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01-19-2006, 07:13 PM
I introduce the first chapterof my fan fiction

Darth Nihilus - The Voids of Hunger

Chapter 1
Dreams of a Dream

Darth Nihilus was staring out the viewport of the Ravager at the stars flying by,
his my mind looking back on the past...

On the planet Katarr I was just a young Miralukan boy starting his apprenticeship in the Force.
A woman who called herself Traya took him from his roots to train him, and because of her
power I was help but to follow. I was taught things of the Force that should have remained
lost, powers to consumes life itself to take power from others and fuel my own. I Iistened to
these teachings with loathing acceptance and an eagerness to strike
down my master with my powers.

During the Mandaloran Wars my powers grew to unimaginable heights of destruction.
I took the name Darth Nihilus, and eventually I teamed up Darth Traya's other apprentice,
Darth Sion to throw her down along with her powers. I remember taking her power from her
body stripping her of the Force and absorbing it into my very being.

As these thoughts engulfed him he uttered only five words in his black speech,
'Only Dreams of a Dream.'...

Darth Krayt
06-25-2006, 08:59 AM
Unfortunale absorbing the essence of beings would became my dawnfall!
Together with my friend, Darth Sion we began to annihilate the Jedi Order, as he fought on the one side of the galaxy with his lightsaber. I fought on the other side absorbing the Force of every living thing i encountered. After years of figthing i was on the peek of Dark Side, i had so much Dark Side power inside me that it would consume me. So a began to merge my mind, my essence with this power and abandoned life. I became an abyss of dark side energy, a gap in the force. I was the most powerfull Sith ever, i could strip the force of others. It reminded me of what my former Master said: There are techniques in the Force, against which is no defense! My powers were unstopable i absorbed planets, human beings untill i raised the question how much darkness and death can a mortal being carry? At the end my body was replaced by dark side energy! I was destructable, yes. Yet i was immortal, i was the Force! The Force kept me alive! I felt that my end was coming, so i launched an attack on the Republic. But then i was confronted by a Jedi Exile, who did (in my opinion) the impossible, he had managed to live without the Force for a few years. He could defy the Force, so my powers had no effect on him! I fell, my essence left the mortal plane never to return

According to the Jedi,
After my dawnfall i created myself a new genetic altered body, which i merged with my dark side essence. I went to Malachor 5, but it was destroyed, so i traveled to Korriban, where i created a new Sith Robe and made a new mask, much more powerfull than my first one. Then i went into stasis for 500 years. After that i began to train myself in the art of the Lightsaber and The Force on Korriban. When my training ended, i took a spaceship and went to Coruscant, i cloaked my Dark Side essence and i became a Jedi Master on Coruscant! I influenced my students and fellow Jedi's very subtle.

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