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01-22-2006, 07:14 PM
ok, you know on Dantooine how there is two house like buildings in two parts of the sandral grounds there is a droid guarding one and will not let me by with out a malaa or malae card i cannot find this card anywhere and is impossible to find im already on my last planet and have done almost everything can i please have some help? :)

01-23-2006, 02:41 AM
You are talking about the Matale estate on Dantooine. There are two settler houses there, the Matales and Sandrals. Their owners have a feud going on between each other and while you are on Dantooine *after you complete the jedi trials* you get a quest to resolve this feud.

While you can go to the Matale estate to talk to the war droid outside and then talk to Ahlan about the feud, you cannot enter his house because there is no module for that place. You can however enter the Sandral house after you talk to the protocol droid outside. That is where you rescue Ahlan's son and resolve the feud.

There is no Matale passcard in the game though even if it is mentioned. I assume the game designers originally intended for you to be able to go inside the Matale estate but abandoned the idea before they were able to build the inside of his house.

In KOTOR 2 however you can enter his house because it is the new center of government designated the Khoonda. You wont find Ahlan in there though as he has long since fled Dantooine before the Militia set up shop in his house.


The Matale and Sandral houses are in two seperate areas and those areas are named with the appropriate designations Sandral Grounds and Matale Grounds. Both modules are quite small so it wont be hard to find their houses as the paths to them are linear. You have to go to both areas to complete most of the quests in the game anyways so youll find their homes one way or the other.

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