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01-20-2006, 11:18 AM
Okay, I'm guessing one of two things here:

1) I'm a bit dense. I admit I stayed up late and played through to that point so maybe I just missed something.


2) The demo is a bit buggy.

So here's my question:

I played through all 5 demo tutorials and then launched into single player mode. I began my "invasion" of the Imperial controlled planet in the demo campaign. Here is the problem... my goal is to "destroy all Imperial space units." So I destroy those two Imperial capital ships, and I destroy all the hard points on the "starbase" and I blow up the TIEs coming out of it. Trouble is, the big red blotch representing the starbase remains on the galactic map! Despite the fact that I put my fleet in there surrounding the smouldering wreckage, the base continues to churn out fighters (if I run away, it spits out four and no more come out). I destroy them but new ones keep coming out. I don't see anything else left to destroy, the fighters just come forever it seems. I explored around looking for anything else to kill or capture, couldn't find a single thing. Note that I used Y-Wings, X-Wings, Correllian gunships and a Nebulon B Class Frigate. I made sure to use smugglers ahead of time to build up enough money for a sizable fleet at the start. Yet by the end I gave up, when I was whittled down to just a gunship and my X-Wing squadrons fighting endless TIE Fighter/Bombers...

So what am I doing wrong? Normally I don't ask help with video games online, but this one has me stumped for the moment. I saw no "retreat" button light up, and no other goals. Even when I parked my ships in front of the starbase ruins, they would continue to fire into the "hangar" but clearly they were just firing on ships that would spawn in and then spew out. I could just sit around blowing up fighters for hours until my ships eventually run out of health. Any suggestions, or is this a bug?


01-20-2006, 11:21 AM
PS: Maybe this goes in strategy, maybe it goes in demo feedback, not really sure. But once I get some replies I'll decide where to move it, if I remember. ;)

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Okay, so what's normally supposed to happen? You blast all the hardpoints visible on the starbase, it blows up and it declares you the winner (assuming you wiped out the two or three capital ships)?

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01-21-2006, 12:29 AM
HAHA nevermind. #@$(*%@#!! It does NOT work!

Okay, I can only think of one thing... is there a way to "rotate" the screen? Perhaps there are some "hard points" on that station on the opposite side (out of view)?

Otherwise I know of no way to "win." I explored the entire map, there's nothing else to destroy except that stupid station that keeps spitting out 2 TIE Fighters and 2 TIE Bombers literally forever. I can't go inside the structure to "capture" it I don't think, so how are you all winning this one?

I'm literally stuck on the first level of the demo, and unless the demo is "broken" then there has to be a way to pass it!

Somebody please tell me the solution! I blew up the communications array, the shield generator, the hangar, and the various turbo lasers and ion cannons or concussion missile launchers on the starbase, but the structure still remains. I can't see anymore hard points, unless they are somehow "hidden."

01-21-2006, 12:48 AM
ive played the demo scenareio about 20 times, that hasn't happened to me yet

01-21-2006, 12:52 AM
Well, it's impossible for me to pass the Asteroid field, I've tried literally everything I can think of. Bummer.

At least I got through the tutorials okay, but this, is very puzzling...

Pretend I'm dumb, can somebody be so kind as to explain how they go about destroying the "Empire's space units" on that part... step by step?

Or maybe I just need a cheat to skip past this silly part, heh. ;)

01-21-2006, 01:19 AM
this is what i did

1. i sold all my agound units to give me more room to build ships

2. maxed out on ships

3. i set up conrol groups eperating the ships between what they are strong at.

4. the combat sequence began with you at the top right, and the imps at the bottom left. there are tie fighters that roam around all over, and as soon as you begin to move, you are in range of the station fire power. use your larger ships to attack the station. use the y wing to attack the SD's, and use your x wing and vettes to attack the tie fighters. if you don't have han out on a spy stealing mission, use him to attck the tie fighters also, he is murder on a squad of ties.

Doing it in this manner, i have been able to destroy al the star destroyers and tie fighters before the station goes down.

also, don't forget to use the special abilities of the diffrent craft. i've played it with using the abilities, and without, and using them does make a big diffrence, especially the y wing

01-21-2006, 01:55 AM
Thanks, that's pretty much what I did. The trouble is getting all the hard points! I still haven't beaten it yet. Here's the latest from that other thread. I think I'll lock this one to help avoid confusion and look for the solution in the other thread...

Okay I found out the solution (sort of).

Hold the right control key, while also holding the middle mouse (mouse wheel button on my logitech optical) while moving the mouse to the sides or up and down. This lets you "rotate."

Right Control+MiddleMouseWheel (hold both) + move mouse = view rotation

I can target the Supply Dock and all those other stupid points that otherwise disappear. So I rotated around to the back of the station, targetted the supply dock. Got it down to 2% and kept pounding away (note: this is after destroying ONLY the shield generator on the station beforehand, and of course wiping out the capital ships)... FATAL EXCEPTION OCCURED. EaW.exe is shut down...

LOL! So how on earth are people beating this demo?? Okay, I give up for tonight. If anybody else has any ideas, let me know. ;)

So I'm assuming if you destroy all the hard points on the "front" then the back ones disappear. If you destroy the back ones first, the game crashes, or at least if you do the Supply dock first. Perhaps there is an order you can destroy them in that prevents a crash or half of them turning invisible. Heh