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01-22-2006, 05:19 PM
i suck at writing, but decided there needs to be a guide about this

note: make a copy of the whole demo's folder so that you will always have the original

lets start with how to install chriz mod since some people don't get it.
when downloading his mod it comes in a .rar file. if you can open this file, go to google and look up rar or winrar. there is a readme file, it says put the xml, resource and scripts in to "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War Demo\GameData\Data." and the swmod.exe goes one folder level up "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War Demo\GameData."

note: swmode.exe only unlocks the Corellian Gunschip, Marauder Cruiser, Assault Frigate MK II, and z95, that is usually locked. so its good to always have that.

now ill tell you how to change unit your starting units and starting credits, and how to unlock all planets (which come with no maps.)

unless you already are using these mods here, you will need to extract the file from the "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire at War Demo\GameData\Data\config.meg," using a .meg extractor that you can find here somewhere on these boards.

if you use the extractor (which comes with a read me) or have a mod already you can find lots of .xml files. find one thats called "Campaigns_singleplayer" or anything that has these words in it. open with note pad. 90% down this long page, it will say,

<!--************DEMO CAMPAIGN***-*******************-->

you can change starting credits, tech, units here (always good to keep starting tech at 4, unless you have a way to advance.)

<Starting_Credits> Rebel, 20000 </Starting_Credits>
<Starting_Tech_Level> Rebel, 2 </Starting_Tech_Level>
<Max_Tech_Level> Rebel, 4 </Max_Tech_Level>

<!-- HOTH -->

<!-- Rebel Space Forces -->
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_Star_Base_2 </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_X-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Rebel_X-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Y-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Y-Wing_Squadron </Starting_Forces>
<Starting_Forces> Rebel, Hoth, Han_Solo_Team </Starting_Forces>

you can also add or delete enemy forces here.

note: find hero list in the "Namedherounits.xml" file

and open all planets

<Planet_Auto_Reveal>FALSE</Planet_Auto_Reveal> (change to true)

to unlock the mon cal ship, open the Spaceunitscapital.xml file.
look for

<SpaceUnit Name="Calamari_Cruiser">
<Required_Planets>MonCalimari, Kuat, Fondor, Sullust</Required_Planets>

change the planets to hoth

want to play as the empire? you can.

<AI_Player_Control> Empire, None </AI_Player_Control>
<AI_Player_Control> Pirates, None </AI_Player_Control>
<AI_Player_Control> Rebel, SandboxHuman </AI_Player_Control>

put the top one to "sandboxhuman" and rebels to none (or "basicrebel" to give them an AI.) also you need to open the Factions.xml file, select and cut the empire half of the page, and paste it above the rebel half.

id like to tell how to shorten the title loading screen time, but i don't know how yet

01-22-2006, 05:20 PM
i could use help and suggestions and comments.

do i get a sticky

01-22-2006, 05:28 PM
same info i posted on the swrebellion forum ;)