricking uber-powerful Jedi (by this time) for Christs' sake, why the hell am I even bothering with these goddamn insect things?! This is not what I had in mind, when I signed up to a life of using the force, and influencing the galaxy's destiny. No way, man. No stinkin' way.
I always liked the Khoonda part though.
Ah...I just remembered the REAL reason why I hated this place so much initially...I got one word for ya: - VROOK. Oh God - when I realised he was still alive - WHERE'S THE JUSTICE!!! I don't want him to be alive so I can kill him from hate he makes me feel for him - I just wish he was dead from the first game so I'd never have to suffer him for one more second ever again! Just die already old man! Be gone, for good this time!!!

Yeah, I think I'll stop now...

Cygnus Q'ol
02-21-2006, 09:55 AM
Loved: Taris. C'mon, It's where it all began. Hooked me.
Sucked: Maanan. Selkath speak hurts my ears.
Though it was a contrast to a sand dune planet.

Loved: Duxn/Onderon. Could've been bigger though. More exploration.
Sucked: Korriban(the second time). I was so exited when I found out
Korriban was in TSL. Then when I got there, I was a bit dismayed. Anti-climactic.

I would have liked to have had a bit more exploration on the unknown planet.

03-08-2006, 07:02 PM
Who doesn't love a list thread? muussst....use...the fffforce to ressissssst

Oh well

Kotor: Taris is great fun I never get tired of it, although i do spend a lot of time avoiding doing the Rakghouls till I have no choice. Dantooine is a good place too, although I didn't appreciate it at first. It's quite beautiful and I enjoy the side quests although there should be more. I was happy to discover that I got to go back with the stow-away. Manaan get's a bad rap but it definitely gives you a more peaceful/reflective change of pace and i find the political ins and outs interesting and having Jolee there unlocks the mystery to solve which livens it all up a bit. It's also a great city and I wish i could live in a place like it. It kinda of reminds me of Cloud City. At first I didn't like Korriban because it's all a bit grim but those glances over the cliff sides and down the tomb valley are cool and it's fun not having to be uber good all the time plus as a Carthofile I was happy to mend the family rift and save his son from the Sith.

I dislike Tatooine in places though finding out about the sand people and getting the star map is quite cool, also Hk47. I find Tatooine more tedius then anything. Kashyyk's only redeeming feature is getting Jolee well and the conversation with the Rakata hologram otherwise it's very dreary and there is hardly anything fun to do it's the utter grimness. Manaan was definitely a nice change after Kashyyk.


I don't mind peragus, it's a bit lonely but fairly easy plus you pick up Atton (woohoo) I prefer running around in my underwear with a mining laser. Dxun is definitely cool for the Mandalorians and the Dark Jedi. I had a lot of fun in the camp and enjoyed the hand-to-hand combat. Onderon is the most lively of the planets in my opinion and it's nice to be outside with sunlight! I also dug the political intrigue and I wish there was more to that planet, the big show down was far more rewarding then the Sith Academy on Malachor. The second time around on Dantooine was better then when you first get there in TSL.

Korriban was a big let down as was Malachor. The final showdown with Sion was far more interesting then Kreia though and the academy part wasn't nearly as bad as running around in the vapor alone as each character I just did not enjoy that. I have to say I didn't like Nar Shadaa because it was a bit grim inside but getting your characters and jedi's makes it worthwhile. Citadel station I found the most tedius the best part of Telos is meeting Atris and getting Boa Dur. I thought the underground complex had potential but it was wasted.

Diego Varen
05-13-2006, 01:58 PM
I was thinking about TSL and I didn't like the Ravenger part. Personally I found it boring.

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05-19-2006, 02:43 PM
Knights of the Old Republic

Just plain old fun to murder both teachers and then face the school-wide assault.

The classic. And it's nice and bright. I like bright places. :D

Least favorite:
Manaan, hands down. Besides being down right boring, the deep sea part gives me the shivers. :whacked:

Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Nar Shaddaa
Brings back memories from the Dark Forces games and more.

Onderon (revisit)
The whole civil war thing is just so cool.

Least favorite:
Boring. Also, the lack of human beings is kind of scary. Real quiet.

Malachor V
I'm not really sure why, but when I arrived here, I had the urge to stop playing. :whacked: Maybe it was because the story was kind of confusing.

05-19-2006, 05:10 PM
I still don't understand why most of you people hate Manaan. For me it was really refreshing to visit such a great looking and never-before-seen planet. And the quests there were great.

Diego Varen
05-19-2006, 05:27 PM
I'll tell you why I hate Mannan:

1: Selkath: They sound like they're choking on their own vomit or something. I think they're working with the Sith, because I always thing they are supporting the Sith.

2: Underwater Part: The suit made it take forever to walk underwater. Thankfully in TSL, it was a lot faster in a Space Suit.

3: Quests: Sunry was just annoying. I tried saving him, but every time I try to save him, he is always guilty (Another bit of info on Selkath supporting Sith). Maybe I should Sunry die for his crimes.

4: Those Cameras: When entering a Hangar, those cameras come on and it won't let you click off. What are these Selkath trying to do. Torture you?

05-19-2006, 05:39 PM
1) What would you want them to sound like? Bird song?

2) That was realistic, unlike TSL's superfast Space Suit.

3) Then you haven't found all the evidence, or you just don't know how to convince the judges in his innocence.

4) I agree with this one. Those cameras were really annoying.

05-19-2006, 08:02 PM
I'll tell you why I hate Mannan:

1: Selkath: They sound like they're choking on their own vomit or something. I think they're working with the Sith, because I always thing they are supporting the Sith.

2: Underwater Part: The suit made it take forever to walk underwater. Thankfully in TSL, it was a lot faster in a Space Suit.

3: Quests: Sunry was just annoying. I tried saving him, but every time I try to save him, he is always guilty (Another bit of info on Selkath supporting Sith). Maybe I should Sunry die for his crimes.

4: Those Cameras: When entering a Hangar, those cameras come on and it won't let you click off. What are these Selkath trying to do. Torture you?1: Agree. So freaking annoying!
2: 100% agree. The developers wanted you to be shark bait.
3: Sunry actually was guilty. In the Republic Enclave, there is footage of him shooting the Sith woman.
4: Yes, yes, yes! In response to both numbers 1 and 4:

05-20-2006, 02:17 AM
Igyman, I dislike Manaan for the Selkath voices and them darn security cameras. ;)

Everyone: Darth333 did a Manaan Selkath Door Relief Mod (http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/7387.html) that is a life-saver in that camera department. ;)

12-25-2006, 09:52 AM
My favorites in Kotor and TSL.

Kotor favorite: Korriban by far!
Kotor least favorite: Manaan.

TSL favorite: Nar Shadda.
TSL least favorite: Korriban.

12-25-2006, 02:34 PM
+Korriban: Joining the Sith and learning about your enemies is fun. It provides a bit of background information, and gaining prestige while backstabbing enemies allow for a bit of fun and excitment.
+Star Forge: Slaughtering Dark Jedi FTW.

-Taris. I started playing through that planet again after playing through TSL, and I stopped. I dislike Taris because it's supposed to be a Sith Blockade! Instead, all you do is go around, fighting in battle arenas, working with swoopbike gangs, etc. It sounds...boring. Subquests are good, but all of them has nothing to do with the Sith Blockade we have to deal with. It's...too happy. Too light. As many people state, the happiness was ruined when Malak blew it up...but there should have been more signs of oppression, of it being a dictatorship...

TSL Fave:
+Peragus: It is a bit lineral, but at the least, you are trying to fight against enemies and battling against the people you hate. It does set the story mode right...unlike Peragus.
+Hidden Tomb: An awesome prequel, showcasing what happened during the Mandalorain Wars.

TSL Hate:
-Korriban in general. Yes, more content would be nice, but I did like the atomsphere they had. It was a Mini-Peragus. If they added in more stuff, it would have been good.
-The Raverger. It would have been better if we would have just boarded the ship and battled Colonel Tobin and Nihlius, rather than fight through a horde of Sith bodyguards...because Nihlius really does not need them.

12-25-2006, 11:11 PM
Favourite on KotOR
Taris: It was smooth, well-designed, original, and lively. A great substitute for Coruscant.
Manaan: Soothing, vibrant and well-made overall. Like Vlad, I don't see why people hate it. It was an excellent planet.
Tatooine: I don't even know why, but I feel fuzzy inside when I'm running across the sand dunes.

Least Favourite on KotOR
Dantooine: While I like the openness and all, I think the Jedi Enclave was too limited.

Favourite on KotOR II
Onderon: A lovely place, full of life and vibrant, but too limited.
Dxun: It's great at the start, and great at the tomb, but otherwise it's pretty monotonous.
Telos: A good concept, and well-executed, too.
Malachor: Dark, Green Lava and all that. 'twas nice, especially the design of Trayus Academy.

Least Favourite on KotOR II
Nar Shaddaa: The grey was horrible, the whole place was insanely monotonous, boring and repetitive.
Peragus: Too confined, drawn out and all the terminology was pretty confusing then.
Korriban: I actually liked Korriban, but the Valley looked as it was actually improved since the fall of the Sith.

12-27-2006, 10:47 PM
K1 Favorite? Oh, gosh. Taris is fun because it shows you what you're made of. And Korriban, especially played last, REALLY shows what you're made of.

Least Favorite? I don't really have a least favorite. Manaan improves drastically with a couple mods - get Door Relief and Fish Fest, and learn how to make the arrests work FOR you (rapid transit to Ahto West). And I loved the Sunry trial - definite "damned if you do/damned if you don't."

K2 - Favorite was Dantooine. If Obsidian's goal was to take all K1 players and kick them in the proverbial nuts (which I suspect was the case), they succeeded hands down here.

K2 Least favorite: Peragus/Harbinger - you're running around in your undies, no sidequests, no one to talk to aside from the pervert and hag, and too damn much hassle to get from one place to another.

12-28-2006, 04:35 AM

Favorite: Probably Kashyyyk. It was interesting exploring the homeworld of the Wookiees. Some other places were interesting too, like Dantooine, though mostly for specific stuff that took place there rather than the place itself. Korriban is also cool, though. I like exploring its mysteries, and the Valley of the Dark Lords is a place with a lot of history.

Least Favorite: A tie between Manaan and Tatooine. For Manaan, the almost self-destructive "peace" enforced by the Selkath is mind-boggingly annoying. The "big fish" plot was also fairly unexciting to me. As for Tatooine, I'm just sick of going to Tatooine in every single, bloody film/game/whatever! It was a moment of triumph, when I realised Tatooine was not in TSL. Not that the plot on Tatooine was boring, but we've just seen Tatooine so often. And the randomly spawned group of sandpeople were annoying in the extreme.


Favorite: Hmmm... Difficult. I liked Korriban, though mostlyfor the visions in the tomb. Otherwise Nar Shaddaa and Onderon were interesting places to visit. I don't think I got a feel for each planet so much, since the plot was so fixed.

Least favorite: Probably Dantooine. Peragus is also boring, as is Citadel Station over Telos, but Dantooine just looks like its old self bombed back to the stone age - it was depressing to watch, particularly with the jedi gone, which was its most redeeming feature to begin with.

12-28-2006, 12:30 PM
I completely missed this thread.

Kotor 1:

Favourite: To be honest i loved them all but i think Taris is the best. Taris really struck a chord with me as i thought it was amazing the first time i played and i still do. I loved the levels of decay and i thought it was one of the most well thought out settings in any game.

Worst: Catshi... Kashyyyk. The most boring planet. I hate Wookiee's with a passion i really do. All i heared was their slow yarling and their boring quests sent me to sleep. The scenery was nice but i felt that they did that planet last for some reason. It doesn't have that 'zing' of all the other planets.


Favourite: Nar Shaddaa. By far. I love that place in any game but the Nar Shaddaa in this game felt a little too clean at times and a little too organized but i put that down to the 4 thousand year difference between this and Dark Forces 2. Dxun/Onderon i thought was pretty sweet too.

Worst: Malachor. Jaggedy rocks and dumb stupidly place boss battles with 'Battle Royale' fights showing up the clear lack of storyline towards the end. It also looked like a gigantic three-cheeked arse from space.

12-30-2006, 07:50 AM
Favourite planet in KOTOR: Dantooine. I love the beauty and the tranquility of this planet and above all the music.

Least favourite planet in KOTOR: Kashyyyk. Death to all Wookies! :lightning

Favourite planet in KOTOR II: Dantooine again. This time because I love the last conversation between Kreia and Exile as master and apprentice. It is perhaps the only moment that Kreia allows someone to see her true self. The woman that is hurt and tired from the hardships of life. Plus I love the showdown between Jedi Council - Exile and Jedi Council - Kreia.

Least favourite planet in KOTOR II: Onderon ( I don't include Dxun) and very close the Telos Space Station. Boring places both of them.


01-03-2007, 09:12 AM
Kotor favourites :
Unkown World : I just liked the paradise look of it , the rolling waves ,white beaches and rancors to fight , what else would a Sith Lord want ?

Manaan had a nice look to , but was a bit boring though .

Wookie planet I didn't like that much , but on the other hand Jolee is there ...
IMO all of Kotor maps where decent !


Worst part is Telos surface , from then on you notice something is not right about this game .

Nar Shada was cool , I liked that place since the first time I ever walked in it in DF 2 : JK . So whenever it re appears in a SW game I just enjoy myself .

Malachor looked good to , dark and wasted .

Ghost Down
01-03-2007, 09:54 AM
Favourite: Taris and Korriban
Least Favourite Manaan (It's like a maze .. :whacked: )

Favourite: Dxun/Onderon and Nar Shaddaa
Least Favourite Telos and Korriban (Korriban was a big disappointment :()

- Ghost Down

02-07-2007, 11:21 AM
Korriban is the best place in KOTOR...

Kashyyyk and Manaan are propably the worst places...

Dxun and Onderon are the best places in TSL...

Peragus is the worst place...

Ancient Sith
04-21-2007, 01:58 AM
Hmmmm. Tough question. In KOTOR as far as atmosphere and scenery goes, Manaan wouldbe my favourite. But at the same time Korriban was the most fun. My least favourite in all aspects is Kashyyyk, i'm just not a wookie fan.

In KOTOR II I loved Dxun/Onderon. Not so much Telos/Citidel Station.

Lord Spitfire
04-26-2007, 08:30 AM

Favorite; Taris - it's so immerisve!

Least; Dantooine


Favorite; Onderon (love the politics and stuff . . . very immersive)

Least; Peragus (opposite of immerisive, tedious)

04-26-2007, 09:22 AM
KotOR 1:
Favorite: Probably Dantooine or Manaan. The Selkath really didn't bother me too much and while the security camera thing was annoying it also made sense given the Manaan's neutrality. Plus I liked walking into the sith base and just start beating up sith. Dantooine was good cause I finally had force powers.

Least Favorite: Star Forge -- seriously I would have loved to be able to hack things and turn droids against each other.

Robb Stark
04-27-2007, 08:35 PM
Favorite: Korriban. It has a great look and atmosphere. The opportunity for humor is great because the Sith and wanna-be Sith are just silly compared to the Sith Lords we have come to know and Love. I only wish there were more of it...more tombs and more info on the Sith philosophy and history and the hierarchy of the current Sith--though there was plenty and more knowledge to be found to begin with.
Least: Taris. A Coruscant clone. I've played the game so many times now that Taris has become a chore. The planet feels really "sterile" to me and I feel I've exhausted the role-play choices long ago. The best part about Taris are the two cutscenes with Malak:

"The search for Bastila is taking too long. Destroy the entire planet."
"Wipe this pathetic planet from the face of the galaxy."

Couldn't agree more. :D

Favorite: Onderon. While it does feel crammed and rushed the first trip after Dxun with people just sort of standing around waiting for you to talk to them in a way that feels even more unnatural than elsewhere in the KotOR games, the political strife depicted and its repercussions through society is very mature for a video game. Both the "Light" and "Dark" approaches are fun and interesting, and the (nth) Battle of Iziz is awesome whether you side with Vaklu or Talia.

Kavar: "There is hope... It is faint, but growing stronger. I think my message was received."
Talia: "Which message? What are you talking about?"
Kavar: "An old student is returning. I don't think the Sith are going to know what hit them."


Least: Malachor V. The concept is good, but the execution is really poor...both inside and outside the Trayus Academy. Wandering through two screens of winding paths surrounded by rocks and "poison gas mines" encountering only storm beasts is lame. And you get to do it twice...once with the PC and once with the remote. While playing the remote is fun, it was wasted on hitting the button on a few computers. The Republic ships burried on the surface are a nice touch, but you only get to walk two steps inside them. Lame. Battle between Mira and Hanharr if you play LS. Lame and pointless. The Academy itself sucked. Long hallways and rooms with Sith standing around in pajamas sucks. It would have been nice if you came across things that were identifiable as classrooms, training rooms, bedrooms, anything but just an empty room. And it would have been a lot more fun if patrols periodically ran into the rooms a la the Star Forge, followed by a huge "last stand" before you reached the antechamber to the Trayus Core. A massive stand-off in the entrance hall--you walking toward a legion of Sith soldiers and grenadiers only to have a patrol of assassins unstealth behind you before you proceed to slaughter them to the last man would have gone a long way to improving Malachor in my eyes. ;) And of course we get the five second clip of either the planet breaking up or the camera flying through a crack to the planets surface. Yeah. What a nice reward for having completed the game.