View Full Version : Demo Feedback

01-20-2006, 02:11 AM
I am pleased with the game so far. but some stuff should be included.

When I controled AT-AT somehow the attack button didnt work that much and it just walked and didnt attack the turret.

and for the most part i want some more dynamic action!

First when the battallions are close each other they should push the enemy away or try to knock them down. the attack pattern was really dull. some units attack motion was not impressive,especially chewy. his bowgun attack was not that impressive and it whould be better for him to attack with his bare hands when the enemys are close are hit them with his bowgun(wield it.. ) I understand han and chew are smugglers hero and not supposed to be that strong but at least for chew i would like to see him more stronger.

I have no complain about units but the since there are one or two types of

infantry it would be cool to have some alternative weapons.. ( and It would

be good if i can see the exactr health and attack points for units that way just I can know how much units basic strengths are..) Like warhammer games or it whould be cool if rebels or empire can take the weapons of natives. Stormtroopers with sonic blaster... humm sounds good.

I just want some more dinamic actions in the ground battle I want to see some cool actions by units, it was not cool seeing them just shooting in almost same motion and not much difference at all when they are in close range.

other than that since i dont know about the game that much and i have only played the fraction of it, it was satisfying. just last thing is battle balance for space battle.. humm since it was too easy too beat the empire in space battle i was little disappointed there.

This is a good game and looking forward for it.

so far I have bought KOTOR1,2, Battle front 2. SO I hope this is the next one

I buy.