View Full Version : I love the demo!!! [Spoilers]

Ten Bears
01-19-2006, 08:20 AM
So much fun!!! I can really see the old school command and conquer coming through! As some of the newer RTS titles are going for more "close in" action, this shows what the original C&C did so well, large battles at just the right height and perspective to get a good grasp of the tactical situation. Don't get me wrong, you can still zoom in for more detail; but I think they took care of this in a better way- the new cinematic, movie-like perspective! So once you know you have won the battle you make one click and watch your enemy get blown to tiny bits in grand style!!!

Well voice acted!!! The humor in the tutorial is just great as Mon Mothma shows her passive aggressiveness, and the imperial officer takes a more loathing, cocky approach. I think we are all now very famaliar with the sound and special effects of the Star Wars universe, but it is soo refreshing to hear it done with what now looks to be the correct models, appropriate scale, and movie-like effects that we have always wanted. And they have done this with what appears to be the tried and true C&C style, a game that is both tactical, well paced, and most importantly inivative and imaginative without losing any of the great gameplay mechanics that make a competitive RTS!

The detail and options that went into the gameplay are staggering, with such things as stealing technology, bounty hunting, taking raids through blockades, and so many other unique ideas they are hard to list. The way that you get around the map is very, very cool, and to be able to manage resources and build buildings while still on the space map makes for a refreshing change from all that micro management.

It seems that they have taken to heart such new gameplay mechanics as resource points (a kind of Dawn of War mechanic that I like), cover (which is really brought out with the crawl mechanic from Earth 2160), and other features that are truly unique!!! This game design team was thinking along these lines (I would imagine at roughly the same time as all the other companies) and brought in the same features! This RTS has everything!!! PLUS so much uniqueness and inovativeness that this will be the new standard for years to come!!!!!

I really forsee this being the staple RTS for years to come, and the gameplay shows so much competitive, and enjoyable promise I can't wait to get the full version! Great Job design team!!!!