View Full Version : Info re: MXVTED and non-fighter slots

Ms. Talon
08-09-2000, 02:28 PM
We had trouble getting new ships to do anything other than fly in a straight line when assigned to certain non-fighter slots? Well, in MXVTED in the "Unknown" tab, there are 4 boxes in the first row, and we found that you must change these to get those slots to work with the AIs.

They are:

Unknown Manuever -- bytes -- 0
Unknown -- bytes -- 0
Unknown -- Word -- 5 digit #
Slot link -- craft slot # minus 1

If we take Darksaber's TIE-Armageddon as an example, which in our game is slot #90 and species #215, and wasn't doing anything but fly straight before, I had to change those boxes to:

Unknown Manuever -- bytes -- 52 (same as T/D)
Unknown -- bytes -- 0
Unknown -- Word -- 32767 (same as T/D)
Slot link -- craft slot # 214

Then the crafts worked! Now, I have NO IDEA what these numbers actually refer to (other than the slot link) and used the T/D as a reference. If anyone know what these numbers really refer to, please let us know.